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How is it going? Testing. Can you hear me? Can you see me? Oh goodness. Reed says yes. Mm. What am I drinking you may ask. Applesauce.

Hi everyone! It's working, I'm so happy! Mm. Okay. So, I have an agenda. This, by the way, is your Sexplanations video of the week. We have one that's all set and ready to go. It's one of the most beautiful things I've made. But before I posted it, I was like, "No! I'm gonna hold off. I'm gonna do a livestream this week. I can do it! I can do it, I know I can do it!"

That's the tape. We're cutting things. I'm going to post a schedule here. An agenda. Going on this box- oh, you can't see it there. This box? Yeah. There you go. Can you see it? Does it reverse the words or are you seeing it? Can you read it? Somebody tell me can you read it? I'm waiting. I'll wait.

"Hello from Montana."
"Hi from Jamaica."
Somebody tell me if you can see this. "Yes we can read it" awesome. Thank you, Erica. Mm. And all the yes's come up, that's funny.

Alright, so. Let me scoot over so you can see it and then figure out what's going on. Um.

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First we need to talk about finances. That's your finances. Then we need to talk about the tour route, perk updates, all these boxes around me. Uh, we're gonna make one box together so you can see what the process of constructing them is like and maybe it will incentivise you to want one. And then I'm gonna eat some eggs because I haven't had dinner yet. And, if we move some of these boxes-- I'm in, um. The hallway of my house, there is a bedroom here and a bedroom here and a hall this way, and I am taking up this-- I think it's called a vertex. Mmmm, slide all the things. See all the boxes. Wooowww. If we clear some of these boxes by designating them to people, then I will happily invite dogs to come through and cuddle with me and you can meet them. I got a new dog! Um, and then answer your questions. That's something I would love to do.

Uh, you're all doing comments really quickly. Uh, I don't have enough staff availability to have somebody monitor this for me. Moderate? Is that what it's called? So I'll just like, look over whenever possible. But, if you really wanna get my attention, uh, just wait until we do one of these answer questions and I'll be like, "Hey, let's answer some questions!" and we'll do that.

Mm. I'm so glad you're here. I have water. I have eggs to eat. I have Cheez-its, enough to share. I have this lovely feather thing I have going on here. Uh, what else. I have pickle chips. I'm surrounded by uh, some of my belongings that have yet to go into boxes so that we can construct them, and. I think we're ready, are we ready?

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This- the chat has stopped, so I don't know if things are still working but I think they are. Should I wear my sunglasses the whole time? This is the look of somebody who has been moving and packing up her house for weeks. And she's tired. I'm concerned that this isn't working anymore because the chat is dead. Did I kill it? "Hello," she types. I feel like we should have music. Well. We're just gonna sit here and wait and make sure that everything is okay and drink the applesauce.

And then, maybe I'll just, um... Oo, I know. So I'm borrowing a person's computer, the editor's computer, to be able to do this livestream because for some reason on my computer, which is a Samsung Chromebook, which I love in order to type and research because the, um, edge of it is really round and smooth and I have tiny little hands so when I type, um, on a Mac or a Dell, the edge goes into my wrist like this and it's really painful. So on my Chromebook, here I'll show you. This is not an advertisement. It's really not an advertisement, because, this thing-- don't look at my emails-- mm smooth. So nice. So, I will look on here because I bet I can see the stream how it's happening for all of you since the chat is still not working. It looks like it's active but nobody's talking? Or the talking is not coming up. That's okay.

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Hah! Let's see. The chatting is happening here, but not there. What a conundrum. Why are these never simple for me? Ah, I will try anyway. Oh my goodness. Mmkay. So, I will just proceed and occassionally if I am looking down it is because I am reading comments from here. Um. Can you... okay. They can read it. Good they already. Alright, alright, alright. Mm.

Finances. First order of business. I spend a lot of time living on the internet and so I am aware that pretty frequently, amazing people with amazing causes ask for money for those causes. And, as a person who loves philanthropy and wants to give money to things that are important, I am like, wow I wonder what this is like for other people who don't have as many financial resources as I do when they, like, really want to help or they really want a perk or they really want to participate in a project for raising money but they also need to pay bills and rent. So.

