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John & Hank Green discuss poverty and during Project for Awesome 2010 live show.
John: Hi! It's us, the Vlogbrothers, again!

Hank: How do you think this is going so far, John?

John: Uh, it's good! Uh, but I can't help but think that we could use more elephant.

Hank: I don't know where the elephant came from.

John: But I love him! (Hank laughs) Thank you to hiimRawn for being the Project for Awesome live-show's resident elephant! We are here to introduce our next topic, which is poverty.

Hank: Um. We are opposed to it!

John: We are opposed to poverty. Strongly. Um, and we're going to be talking about- we're going to be talking about poverty for the next little while, but don't let that make you turn away, because what we're going to be talking about is interesting and really, really important. I know this because my son, Henry, who is eleven months old, has just gotten over a very serious bout with diarrhea. Um-

Hank: This is a- this is a culmination of one of the- possibly the worst week of John's life.

John: Yeah!

Hank: Because his family have been very sick.

John: My family's been very sick and my very young son has been particularly sick, and diarrhea- I'm sure, by the way, that Henry is totally psyched that I am telling the world about his intestinal problems (laughs). But diarrhea is a really serious disease, particularly in young children.

John: And for a long time, there was really a lot of concern about my son's health, and it was really scary for me and for my wife, and for him too, I'm sure, although he couldn't say it.

John: Uh, and the whole time, it made me think about the fact that throughout the world, there are a lot of people who can't count on clean water the way I can count on clean water for Henry. There are a lot of people- a lot of children who suffer these kinds of diarrheal illnesses, who can't get better, because there's no way for them to get clean water. Every fifteen seconds, a child dies because of water-related illness.

John: And so that's what we're gonna talk about first. We're going to talk about and the importance of clean water. And we're gonna show a video! So let's go to that!

(video begins - music plays in the background)

(the video is void of sound other than gentle music)