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Hank and John Green kick off Project for Awesome 2010 live show.
Hank: Um- is- that- is this real life?

John: I don't know!

Hank: That is how I'm feeling right now. I- er- thank you so much to DeStorm and Freddy Wong and MysteryGuitarMan for doing that, and that was amazing. Welcome to the Project for Awesome. Uh- I am Hank Green, and this is my brother, John. And he's gonna tell you a little about- about the history of the Project for Awesome. (pause) He's going to tell you a little about the history of the Project for Awe- (pause) uh. Liz, can- can we cut to kittens, really quick? (pause) (cute video of kittens plays)

Hank: Are you- are you gonna be okay?

John: I'm gonna recover.

Hank: Okay.

John: I hope it was clear that that was a joke. (Hank laughs)

John: Heyyy!

Hank: I think he's better now!

John: Alright, I'm back.

Hank: He's recover-

John: I'm back. Woah! Uh, MysteryGuitarMan and DeStorm and Freddy Wong just set it off! (Hank laughs) And we can't live up to their expectations. (Hank laughs) They brought too much!

John: But yeah, we wanna tell you a little bit about the history of the Project for Awesome. In 2007, the Vlogbrothers channel, our channel on YouTube- our viewers, we all came together with a lot of people in the YouTube community, and for one day, on December 17th, we took YouTube over for charity, with comments and ratings and favorites, so that all the most viewed pages on YouTube were videos about charity, instead of videos about cats on Roombas, although we love cats on Roombas.

Hank: We love the cats on Roombas. And originally, the Project for Awesome was kind of about like, taking YouTube's algorithms and- and uh, for good, kind of hacking those algorithms and saying, you know, we can use our thumbnails, we can use the- we can use like, what we know about how YouTube ranks things, and we can sort of take over illicitly. And YouTube had no idea that we were doing it.

Hank: Four years later, YouTube is like, you know what? I think- I think maybe your living room isn't nice enough. We need to get you some tapestries! (John laughs)

John: We need to fancy-up your living room! (Hank laughs) So we wanna thank- we wanna thank YouTube for being part of this, and we wanna thank all of you for being here. This is a really special night for YouTube, because this is the night where we come together and we celebrate one of the best things about online video, which is that it is a chance to turn outward and think about others. And to care about others.

John: Tonight we're gonna be highlighting four different areas of philanthropic interest. We're gonna be talking about poverty, uh, that was nicely- nicely phrased, I know. (Hank laughs) I'm a professional! Uh. Usually there are jump-cuts. (Hank laughs) Uh, we're gonna be talking about poverty, we're gonna be talking about health, we're going to be talking about innovation in education and we're gonna be talking about children's needs around the holidays.

There's gonna be lots of awesome stuff - amazing performances from some of your favorite YouTubers and lots of- lots of the stars that you know and love. But we're also gonna be, hopefully, raising a lot of money for charity. (pause) You wanna talk about donations?

Hank: Uh, yeah! So there are- if you go to right now, which we'll probably be putting on little things down here, pretty- oh look, there it is! (John laughs) Um-

John: Like magic!

Hank: (laughing) And you can go, and there's lots of ways to participate, and to donate to the charities that we're focusing on today.

John: Yeah, so please go to and donate, and then throughout the show, there will be other ways to talk about donations. We do wanna say that the Project for Awesome has already raised nearly one hundred thousand dollars for charity, which is insane! So thank you to all of you who donated. You've reminded us that YouTube is really made of awesome!

Hank: Woo! Everyone, clap! (claps)

John: Yeah, that was worthy of clapping.

Hank: It was like, four people. But it was cool.

John: Yeah! It's like being on Talk Soup (Hank laughs)

Hank: That's exactly how I feel!

John: Yeah. Except much more anxious, because usually I'm on the couch and there's no camera. (Hank laughs)