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Tonight there will be talk of money and projects to fund and I want to start the whole conversation by saying that you taking care of yourself financially is the most important thing that I am asking of you tonight. I need you to take care of you. If you have surplus money, then please take care of others. But yeah, that's how I'm at with it right now. Uh, I look at people who hoard money, what I would call millionaires, billionaires, and I think, yeah, it makes me want to turn Patreon off in a way. Even though I love the energy of crowdfunding and everyone coming together as a community, I don't think anyone should have to round up a few dollars to have sex education. I would like to see the people who have the millions of dollars, even the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the billions of dollars, like, don't even get me started there. But that those people, it would be really great if they just funded entire projects.

I don't know. Not all the thoughts are fleshed out about it. But I will say that if you want to explore this more, there is a really helpful YouTube channel called the Financial Diet, and there are all sorts of movies and documentaries, ways um, to just learn more about how to balance taking care of yourself and taking care of others. My, kind of, practice, is to split my income into thirds. Um. A- a third that I would save, I think this is how I do it, a third I would save, a third I would spend, so like, bills, food, and then a third I give away. Uh.

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It just helps me be a saner person and not get so wrapped up in hoarding money! Uh, to each their own though. Okay. Checking the screen here. This one looks like it stopped too though, hahaha. None of the computers can handle you. Mm let's see what happens if I type hi. Nothing. Well. I'm gonna refresh. I care so much about you, is what I'm trying to say! Okay, see it's working again. I think.

Alright, so, that I think takes care of finances. Essentially, it is giving you permission to not spend any money and, like, take care of yourself, and know that there are other ways to support and be a part of the community, including sharing this with people who have lots of money! Like, "hey, really wealthy uncle, this is what I would like for Christmas" or, you know, give your Dominatrix something. Kay, so here we go. Check, did it.

Next item, although these are not in order, is the tour route! *sigh* Um, thoughts, come together. Essentially, I want to explain to you that the tour isn't going to be different than "the tour".

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I'm not intending on doing stop, show, stop, show, stop, show every single day. I'm trying to let the RV do the work. So we're gonna go to a place and just be there for a week and hang around, answer questions, and let the community kind of, gossip about us and figure out where they are in terms of their sexual health and be there to answer questions, but not do shows so much. I am working on doing a show at a Catholic university in, Catholic college, I think, on the way down, but. Just to be very clear and honest with you, it is much less of Sexplanations the road tour and much more mobile Sexplanations, like Sexplanations is going on the road. So we'll be doing videos while we go. And we will be going to a lot of places. And just, exposing them to the RV. That sounds exhibitionist. If people have problems with it, we will respect them and move ourselves to a different location.

Okay, so, here's the route. My thinking is Missoula, where I'm moving from, to Helena, possibly do a talk there at the Catholic college, go to Butte, Montana, visit my former foster son. Stay in Wise River, Montana, for a day or two, and then we're gonna shoot down through Idaho, go to a bunch of places in there, and we're trying to be in these places longer than before. So, sometimes when we would go to a place, we were there for an hour and a half.

 (14:00) to (16:00)

We'd get in, I would do a talk, and we'd leave. And this time, I would like to, really, let things percolate. So, that's Idaho, and then we would go, um, to Utah, spend some time in Zion exploring, and then go over to Vegas, do some work there. I would like to go back to Pahrumph, to see the brothel again and kind of check in, see how things are going, maybe do a follow up video. Um. And then, we'll go, this is a plan, loose plan, Death Valley, maybe Reno, then Bay Area, so Davis, San Francisco, Sunny Vale. Do some videos there. Go down the coast. Because I love the warmth and water! Unless you recommend something else. I know there is a request to go to Fresno. So, it's in my mind but it's out of the way, and then we would go to San Diego and eventually cross into Baja California, which is part of Mexico, and I will try to live there for two years!

But, um. It's a loose, um, order of operations. I have my 20th high school reunion in Hudson, Ohio next June. So I'll be back to the United States for that in Ohio. Um, but other than that, this is what we're doing. Okay, did we get that? I am going to look at the computer now. I don't know if it is updated at all. 

