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Good morning, John, and good morning, Nerdfighteria.

If it has seemed at all that for the past few days John and I have been a little bit... weird, it's because we have. There are a lot of really amazing things that make up what we do on the internet. And there's the stuff that we do - that John and I do - and I think, objectively, what John and I are doing, here, if you just count me and John is not interesting.

It's not even, like, that good. Sometimes I make stuff that I'm proud of, but it's not very- nearly as good as the stuff that- that counts as entertainment in this world. And I'm grateful for everyone who disagrees with me on that point.

But I think, objectively, what's really ACTUALLY interesting about what we're doing here on the internet is when it goes beyond just two brothers and moves into being something that's very large and encompasses a lot of people doing a lot of work to make a community happen and to make it exist in a very real way. One of the primary people that we feel very connected to, and have been very impressed by and very, sort of, moved that he is interested in this, is a guy named Tom. You may know him better as Ningmaster Tom.

He is kind of, more or less, the de facto leader of our community at Tom has done a lot of things to make Nerdfighteria better. If you go to his YouTube channel, you can see some of the things that he's designed.

He's a graphic designer. He's going to school right now for graphic design. And he's been a huge part of organizing the community and making work.

And really, we've been hugely in his debt for a long time and we have actually have offered to pay him for his services several times, but he has- is really sincere about the fact that he wants his services to be about the community and about his love of what's going on here, not about making money. And the reason that I'm talking about Tom, when obviously, he's not doing this for credit, is because Tom, he was riding on his bike and he got hit by a car and he hit his head. We didn't want to talk about it until we knew more - until we've talked to his family, and we've done that, now - and they think that he's probably going to be OK, but it's not going to be, like, "Oh, he wakes up and he's fine," like in the movies.

We don't know yet how seriously he's injured. He was unconscious when the doctors got him to the hospital. He's woken up several times but they've put him back to sleep because he is not ready to be awake yet.

He did recognize his family one of the times that he woke up, so that's a very good sign, but John and I are obviously very nervous about what's going on with Tom, and what I want right now is for the thing that Tom has spent a ton of time believing in and working for, which is our community, to, just come together for a bit and like, focus on the love and on the belief that Tom can make a full recovery and be just fine as fast as possible. Tom's family has asked us to keep you guys updated on this, and they have also said that they would be interested in hearing from people who have benefited from Tom's work and who are Tom's friends and who are- are Nerdfighters, just anyone in general. You can email your thoughts and well-wishes and e-cards and whatever you wanna put together for Tom and his family to "Ning master tom 'at' Gmail 'dot' com." His family has access to that account.

They'll be checking it and they'll be reading those messages to Tom. Hopefully, soon, they'll be reading it to Tom awake and listening, so he will get your messages. We'll keep you updated as we know more at and, of course, in videos.

This obviously drives home the fact that what we're doing home is real, and that we're real people working really hard to make and do interesting things, and I think Tom, more than anyone, believes in that. Thank you, Nerdfighters. Thank you John.

Thank you, Tom, for being such a supporting part of this community and for helping us do things that are actually, legitimately interesting in this world, and I'm just so thankful for all of the moments that we have and that people choose to spend those moments working on good and fun and awesome things. The email address, again, is "Ning master tom 'at' Gmail 'dot' com". Send him your thoughts and let's all just concentrate on having Tom get better soon.

See you on Monday.