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Hank: *dragged out; half sing-song* Hello! And welcome to Hank and Katherine and Stefan play Super Mario Wii U.

Stefan: *in the same style as hank* She (?)

Hank: And we are approaching...
Stefan: *at the same time* Heyy guys, so good.

Hank: The meringue clouds, really?

Katherine: We're in the meringue clouds.

Hank: Is this like, is this level eight, cause I expected level eight to be like...

Katherine: well, no

Stefan: like fiery and

Hank: yeah

Katherine: no. This is something ...

Stefan: this is...

Katherine: ... between level ...

S: this is...

K: 7 and level 8.

S: ... this is cloudy.

H: I'm confused though. Are we sure that this is level 7?

K: No, we're not.

S: *laughs*

H: No, this isn't 7.

K: ok

S: It says 7.

H: No

K: No, that was, that was the level.

S: Ohhh

H: But yeah, That was the level in the level.

K: That was the 7th level in...

S and H: Ohhh

K: ...the Rock candy mines.

H: I'm not smart. But what...

K: not. not smart.

H: ... map view.

S: How do you know what world we're in?

H: Can we zoom out? That was... NO!!!

K: *laughs*

S: Just everyone bubble.

H: Bubble!

K: Everyone bubble.

S: Everyone bubble!

H: I forgot how to bubble!

K: do dee do do,...

H: Katherine bubble!

K: ... do dee do do.

S and H: Katherine!

K: *giggles*

H: katherine! Katherine! I'm the leader of this party.

S: *laughs*

K: But the floor's made of lava

H: But the floor is made of lava

K: yeah, just...

H: ugh.

K... just, see the,...

H: what is the minus button?

K: ... see the minus button?

H: Got it. I got it.

K and H: That's as far out as it goes.

H: So this goes... this is the meringue lands.

K: yep.

H: This is the snow lands.

K: yep. But see the castle, up? up. up. up. up.

S: up.

K: up

H: up! Oh! OH that!

S: Oh the vortex!

H: So after we get through that, then we have to go to that castle.

K: yep.

H: is what you're telling me?

K: yes.

H: So this is the last level?

K: this..

S: ugh.

H: The last full level.

K: no.

S: there's...

H: The meringue clouds is?

K: no.

S: There's an orange thing too.

K: The meringue clouds...

S: and a purple thing.

K: is the last level before, the last level.

S: oh yeah.

H: But this is just one thing.

K: no... I don't believe that. I believe there will be more levels in there. It's the castle but

S: You've got to ride that ship all the way up.

H: You've got to ride that ship all... that's what they say. That's what Charlie Sheen always says.

K: Like.. I don't know.

H: Charlie Sheen, whenever I talk to him, he says to me, "Hank...

H and S: you gotta ride

H: that ship all the way up."

K: all the way up. to um.

S: winning

K: to winning. yeah

S: *laughs*

H: to the mountain.

K: mmhmm

H: But let's count. I mean I feel like. This is.. I really... I would much rather have a full... full on view.

K: 1

H: We have 1.

H and K: 2

H: 3, but then there's an alternate.

H and K: 4

K: mm hmm

H: then

H and K: 5

H: the soda jungle

K: yep

H: That's all 5

K: mmhmmm

H: 6

K: yep 6

S: yeah

K: 7

H: 7

S: yeah 7

H: and this is 8

S: the vortex

H: so this. i mean this. I'm basing this off of previous marios where there are 8 levels.

K: yeah. There are 8.

H: But I mean, what's happening in there? I guess we don't know. I guess we don't know. I guess we don't know. We're gonna find out.

S: yeah.

H: I hope you guys will stick around long enough to find out.

K: umm, if you keep talking they won't.


K: but maybe if we play, they will.


H: alright. going to the meringue.

K: mmmm I love meringue.

H: No. I didn't want.. ugh.

K: Why would you do that?

S: Uhhhh

H: Yeah, launch me to the meringue clouds.

S: hmmm

K: pop. Weee

H: yeah, that was quite a...

K: that was fun. Yeah. let's go. let's go to level one. Land of the flying blocks.

H: ohhh I don't like that already.

K: Look at those happy clouds though!

S: I'm gonna master... I'm the master of those flying blocks.

H: Look how pretty it is. Have you guys noticed that this game is just freakin gorgeous?

K: yeah it's really. it's really good looking

H: it's insane

K: uh-oh. Wing-dots. Wing-nuts.

H: Winggg-butts.

K: Wing-nuts?

H: I don't remember what they're called.

