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In which Hank looks at the new YouTube design, which, for once, ACTUALLY APPEARS TO BE AN IMPROVEMENT! Though, it would have been hard to make it worse than it currently is. Though, we'll see how I feel after a few weeks of using it. You can currently activate it by following the instructions at the bottom of this blog post:
Hello, my name is Hank Green.  I am a professional YouTuber. I love YouTube and rely on YouTube for my income, so I pay a lot of attention to what's going on with YouTube. And one thing that's going on with YouTube right now, uh, we have recently discovered that there is another main page redesign coming up and I have, uh, been able to get that live on my computer, so I get to show it to you.

And this is not it. What you're looking at right now is in fact the current YouTube page. Um, there are plenty of problems. It's just not a very appealing design, to be totally honest. I don't know what they were going for here. There's a lot going on.  It's very cluttered.  There a lot of words. There's a lot of weird line breaks, a lot of strange white space that doesn't need to be there. And one other things is just like sort of stupid little things like the fact that this thumbnail is bigger than this thumbnail. Whereas this is my subscription feed, these are the things I want to see. It seems strange to me that their thumbnails would be smaller, thus making my eyes crazier.

Another thing is that there used to be a way to "X" out of videos, so that you could be like I don't want to watch that, so I'm going to push the "X" button and then my subscription feed will move up. And that was great! But that went away with this redesign.

Now, I have good news coming up from YouTube. We have the Google+ified YouTube. Um, very clearly derivative of Google+, but, you know, that's not all that bad in this situation. 'Cause, you know, I'm not 100% a Google+ fan, but I am a fan of good design, and we're seeing more of that here, so that's super good.

We're seeing a lot more screen real estate devoted to each individual video, which is fantastic. Um, you know, I'm going to spend 39 seconds of my life, 6 hun- 6 minutes and 57 seconds, 4 minutes, 10 minutes of my life on these videos if I choose to watch them. So they don't, they can take up more space than a tweet, right? Like, there should be, you know, some significant amount of screen real estate devoted to them. Frankly, I think there should be more, still. There should be more description here, and, so that I can see a little more before I click on the videos.

Uh, good news, I'm sorry I'm about to "X" out a Gunnorolla here. Love him, am going to watch this video.  But, you know, it is what it is. I can "hide item," I can make it go away. Fantastic. Uh, we can turn off "upload only," so we can see like, oh look Phillip shared this to Google+ and all that stuff which I don't find interesting at all.

We can also change it to everything instead of highlights. I really don't like that.  I really don't like that there is a difference between what you show me algorithmically and what I decided to be subscribed to. Um, I don't really get that.

Another feature that I really love is that this shows me how many videos I've missed, which is pretty cool, though kind of embarrassing. I will point out that, um, I don't, you know, watch some other, I watch a lot of things on various channels. I have like 5 YouTube channels. So, doesn't mean I have skipped all of Bryarly's videos, or I certainly haven't missed the last 20 Zefrank videos.  That's just insane; I watch every one.

Um, but, if I do want to check out Zefrank videos, I can click on that and this is not his channel I have been sent to. It's sort of its own little, like, front page but only devoted to Zefrank, which I think is quite cool. And there's my face!

Speaking of my face, uh, here we have another of my favorite features. That the video is grayed out and it ways "watched:" if I've already watched it.

We can also see everything that Zefrank has done recently. Um, we can switch that to uploads only. Bonk. But we can see all activity. We can see that he, for example, subscribed to The Alan Cole Show.  Way to go Zefrank.

Um, going back to YouTube, little YouTube here, uploads only. We can see that in this feed as well, there will be some videos that I've watched. Here's one from Eddplant and the Mythical Morning from this morning.

This is a nice little, like, scroll through, you know, so you don't have to take up your whole thing. What are these, suggested? Uh...apparently these are suggested down here. That's nice. These are all- I'm not subscribed to LizzieBennet, that's embarrassing, 'cause that's my channel. *laughing*

Overall, I'm a fan.  There is a very clear, uh, sort of thing going on here, which is that, uh, everything in Google's arsenal, and YouTube is of course part of Google's arsenal, is sort of being assimilated into this Google+ like design scheme now.

You know, I am sort of a little bit nervous about YouTube just sort of dropping Google+ everywhere and having comments based on Google+ and likes and ratings based on Google+, having it all being integrated. But, you know, Google is Google and they are into that initiative, so we should not be surprised when it starts to happen.

You can take a little tour for this- of this yourself. There is a, uh, there is a page right here that will teach you how to do it. Uh, you just have to put this stuff into your JavaScript console. Uh, I will link to that page in the description. Uh, so that's- that's all, that's- I'm just going to stop now, so thank you. I hope that you...blah blah blah. Goodbye.