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Bonus content:
How to pack for LeakyCon:

Hank Green:

Michael Aranda:

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Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!

Hank: Good morning John,
Hank: I wanted to talk a little today about...
Karen: (interrupting) Umm, Hank! Hank, this is my channel.
Hank: AHHH... yes. Hi Karen.
Karen: Hi Hank!
Hank: You're tall.
Karen: I think we're sitting at very different heights.
Hank: Yeah, you're taller than I would have expected.
Karen: Movie magic.
Hank: Ah there we go. ~giggles~ You're tiny. Ha. Ha. Ha. That's actually more accurate, I feel like.
Karen: ...yeah
Hank: What are we doing? You don't use an external mic!? 
Karen: no.
Hank: That's crazy to me! 
Karen: I don't need it.
Hank: Yeah ya do!
Karen: Are my videos that bad?
Hank: No! ~laughs~ I hadn't ever thought about it while watching your videos, so I guess you're right.
Hank + Michael: AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!
Hank: Michael, how's it going? You wanna be in the video? 
Karen: I think you should be in my video. 
Michael: Okay.
Hank: Hey! It's like an awesome-splosion. What-what-what are we gonna talk about on your channel?
Karen: I was gonna tell the story about how I almost didn't make it here. And like, you had to come pick me up in the middle of the night.
Hank: Yeah but I'm awake in the middle of the night anyway. I've had some seriously bad flight experiences. 
Karen: Yeah?
Hank: But yours sounds pretty bad.
Karen: It was pretty bad. SO, I didn't even tell you this part, but before my first flight I had to go through security twice because once you get past security in the San Francisco airport all the different places don't connect and I went into the wrong one. They didn't tell me. And then my flight wasn't there.
Hank: They should look at your thing and be like "you are not at this gate." 
Karen: Yeah! And then they didn't, they just let me though. 
Hank: A lesson to you, PAY ATTENTION. 
Hank: I'm going to enjoy watching Michael's face afterwards.
Karen: Can someone GIF that? No one ever GIFs my videos. 
Hank: Come on people! You gotta be more flamboyant. 
Karen: I know.
Hank: Be like--
Hank: They'll GIF that. Just smack yourself in the tongue enough times... Uh so!
Karen: SO, I finally got to my gate. When I first arrived at the airport it said my flight was on time. When I got to my gate, it was an hour late. On the fight coming to San Francisco, that I was getting on, somebody had a heart attack. So they had to stop in Portland.
Hank: JERK!
Karen: And let them off at the hospital.
Hank: What a buttmunch! Having a heart attack...
Karen: I know, can you believe it?
Hank: He should be thinking about the opinions of other people. Just ruining everyone's travel plans. 
Karen: I know seriously.
Hank: Did he die?
Karen: I don't know.
Hank: Yeah.
Karen: I didn't really wanna ask.
Hank: Now I feel like a jerk. Yeah... So how is he? And then...
Karen: Okay, so, my flight was so late that I kept going up to the person at the desk going "are you sure I'm going to make in on time to get to my connecting flight to Missoula?" And she was like "It's going to be tight but here's the gate you're going to and I think you're going to be able to make it." So I get on the flight, we sit on the runway for like half an hour.
Hank: That's the problem.
Karen: So I get to Seattle. And me and this other girl were going to Missoula. We ended up landing, on the minute that our flight is supposed to leave. We run inside, we go up to the desk, we're like "is the flight still here?!" and they're like "no." 
Hank: no they... no. And then you were like "SO, where's a good bench to sleep on?" Karen was like "do you have Kristina Horner's number? I might need a place to sleep in Seattle." And I didn't but I have it now, 'cause I emailed her, but..
Karen: I got Kristina's number, but I didn't end up needing to use it because the person was, like, there is a Delta flight that can take you to Salt Lake City and then to Missoula..
Hank: So you just flew from San Francisco to Seattle, and now you're flying from Seattle to Salt Lake City...
Karen: So, I'm like well, I guess so. OK, it leaves in an hour. So I go all the way across the airport, I get on this flight to Salt Lake City, which is, like, half an hour late...
Hank: Anybody die on that one?
Karen: No, so I get on that flight and we go to Salt Lake City. The layover was supposed to be 50 minutes, but since we were half an hour late we have 20 minutes. So me and this other girl that I'm still with, we have to run across the airport to our gate...
Hank: You guys are like best friends by now, right?
