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In which Hank shows off some of the spoils of touring and (finally) drops the location for the Seattle show.


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Good morning John, I'm in a hotel in Phoenix and I'm getting ready to leave this section of the tour and move on to the Pacific Northwest where I'll be doing gatherings in Portland and Seattle.

And I know what you people in the Pacific Northwest are thinking, you're probably thinking something like, "Oh so you're actually gonna have information on when your Seattle gathering is gonna be. That's great." But I don't... exactly have that information. Hopefully by the time I'm ready to put this video online I will have more information for you Seattle people and that will go right here.

It's tomorrow and I have news about Seattle. The Seattle show will be at the Sunset Hill Community Center at

3003 Northwest 66th Street
Seattle, Washington 98117

The show will start at 6 and it will go until 9 and the room only holds 150 people. Also I had to rent a room which I didn't really wanna do because it costs about $500 and I'm gonna be asking for a $5 suggested donation, though you don't have to do that, but a $5 suggested donation to help me cover the cost of the room. Now back to the other video!

I may wanna show you some of the things that I got from nerdfighters so far on the Tour De Hank, and I also have a song for you because it's song Wednesday. Riding around on a road trip is a really great time to write songs and I have started to write several of them on this road trip. One of them goes like this:

Computer, camera, camera chargers, guitar, phone, keys
I'd be pretty screwed if I lost any one of these
So I wrote a little song to increase my memories
Computer, camera, camera chargers, guitar, phone, keys

Funny thing about that is that today I lost my keys. It wasn't my fault! I don't know where they went! The just evaporated! Luckily a group of nerdfighters hung out with me and they ordered me pizza, and we ate pizza on the street corner while we waited for the locksmith. So we can just make that my song for the day, does that count? It feels like it counts to me.

So continuing on, here are some things that I got from nerdfighters.

This is one of my favorites, it's a really in depth dream of Nerdfighteria. I'm gonna have to scan this and put it somewhere because it's complicated.

Space cow. Space cowww.

Ketchup from In-N-Out Burger.

This machine pwns n00bs.

This stuff is always nice to have.

I got this balloon, it says "best wishes" on it, I don't think I'm gonna be able to take it on the plane. Since I can't take it on the plane anyway, let's see if I can make this a little more interesting.

[pops balloon] Oh! Did it work? It worked a little bit, but not very much. Shoot! I- I really wanted to make that work. Hello? Am I squeaky at all? I'm not really. I'm very very slightly squeaky. Dammit! I wanted that to be cool, and it was mostly just lame.

DFTBA My Little Pony anybody? Yeah? Uh huh.

Dragon luck chain. Dragon-y luck.

This is a save the date card from the people that you proposed to... for them.

Giant peep poster magazine thing. depth and pants.

This machine pwns n00bs. DFTBA.

What are you trying to say with this? HUH?

This is pretty amazingly done. Pretty good likeness.

Speaking of portraits, this one is done entirely with NERDS. You could peel those off and eat them if you really wanted to.

This was a bunch of stuff that was stuck on the back of my car after Scottsdale.

Another excellent and complicated illustration.

This is a crane made out of a bag of Lays potato chips.

Notes on napkins, nothing wrong with that.

Some excellent giant keychains. A mule and Scuzzy Kizoozle.



I think that's all I've got, though I don't think that anyone has actually seen This Machine Pwns N00bs on the video blog, so I'm gonna do that now. Here it is! It's totally legit, and it's got a track list, and it's got that, and it's got this, and it's got a poster. Poster poster poster poster poster DONK. Look at me!! Then on the back it's got this amazing artwork by sharkeye. And it's got lyrics because it's hard to understand what I'm saying sometimes. And then this pops out here, and then you've got that, and then you've got this. That's how it works! It comes with a poster!

I really need to go to sleep now because I need to get on a plane! John, DFTBA.