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This one has started again. There's definitely a lag, but that's fine. So, now is a time to ask questions so that we can catch up on things. Cuz, I don't wanna just talk to myself. I wanna engage with you. Alright. People are saying hi. "Are you coming to New Mexico?" Not that I know of. I already did New Mexico. As for as Indiana, I will definitely be trying to do that. Indianapolis in particular is where I'd like to go, and, what is it called, where the Kinsey Institute is, there. But it's on my list, I just don't want to do it when the weather is unpleasant, which would be now. So, in the future, maybe next summer, maybe the summer after that.

Oh my goodness something just happened that's really cool! Did you all see that? So, I guess the editor set this up to be a superchat, so people can donate tips, like, they can tip me in the moment, this is incredible. So you know, your money is going to be going to getting me around to all these places. It's very expensive. Um. Tanks of gas are hundred something dollars. It's like 9- we get 9 miles to the gallon. I think I miswrote that in a Tweet. But 9 miles to the gallon. And I felt really bad about this until I was talking to two people who you may know from the internet who are very well-known for their environmental conscientiousness. And they kind of gave me permission to let myself off the hook because while I am using a lot of gas, I am only heating my water when I need my water. I'm not heating my entire house. I'm not taking long showers. I'm not taking up a huge, you know, footprint of land or anything like that.

 (18:00) to (20:00)

I dunno. It felt kind of nice. Okay. Uhhhh. I'm drinking applesauce. These are- this computer was ahead of this one and now I can't- neither of them are moving. Alright, well, I don't see questions from you. Oo! I see one. "What are some good penis penile exercises that one can do to gain mass?" Oh gosh, there's a whole video on that, I think. I mean, there is jelqing but I don't necessarily put all of my support into it because I am concerned that people will cause Peyronie's. Which is where there's a scar tissue build-up in the tissue. Alright. Let's see if we can get this to give me more questions. I am going to take this off and put on here perk updates.

Alright. See. I'm glad that I make, haha, edited videos cuz this is so hard. Every time I refresh this to get the chat to start again, and. Oo. I see. Okay.

 (20:00) to (22:00)

I saw the message about top chat versus live chat. I put it on live chat. Okay. But I think that because I refreshed it, it starts over and goes through all of them and it is slowly working up. So, my apologies if you are all asking me questions right here and it seems like I am ignoring you. I am not trying to. I really, really, really, really like you and I really want to answer your questions. "Dr. Doe can you please do a video on sexual reassignment surgery" I have. "and sex after transition?" I have done a video on trans sex.

"How do you not gag on a penis?" Um. I have a video on that too. There's two blue- blue jobs- two blow job episodes that talk about gagging. Um.

"How do I become a sexcologist?" There's a video on that! So fast, these things are going to fast. Um. I did go to Pennsylvania and I went to Northern Idaho. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let's talk about Oklahoma. So, I did the first tour and in preparing for that, I was also looking for places that I want to move. And I was really attracted to the south because there's a lot going on there. The climate is lovely, I love dahlias, which are a type of flower, and I don't like digging them up every year to replant there, to save them, so I wanted a place where I could just leave the dahlias in the ground and they would just bloom every year. And I wanted a liberal community in a conservative state, and I have been maybe misunderstood on why so I will just tell you why.

 (22:00) to (24:00)

That is because I want to feel safe around my neighbors and I want to help and understand, have dialogues with communities who don't necessarily share the same values. So, that's my intention there. And when I was looking for places, cuz you can do all sorts of searches, um, based on politics, Oklahoma came up as the only state that has no blue. Anyway, so I got the message from that that maybe the RV was not safe driving through there. And I realize that being conservative or voting red- Republican, any of, right, all of those things are not sononymous with being unsafe, but there is a corrolation between people who have those values and a preference for abstinence, so. That's why. Um. Okay.

Do I know Katie Morthon? I think the person is asking Katie Morton, yes I do. She is even more lovely in person, is that possible?

Can I do a video on swings? I mean I did a sex swing video but, yes I should do a video on swinging. Ah!

Do I want to move to the Knoxville area? I sure do. I've been looking for a building in Knoxville to buy so that I can turn it into a school. And the building in particular that I really like is huge with a really, really, really big yard, so I imagine that I would, kind of, move in, get settled, create some dormitories, and have a farmer's market every weekend and maybe there's a kombucha-- what is it, a brewery?