K: What are those things called? Wing. wing-a-mijig?

H: Nope. That's definitely not it.

S: Wing-a-lings

K: Look at the coins that I'm making come out of these flowers.

H: Hey

K: Did you know you could do that?

H: No .... Ahhhh

S: Ahhh

K: *giggles*

H and S: Ahhhh

H: They just come out of nowhere.

S: They...

H: Wow, you almost died too.

K: No. I did that on purpose.

S: I..

H: Well you almost were not successful.

K: no

H: I'm just saying, you weren't.

K: I'm glad you have.. uhh

S: I...

H: I'm just saying, you were, it was close. It was a near thing.

K: ...censored what I was doing.

H: How? What?

S: Okay, i guess.

K: I don't know man.

H: C. C

S: C. C

H and S: C

H: Is the next letter P? Because that would be weird.

K: I don't come back now. 


H: Katherine!

S: Oh, I flew right into the thing.

K: Hank, get a hundred coins and I will come back.

S: I flew right into it.

H: Ok, we will do our best. We will get all the coins we are capable of... Woah Woah.

S: You knocked me into the pooch.

K: *laughs*

H: What the? What the?  You knocked me into the pooch.

S: *laughs*

K: I have to continue.

H: Boozer.

K: Waa Waaa. Boozer?

H: Bowser.

S: He is a boozer.

H: I mean what is Bowser's personality disorder? What would you say? Egomaniac? Meglomaniacal?

S: Does he have a disorder?

H: Well, he's kidnapping...

S: He's misunderstood!

H: He's constantly kidnapping my girlfriend! Don't tell me he's just misunderstood!

S: yeah

H: I have not ever met a worse person. Like, I should just be like having awesome mario.. booty right now. And like instead, I'm fighting cute squirrels. Which is not what I wanted to be doing with my Saturday afternoon.

K: I know, they just don't seem like they should be enemies.

H: They seem like they should be...

K: Ok, the thing is this cloud keeps moving.

H: It does. We have to keep up with the cloud.

K: We must...

H: ugh

K:.. maintain...

H: movement. Over the C's

S: Now watch out for the pooch everyone.

K: *laughs* Oh dear.

H: What's that?

K: I didn't watch out for it.

H: How are they everywhere?

S: pooches!

K: uhhh

H: I don't want more C's. Alright, safety in numbers.

S: *laughs* This is upsetting.

H: Don't eat my head piranha plant.

All: hup.

H: Why did it? Why did it? Why did it stop moving?

S: *laughs*

H: Squirrel! Katherine's a squirrel everybody!

H: Everything could...

*cow noise*

H: It's all. It's, Everything's coming up roses. Katherine's a squirrel.

S: I died.

H: That was a delayed reaction on my part. What are you doing?

K: Just getting some coins while I'm...

H: Come on!!

S: She knocked the coin out with her booty.

K: ...waiting for Toad to come back.

S: She popped the coin with her booty.

H: Where ya going?

K: Flying.

H: Where ya going?

K: I'm just flying.

H: Where ya going? Flying.

K: Why are you so interested, man?

H: I want it! No, Toad get it.

S: Oh, it gets you big. Oh it gets me big.

K: You know that's gonna move.

H: Wait. it's gonna move. Oh it waits for the last person to get on, that's nice of it. Where did you come from?

K: *screams*

H: Wow Katherine.

K: I know.

H: I'm a squirrel! Everybody's squirrel! Everybody squirrel!

S: It's so perfect! We did it! We did it!

H: Oh my Gosh everybody squirrel!

S: The cloud's still moving. The cloud is not stopping.

K: No, we have to stay with the cloud.

S: Oh, Sh*t.  Squirrelled.

K: Oh I lost mine too.

S: I just got squirrelled.

K: Nice job!

H: I am still a squirrel.

S: I lost everything.

K: I know, It's the end of the world as we know it!

S: Oh! Oh!

K: Wehoo!

S: I'm running back!

K: I got that one!

H: Everybody squirrel. Awww

K: *laughs* Nope.

H: Wow. Good job. You're not technically on it yet.

K: Toad hasn't touched it yet. Oh

H: Wow, it was waiting for all of us.

S: Wow! That is unusual.

K: Hoooo my goodness! *turkey noise*

H: *Singing* Sometimes when my wife gets excited she turns into a chicken

S: Woah

H: What! That's a giant thing that just ate me.

K: Oh. Me too! Hmm a turkey really is a Hank what you were going for.

H: Not a chicken a turkey?