Karen: Well, she was 15 so it's kinda weird...
Hank: It's not that weird...
Michael: What's wrong with 15 year olds?
Karen: So, we run across the rest of the airport to get to this, like, little tiny gate and there's like no one there. We look up at the thing, and that flight is delayed for 2 hours!
Karen: We were just like, "Really guys?!". That flight is leaving at 11:40, I have been traveling, I left my house at 10 am that morning.
Hank: Uhhh, to go like, I mean the non-stop from Missoula from San Francisco, which leaves twice a week (Convenient!ha!), that's like an hour and a half flight 
Karen: Yeah
Hank: So it took you twelve hours to go an hour and a half of distance.
Karen: Yeah, I was supposed to get here at 7 PM, I ended up getting in a 12:45 PM
Hank and Karen: AM
Hank: The next text is me being, like, I am at the curb at the airport
Karen: Yes, and I had no idea what your car looked like so I was just out there, looking around really confused
Hank: Yes. Well, I had just texted you, letting you know what my car looked like
Karen: Yeah, but I don't know what that means.  That-th--
Hank: The grey civic!  It's a Honda Civic, it's like the most common car in America.
Michael: She doesn't have her drivers' license.  
Hank: That doesn't--she still sees cars!
Karen: It looks like every other car that every existed.
Hank: It does look very car-like.  And now you're here in Missoula!
Karen: Yeah, now I'm here.  
Hank: Temporarily.
Karen: For two days.  
Hank: Yeah.
Karen: And then we're all going to LeakyCon.
Hank: Yay!
Karen: But first, I'm visiting Alan.  
Hank: I should do that.  
Karen: You should.
Hank: I've never been there.
Karen: Really?
Hank: Yeah.  I have never seen Alan Lastufka in real life.
Karen: Wait, you still haven't met?
Hank: Yeah.
Karen: I thought that on one of your tours, you visited him?
Hank: I don't think so.
Karen: No?  Maybe I just made that up.
Hank: I would think that I would know that.  Now I'm worried that I have, and that I mean, yeah, no, I don't know.  I certainly have a very, like, it, vivid visual imagine of him.  I know what he sounds like.
Karen: That's so crazy.
Hank: Yeah.  It is.  
Karen: Why haven't you just?
Hank: 'Cause I very--I don't like to travel that much.  And very busy.
Karen: It's like an hour's extra train ride.
Hank: Train ride?  I don't understand what you mean.  Like you land in the airport and then you get on the train?  
Karen: And then you get on the train to the train station.
Hank: There's a train that goes to Manhattan, IL?  
Karen: And then you get on the train to Manhattan.
Hank: There's a train that goes to Manhattan?
Karen: It's the last stop.  Maybe the second to last.  I think it's the last.
Hank: Huh.  That's amazing.  I had no i--wow, I just assumed--it seems on the Google Maps, like the middle of nowhere.
Karen: The last time I took it was with Toddly00, shout-out to Todd--
Hank: Todd!
Karen: --and the conductor thought that we were lost or crazy or something.
Hank: Why--why are you--no one knows out here--
Michael: Yeah, not only does it look like the middle of nowhere on Google Maps, it looks like the middle of nowhere when you're there.  
Hank: When you're there?  Yeah.  What are we gonna do today?
Karen: Uhh I don't know.
Hank: I guess that's sort of up to me.  I don't like how hot it is.  
Karen: I love how hot it is.  San Francisco is so cold it's finally summer!
Hank: Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh.  You're making me want to move to San Francisco more and more by talking about how cold it is.
Karen: It's freezing, I have to wear my jacket--
Hank: I love wearing jackets!
Karen: But like, you're outside during the day in a t-shirt, and then you have to carry a jacket to wear at night.  
Hank: But, wh--I mean, that is the lamest thing to complain about.
Karen: It's so inconvenient!  It's very inconvenient.
Hank: --having to have both a jacket and not a jacket at the same time.  I think you'll be ok.  This is, like, the first-worldiest of first world problems.  Anyway, how do you end your videos?  Just like, shove--
Michael: Just click on my face.
Hank: Click on Michael's face now and--
Michael: You'll go somewhere.
Hank: You'll go somewhere.
Michael: we don't know where yet.
Hank: It'll be (bleeped)
Michael: Ohh.
Karen: Ooh.  No.  
Michael: Don't click on my face.
Karen: Don't say that word on my channel.  So if you want to watch more of my videos, I link them right here, and then right here.  And now you can't see Hank's face anymore!
Hank: I'm gone.  You covered me up.
Karen: I'm sorry.
Hank: (moans)
Karen: Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.  
Karen: Hi guys!