 (24:00) to (26:00)

Do you call it a kombucha brewery? I don't even drink kombucha but somebody wanted to have a kombucha place there. There's like a cafe and all this stuff that we build in and then there's this school with classrooms and um... maybe a secret dungeon underground. I love Tennessee! That's where I want to end up. Um. Okay.

"I'd love for you to do an episode on where porn meets reality." Complicated.

Okay. I think I'm going through Utah, aren't I? Yes, I am going through Utah. Goodness gracious so much is going on here. This is why I don't do these I can't handle them. *claps* Can somebody type the word safety pin so that I know where the live chat is with what I'm actually seeing?

This is how much of a lag there is. "Can you do a video on religious sex?" Uh, I'm doing, I did a podcast-- This is cool! When you pay money I can see you!

I did an interview with my cousin about waiting until marriage, which was awesome, and, um, the podcast, by the way, is going to restart tomorrow. Ahaha! So exciting. Thanks for the tip, Daniel! Um, we have recorded so many episodes of the podcast, it's become a really fun thing cuz there are a lot of new interviews that I wanted you people to hear before we leave, um. So.

 (26:00) to (28:00)

There are so many, so many, and I think you're really gonna love it. Oh there I see safety pin! That only took five minutes. Alright. Thank you. If you wanna catch my eye, you can apparently leave a tip and it will send this bright green thing on my screen and I will see it, so that's fun. Aw look at all you putting safety pin! You know why that came into my mind? Look at this. *Shows giant safety pin*

And there's one in a box already, already packed. These are some of my most precious home decor items because I want people to feel safe. And now that I'm moving into an RV, every bit of weight counts. So this hefty guy is going to go into a box, and if you would like it, I have a system for maybe how you can choose which box. Okay.

So, I have answered some questions. Again, if you go *pew* and do a tip. I think, one of- one of the tips was a dollar 99 and it came up, so any amount will get my attention. But for right now I'm going to keep going through these things. Okay? Oh my gosh, there's like a thousand of you writing safety pin! No there aren't a thousand. There's 6 hundred and 69 people watching right now. So fun! Okay, so. Oh wait. I did- oh, I did this. But we'll do another one. Perk updates I haven't done.

So here are the updates. People are going to be getting perks as I go on this route, I'm gonna keep trying to fulfill them. We have a ton of new merch coming out that's all based on the design of the RV wrap.

 (28:00) to (30:00)

So, tote bags. I think we're doing sweat shirts, I think there's press on decals so that you can do them on your own things. Posters, pins, all sorts of goodies coming. And so if you are on Oh my gosh, so many things are happening.

Kevin says, "Is the crack around the poop chute normal?" Most people change the- I don't know. Okay, I got distracted by a really big orange question. Okay, if- thank you for your donation. If- If you are a Patreon - at the let's get physical level, which means that you get a package every so often, these are not necessarily for you, unless nobody buys them. They are for people who go to, and they sign up specifically for one of these, but don't worry, you're going to get something cool. All those merch items that I listed? I'm going to put them in boxes for you and I'm going to send them to you. Because a lot of these things you may have seen already and... um... and I want to raise money for the tour right now. So, I've talked to you about that on Patreon and tried to get your permission there and people were really supportive there. I saw green once.

"How to approach the topic of sex in religious environments." Oh yeah. We already did that. Uh, there are lots of podcasts and they're going to continue to come out. And I want to do an episode on waiting until marriage but I would also recommend watching, um, Ten Minute Bible Hour and asking Matt, who is the host of that, to do content related to sexuality. But I too will join in on that.

 (30:00) to (32:00)

Oh my gosh, look at all of you tipping me! You're so sweet. Mm! It just, okay. That makes me want to eat an egg. So, hahaha, you- you should see the set up I have here. Alright. Is that a perk update? I don't know if that's enough. I know that some of you are missing tattoos. I know that some of you are missing videos, calls... The tote bags are very slow to make because we just got permission from the RV graphic designer to use the design on the tote bags and I really want you to have that tote bag. There was a design going around for a while that was of a SCUBA diver. That is no more. So. Well, it is a thing, maybe it will revive again, but I wanted to do an RV wrap one because I think it's so damn pretty.

