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In which Hank is thankful to be home, announces his twitter at and starts off the shark week edition of Truth or Fail!


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John.

This video comes in three parts. Part 1, I'm back in my house! Of course, that doesn't mean my expensive camcorder is working again, so I'm filming on the old one.

It's actually quite nice. I remember it so well. All of it's little buttons and pushy and pully.

It's like eating a corn dog. It's all just so familiar. And wonderful.

But I am glad to be back in my house even though, like, a lot of stuff isn't put back away yet and so I have to do that today, which I'm not looking forward to. I need your book on how to organize a home library. But I needed it, like, yesterday.

Part 2. Twitter project. I know I've kind of been reluctant to adopt Twitter.

The EcoGeek twitter has been around for a long time but I most have a lot of stories coming off of EcoGeek not a lot of stuff from me personally. So, I decided to do a hank green twitter at and I'm not quite sure how it works yet. John, you said that I have some work to do on my twittiquette.

That's short for Twitter etiquette, apparently. Now I'm going to be using that Twitter for all the normal twitter type things. Like, I'm going to be announcing vlogtv shows on it.

I'm going to be tweeting about things that are probably not all that interesting but I will try my darnedest to say them in interesting ways using 140 characters or less, which is, I gather, what twitter is for. But I also wanted to do a project with this new which you should pause this video right now and go follow, so I would like everyone who is on Twitter to go and with the hashtag hankvideo I want you to give me one sentence that you would like to see me say in a video. It can and should be as ridiculous as possible.

I want to be saying ridiculous things. And if you do this, I will say that thing in a video. Anything you want me to say.

Hopefully, I'll get all of them in. Maybe I won't. I only have four minutes after all.

Maybe I'll work them all into a song. That would be cool. I could definitely not use all of them that way.

But then it would be like a song written by twitter. Which would be weird, but cool! Anyway, part 3!

As you may or may not know, it's Shark Week. Shark week is the week in which Discovery Channel goes "Hey! We're going to take all of our shark footage and put it into one week.

Let's scare the crap out of you but you're not going to be able to stop watching because it's so fantastically magnificent." So, like, yesterday, I decided to follow suit and do a Shark Truth of Fail. That;s part three and you're about to see it. Truth or Fail.

Shark week edition. Hello, this is Hank Green. Welcome to the shark edition of Truth or Fail. chompchompchompchompchomp wahh I got a friend that got attacked by a shark one time.

A little one. Got,like, the coolest scar ever. Leave it to the Discovery Channel to exploit our deepest fears in the name of conservation and selling commercial airtime.

But, love them or hate them, sharks are unquestionably awesome creatures. And I bet that there are a few things about them that you don't know about these majestic beasts. And as always, it's very simple.

I'm just going to read you two facts and you're going to pick the true one, or you fail. Fact 1. The whale shark is the biggest fish that has ever wahhhh!!!

I thought that was a real shark for a second. Whose idea was that?! Jesus!

Ok. Ok. The whale shark is the biggest fish that has ever existed.

Ok. Or fact 2. Tiger sharks will eat pretty much anything including humans, but this, I think is the strangest thing of all.

One was once found with chickens in its stomach. That's not the strange part. The strange part is that they were still in their chicken coop.

Bad shark uhhhhh