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A monthly game show hosted by Hank Green, where knowledge junkies put their mind to the test. This week, grab a spoon and get ready to see how much you know about cereal!

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Hi, I'm Hank Green, and welcome to the mental_floss quiz. In today's quiz we're tackling a very serious topic, one that affects everyone: cereal. Who doesn't like waking up to a nice tasty bowl of cereal? It's the one food even a child could cook; no wonder the U.S. cereal market rakes in eleven billion dollars every year. But we're not here to talk business; we're here to see if you're a cereal expert. We're got five questions and a ton of fun stories for you - grab your spoon; it's time to see if you know way too much about cereal. [intro music] Really, lots of cereals of the era made big health claims, but only one breakfast staple promised to prevent anyone who munched it from having impure thoughts. Which was it? [Corn Flakes or Grape Nuts; five-second timer]