This- oo, there it goes, this is slowed. Wait. "Hello Lindsey, love you and your channel. Would it be possible for you to talk about or do a video on delayed ejaculation?" Didn't I do that? Haha. I can't remember anymore. I think I did. I think I did a hundred reasons to delay ejaculation. If you're seeing these questions, by the way, and you know the answers, please help me answer them. Cuz a lot of you are really familiar with my content. Some of you are more familiar with my content. Um.

This one says look up in Superchat please. I. I don't. How do I look up in Superchats?

 (32:00) to (34:00)

Look up? Like, look up here? I like you guys a lot. Can I just give you compliments and let you know that I am trying really hard to figure out this system and I, uh, fail sometimes? Ah. You- you're all so amazing. You did a room for me? Thank you. Mm, okay. Ready? Mm. She eats the egg. Okay. Let's do this thing. Right now, you, the computer, are on top of a box, which is on top of the biggest dildo I own, which is right in front of me. So I'm gonna slide you forward. Oh. Move this cord. Mm. So you can see my tower a little more. And I'm gonna write some numbers on here and then I'm gonna check in on Patreon. Mm. How are we gonna do this. I'm gonna check on Patreon first. Maybe all the packages are gone. That's possible. You're not supposed to eat with your mouth full but here, no shame. Be like this open marker. Egg. Egg mouth. Log in. Email. Road tour.

Okay. If you wanna buy a box.

 (34:00) to (36:00)

You can go to keep getting distracted. and then there's the usual list of perks, and towards the bottom, for 200 dollars, there is a perk for a box. I'll send you a box. And I'll send it to you right away because they're in my hallway. They're all packaged and ready to go and I want them out because I'm leaving on November 1st. My house is mostly empty. I'm moving. For the first time in 20 years I'm moving and I can't wait.

Okay so let's see how many are left and how many we can sell. 38 left. That's a good thing. Alright so I'm gonna write some- some things on here. Um. How do we wanna do this? I think what I wanna do... Hm.. Is there a way to see when people tip because some tips are coming up but others aren't and so there's a bar at the top of potential tips but I can't see all of them and I'm wondering if we wanna put some of these boxes available to buy as a pop-up. Nope, we don't. No, we don't. Too complicated for Lindsey. Too much going on right now.

 (36:00) to (38:00)

Have I considered Utah as a home? Yes, I have. So, if you want a box, go to to buy a box. My goal is to sell all of them tonight before I get tired. I'm gonna try. I realize that there is a lot going on here. This, this is my goal for the live stream. Have a Cheez-it. Mystery boxes. Now you know. Let's make one. That seems like a good idea. Can I get a recheck on timing of the chat? Can somebody type Cheez-it?

I would like to do an episode on autism and sexuality. "Pretty please elaborate on mr"... No, I will not let you go too fast that I can't read you. "On mrkh. I want to feel normal and I'm really sorry but I can't buy a box." Okay. I hear you and I will try.

"What is in the box potentially?" I'm gonna show you because we're gonna make one together. So here's what I do. First, I take some tissue paper that I got from the Dollar Tree because I wanna fancy it up a bit. You know, you're spending money here and you're getting my belongings. So I don't want to just sh- my shit in a box. I want you to feel like I love these things dearly and I want you to love them dearly.

 (38:00) to (40:00)

So, I put the tissue paper in a box. These are boxes that I got from the Good Food Store which is a food store in Missoula. It's one of the things that I miss the most about Missoula because there are certain foods that I couldn't get anymore on my travels. Okay, so I put these. I'm gonna put two on this one because I really want to, uh, be thorough. Alright, so then, behind the screen here is a pile of other things that I have found that haven't already gone into boxes. So a lot of my personal things have already gone into boxes but not all of them because I have a shit-ton of stuff related to sexuality. So maybe we'll- we'll build like, 3 of these boxes together and you can kind of get an idea of what goes into them. I wish the chat was matched better so you can tell me whether or not you are excited about what I'm choosing and be like, "No Lindsey do that instead!" Whatever. We'll just do it together. Way over time. Mm okay.

So. First item. Part of me wants to light his penis on fire just for entertainment at this very moment to be captured forever. But I'm not going to. This is gonna go to someone. I really like it. Alright. This was given to me as a gift. There is a second one that is blue with breasts. I really, really like them.