K: *turkey noise*

H: Sometimes when my wife gets angry she turns into a turkey. turns into a turkey. And we got.. Oh my gosh!

S: Oh!

H: We won! Sorry I freaked out, I got...

S: Oh! Oh!

H: ... really excited!

S: But i can't!

K: *laughs*

H: Awww


S: I wanted to get points.

H: No, Stefan, you can't.

All: mmm mmm mmm

K: The loneliest man in the universe.

S: *laughs*

K: when you touch him, he goes.

H: Bow bow chicka bow bow. bow bow chicka bow.

K: nope? no one?

S: wicky wicky

H: I don't really know, Katherine can you do any George Watsky raps for us? No? Ah that's too bad.

K: Not without the music.

H: Bloom chic da bloom chic

K: That doesn't count, honey.

H: I feel like

K: Why wouldn't you go to the toad house right now?

H: That's a great question! God that's a good question.

*choking noise*


H: There was some saliva.

K: That was such a good *choking noise*

H: There was some saliva in my mouth, and I choked. Oh gosh, guys! Ok

S: Baby yoshi! Uhhhhhh

H: You follow the fire flower. You see the fire flower?

S: okay

H: And then you're gonna jump up and you're gonna grab...

S: I got it.

H: ... the baby yoshi.

S: I figured it out.

H: That has the fire flower.

S: okay thanks.

H: I'm gonna follow the...

K: The mushroom

H: The toad.

K: yeah. I'm gonna get the number two.

H and S: ok

K: cause I love to poop.

H: I love to poop. ok.

S: It is kinda nice

H: yeah!

K: number 2 number 2 number 2

H: dododododo

K: oh crap!

H: What'd ya do?

K: I accidentally grabbed the wrong one.

H: Did you really?

K: Yup.

H: Ah whatever. We got one

K: The one I wanted is the one I'm standing right next to.

H: Oh, you just didn't grab it?

K: Yup.

H: Well, I give myself the easy job cause I just have to figure out

S: *laughs*

K: yeah

H: yeah

K: yup I know.

S: I know

H: But also the most important job.

K: hmmm

H: That's what my mom always told me to do. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine and Stefan play Super Mario Brothers Wii-uu

K: This one's only...

H: Wuu

K: ... 9 minutes long.

H: It's a rather short episode.

K: 10 minutes.

H: It's a rather short episode. I understand.

K: You don't want to go exploring the See saw shrooms?

H: no. I understand that they wanted a longer episode

K: Who wants to say See Saw Shrooms? Who wants to say See Saw Shrooms with me?

H: We'll see it next time.

K: Who wants to say See Saw Shrooms?

S: See Saw Shrooms See Saw Shrooms

H ans S: See Saw Shrooms See Saw Shrooms (many times)

K: She sits upon the balustraded balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hicchiccuping,

S: I kinda want..

K:... and amicably (?) welcoming him on. That one's hard. That's really hard.

H: amicably welcoming him on.

K: mmhmmm

H: I don't know that tongue twister

S: ummm can we..

H: She slit the sheet

K: just.. she slit the sheet. She...

H: She slit the sheet, the sheet she slit and on the slitted sheet I sit.

*shhh noise*

K: I slit the sheet. The sheet I sit, and on the slitted sheet I sit.

H: That's a good one.

*shhh noise*

H: The slitted sheet.

S: sushi

K: *laughs loudly*

H: Stefan has a hard time with the word sushi, so that's his tongue twister.

S: *laughs*

H: My life as mother pheasant plucker is pleasant.

S: What?

H: Just listening to music as I pluck mother pheasants. I'm a mother pheasant plucker...

S: A mother plucker?

H: What?

S: Are you a mother plucker?

K: No, he's a mother pheasant plucker.

H: No! I pluck mother pheasants.

S: yeah, that's a...

H: I'm a pleasant pheasant plucker

S: That's a mother plucker.

H: I'm a pleasant f*cking... I'm a pleasant pheasant plucker


H: I'm a pleasant pheasant plucker and nobodies ever heard a mother ph.. pheasant plucker like me say the f word.

K: *laughs*

H: plucking mother pheasants

S: Hank

H: What?

S: yeah. yeah. They're mothers. You plucked um!

H: yeah!

S: Mother plucker! 

H: I'm plucking mother pheasants!

K: Yup.

H: That's what I'm saying! That's what I'm saying!

S: We agree!!!

K: You're both saying the same thing!


H: You will not see us, we will not see you, but you will hear us next time. Goodbye!