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What it says
Off-cameraShot 91, episode 16, scene 48, take 1. 

Ashley: Weeeellll, I'm back! Well IIIIIIII'mmm back. This guy.
That felt really cheesy, it's fine. Well I'm back... you're page turning, are we good?


A: It's fine! It's fine. (mouths) It's not.

A: (sings) The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. 


A: (sings) The Lizzie Bennett diaries. 

Off-camera: Uhh, let's, this will only include this scene, right? 

A: (sings and dances) The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

Off-camera: Alright good, come on. You good? 

A: Good for her! Way to shake it.. pppbbt. Words.

Off-camera 1: What am I hearing? Am I hearing them or... 

Off-camera 2: Kids 

Off-camera 1: Its kids? Whatever. 

Off-camera 2: Yeah there are some outside

A: Kill Them.

A: pft hair in mouth 

A: My name is Libbi-pbbfft. My name is Lizzie Bennet! and this is...

Off-camera: [snort]

A: (laughs)

Off-camera: (laughs) It's that funny huh? Mumbles.

(More laughter) 

A: Oh Charlotte you lying whore. (Laughs). (mouths) whore. Im just kidding.  

A: (dancing or something?)

Off-camera man: Enunciate a little more. 

Off-camera woman: Kind of... can you escalate a little more on completely utterly?

A: Completely utterly imPOssible! Yeah? Something like that?

Off-camera: now to the camera 

A: (laughs) Hookay

A: whaaaaat

A: Then I'll go: (breathes out through nose loudly and makes swimming motion)

Off-camera: Um.. Lead into the...

A: (drops something) 

A: (coughs and clears throat) I was choking on my spit

A: So is it a pprrrp

A: Uh so well Pprrrp

A: That doesn't even make sense

A: Give you so much goldt (Russian accent?)

A: I like to talk to hank through the camera

Off-camera: Little more a...

A: Ahhhwkward 

A: I've been thinking about the pleasure of a pair of ... boobs. (as Mr.Darcy)