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Just a few clips I didn't want to die in the abyss of my hard drive. Enjoy!

Hank Green:

Michael Aranda:

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Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!
Hank Green: Good morning, John, I wanted to talk to you a little bit today--

Karen Kavett: Uh, hey, Hank?

Hank: Hi, Karen.

Karen: Hey, uh, this is my channel.  

Hank: Uh, ohhhh.  
Are you gonna come sit on my lap?  

Michael Aranda: Uh, no, no thanks.  I had a bad experience with Santa one year.  

Hank: You also had a bad experience sitting on my lap that one time.

Karen: I don't think we need to get into this on my channel.

Michael: A pin...

Karen: Oh.  Do I win?

Hank: Yeah.

Karen: I win.

Hank: Haha, first prize!  

I wish we could pin things to your hair.  You're very pretty, Michael.  

Karen: So if you wanna watch more of my videos, I link them right here and then right here.  And now you can't see Hank's face anymore!

Hank: I'm gone.  You covered me up.

Karen: I'm sorry.  

Hank: (groans)

Karen: Um, oh, and then I, like, duck out of the frame so that you just see the background and the videos.

Hank: Okay.  

Karen: But we can cut this explanation out and just do it.  


Hank: Is that good?

Karen: I think so.  Were we out of frame?  I'm always worried I'm just going to end up a little bit in frame.  

Hank: I think we were out.  My chair is still in.  

Karen: Yeah, should be good.