 (40:00) to (42:00)

But, because I am going to be living in a small little box and not collect things for a long time. And I can't bring myself to light this thing on fire. I want it to go to a good home where someone else can appreciate it and either not light it on fire or have a really cool party based on the wick right here, there's wick right here and there's wick right here. So entertained. It even has like a tiny, tiny little scrotum. It's very small. Can you see? No. Not really. This is a very slender person. okay slender person. I picked this special box for you. You're gonna go in at a diagonal. I don't want you to break.

I still haven't seen the word Cheez-its yet. And somebody asked if I'm drunk and I am not drunk. I am mostly a non-drinker. Uh. Okay. Oo Abby just bought a box. Oo thank you Abby! I wish I could see the chat in real time. It's only a sad thing to me.

Alright what else should we put in the box. Mm I have something. Cheez-its. This was a Halloween costume that I got. I thought that it was the most clever thing there ever was ever. But it did say ages 2 and up so I changed it to ages 28 and up. I'm 37 that seems reasonable. Isn't it awesome? It's so awesome oh my gosh I love it!

 (42:00) to (44:00)

But I don't wear it. Cuz everywhere I have spend Halloween in the past 20 years is really cold. So, into the box. This cute, matching beret. This will serve as good padding for the candle penis. Oo candle penis. There you go, now you can see it, another layer. We need to put some more things in there. Ope, I found some. How about a postcard from- nope not those postcards. Those have addresses on it. I'll find more, don't worry. Stock room postcard. Into the box. Vaginal renewal program brochure. I think I have a whole box of brochures. This one. We've got genital warts! If you are a man birth control. Which is super gender weird given these days. It's from 1996 but reviewed in 2009. We have made a lot of changes in language these days. So it's like a historical brochure. Sexual health from my local clinic. Condoms Talking with your Partners. Let's put those in the box. Into the box!

What else do we have. Oo! It's a brochure from the Phallological Museum! I did an episode on this! It's a really great museum. Let's look at the brochure. Ooooo! Aaaaahhhh!

 (44:00) to (46:00)

Into the box. Here's something cool. This is a demo of an IUD or intrauterine device. So you can see here the little part that goes in with the copper coils. Okay and then the string comes down through this tube. This is going to push up through the tube. These- the top of the T is going to come down like this like "I am an IUD and as I come out the top my little arms are going to come like this so I get really tight and small while going up," or at least this is how I think it works, "It goes up into the cervical os into the uterus and then I open up and fill the space of the uterus." And then this tube and the- the part that pushes it in comes out. This is for demo use only. Don't put this in somebody's body. I'm gonna put it in the box. Not so mystery mystery box. Oo in the box!

Okay, next. What other cool things do we have? We have a brochure, pamphlet, sheet? Paper. 10 Things Men can do to Prevent Gender Violence. Cool. Let's fold it up. Oo, it's Spanish on the backside. I need to learn Spanish. I don't know. Going to live in Mexico. Get on that, Doe.

What else do we have? Oh. We have a vibrator. This doesn't have a charger so this isnt gonna go in yet. Let's try some other things. Sexplanations stickers! In the box.

 (46:00) to (48:00)

Oh. This is pretty. I made this. There was a craft night at the university where I used to teach and you could take these magazine clippings or anything and then you stuck them onto the back of one of these glass beads and then put a clasp to make it into a pendant. And this is the image that I chose. Mm. Boobs. Into the box.

This person is a lucky person. These are very cute things. I think they're cute. Oo. I have this brochure on lube. Let's add that too. This is a thick one too. So exciting. Okay. How about this cute picture. This is back in the days of disposable cameras and this is me on my first day of school, I think. No, I look too relaxed for that. On one of my first times at school for my doctoral program. This is the school the inside of the school. Which no longer exists. Ah, historic. She's such a babe. Like a little baby.

Okay. Oop, found another thing. I have a whole bunch of these. These are little containers used for people to keep their medications on a key ring so that they have them on hand whenever they need them. I had a friend order me a bunch so that they could turn into capsules for lubricant. So if you have a Vesper, the type of vibrating necklace or any type of vibrating necklace or equipment or what- what? Even if you don't have a vibrator but you want a cool bling with your favorite kind of lube, get one of these, wash it out really well. Yep. Doesn't smell. Put your lube in there. Tada! Into the box!

