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Good morning, John. It's Sunday. It's news day. Wait a second! Hank doesn't do news day! John does news day! What's going on here! I'm taking over on Sunday because I am a geek for good. Oh, but I do have news for you my friends. Today is the beginning of Global Geek Week. A week in which geeks realize how much good they can do for the world. Now, John, because of the way that you and I and the Nerdfighters just think we have some how become the go-to-guys for talking about doing good on YouTube. And, frankly, I'm really quite proud of that. I don't know how we ended up in that space, I guess it's because we'd rather talk about the problems with the world than the problems with the Jonas Brothers marital status. I hear that one of them is getting married and you know how they took that "promise vow?" So, yeah, it means that one of the Jonas brothers finally going to get to score. Really exciting stuff.

But, you know what's more exciting than that? People using their brains just to save the freaking planet. That's what excites me. That's what I want to see in People Magazine. I I I just realized I've been doing a bunch of Global Geek Week stuff and so I've been naming everything GGW this GGW that and I have to tell you all do not Google GGW. GGW does not stand for Global Geek Week yet. GGW. Girls Gone Wild. Anyhow, the people at Global Geek Week have teamed up to do something pretty spectacular. They are asking the entire geek community of which Nerdfighters should include themselves, to make videos, maximum two minutes about being a geek and why giving back is so important. And of course, how geeks can give back in ways that no other portion of the population ever could. Once you finish your video, you can submit it to the global geek week YouTube group. From there it will be judged by committee of prestigious judges, of which I am one, along with people you've heard of from YouTube like Lisa Nova and Hotforwords, and also some geeks that are beyond top notch geeks like Guy Kawasaki and weewahong, the YouTube 2008 Sudoku champion. If you were thinking we didn't have true geek cred, oh yeah we do. If you win, you will get 2 round trip tickets on Virgin American, along with a free Wi-Fi pass for your entire trip. You can find out more at and keep your eye out on twitter for the geeksforgood hashtag. This is Hank Green looking forward to all Nerdfighter and other global geek week submissions, but you better get moving fast because this isn't global geek month! It's global geek week! Videos have to be in by Thursday at midnight pacific time. And if they aren't, they don't count! So get your geek brain in gear, and tell us what it means for you to be a geek. And why we all have to give back.