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John: So I'm sitting here alone in my brother's hotel room and I got kinda hungry and I thought 'Why don't I order room service?' So I did. It’s really doubly fun because not only do I get to eat delicious room service breakfast but I also get to make my brother’s life a little bit worse in the way that brothers like to. In fact, it occurs to me that in that sense ordering room service in your brother’s hotel room is a lot like donating to the Project for Awesome raffle. It’s doubly fun because not only do you have a chance to win amazing prizes but you also get to support amazing charities. OK, so you may have noticed there are six annotations on the screen. All six of these videos are amazing Project for Awesome videos that, at least when I watched them, had fewer than 300 views. So let’s go change that. Watch all these videos, rate them, favorite them, comment on them, thank you for being awesome and don’t forget to check out the raffles at link in the underbar.