 (48:00) to (50:00)

More stuff, more stuff, let's do more stuff. Let's save this for another one. Let's save this one for another one. What else should I put in here? A sex toy would be very cool. If I have any others behind me. Do you fit? You do not fit. Do you fit? You fit. Look at this. I got this little vibrator at a conference and it has significance because at that conference, I was so- I was so... I'm just now seeing Cheez-its. Well, whatever. 20 minutes lag isn't bad. I got this at a conference. A sexuality conference. Which if you've never been before and you experience sexual arousal or attraction it's really hard, like, yeah that- pun intended. You get really horny. And so they gave these out to us and I was talking to a colleague and I was like "I'm so. I just want to have sex!" and I was directing that at him like, "Hey let's go get this out of our- my system- our systems," and he was busy doing things with the conference, like he had to work, so to just keep me riled up, we were given these as part of our goody bags at the conference and he would like stick this on me every now and then. Over my clothes. But, it's like kind of a sweet memory. In the box!

 (50:00) to (52:00)

Alright. I wish I could see what you're saying real time. Makes me so sad. Mm. I'm just taking a break for you to catch up for 20 minutes. Just kidding. Mm! This needs to go in the box. This is a letter that I wrote and photocopied so that each box has an idea of what they might be finding in the box. And it also says that if you get one of these boxes, you can contact me and I will tell you the significance of the contents. Because the thought of going through and telling people and writing, like, "Oh this meant this to me and I got this here," and all that stuff was overwhelming. So instead I was just like, hey reach out to me and send me a picture of the thing and I'll tell you the stuff. Goes in the box. Okay. Box. Anything else in this one box. Hm?

I think I have one more really cool thing. Let's do this. This is a little booklet from- it says Let's do it Again. Illustrated by life. I don't know what that means. Price 5 Voleer. I don't know what that's from and I look to the chat as if you could tell me.

 (52:00) to (54:00)

"Switch the mode between live and top to update." I don't know how to switch it anymore is the problem. Yeah. Mm. Let's see if we do pop-out chat? Top chat. Then it let's me switch it. Now I see boob pendant. We're working. If you wanna buy a box. Go to Alright. Hmm hmm hmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm.

I know. I'm waiting to not have food in my mouth to talk but I want to eat these so badly. Okay. Here we go. Back to this brochure. If you know what 5 Voleer means, please tell me. "Privately printed for adults by All Sport Fornications Press." I know that this thing has value but I don't know what it is, and right now it's not valuable to me because it's more stuff.

 (54:00) to (56:00)

So, it's going to go in this box. It's probably the last special item. And I'll share a little bit of it with you before it becomes that person's. And then maybe they'll make a YouTube video where they share the whole thing and they're like, the Sexplanations Booklet. "It is terribly hid," explained Caroline as she entered her luxurious apartment. She laid her parasol over a chair, pulled out the gold hat pin which adjusted to her pretty blond hair a splendid hat." Still have Cheez-its in my mouth. "Wise of brim and ornamented with white and black feathers of great value. She tinkled the bell on the table and in a moment appeared a dainty Spanish maid with one of those bewitching faces which seems always saying please eat me?" Whose face? Okay. Let's practice faces. Here. Is that- this is my please it eat me face. Okay. Alright.

"Did you call, Madame?" she inquired as she entered.
"Yes, Rose. Come and undress me." So saying, Caroline turned her back and the maid loosened up her dress of beautiful China silk fitting perfectly her svelte body and revealing all her graceful curves.
"It seems that you are perspiring, Madame."
"Why of course. It is awfully warm out in the streets. Bring me a fan." Rose brought the fan to Caroline who already had unfastened her corset, dropped her chemise, adn stood in front of the mirror completely naked. Smilingly, she contemplated her figure for a moment at it was reflected in the mirror-
Mm. Spelling is off.

"and after covering her body with a clean dry chemise." ka-meez? I'm French? Okay.

"Which Rose handed her, she lay down." Down. Dwon. "on the sofa, fanning herself and asked, did anyone call while I was out?"

 (56:00) to (58:00)

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