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This episode of sex education is sponsored by Adam & where you can use the promo code DOE at to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
When I saw the most recent Spiderman film, I was determined to make about video about how they referred to his spidey sense as a peter tingle. I ordered a suit online, spent weeks studying erection physiology, then made up my face with bushier eyebrows, side burns, and jaw lines that I accented with hot chocolate because that's what I had available at the time. I would say that 37 year old me does not make a good adolescent or man but I had fun and I learned a lot! Thanks for letting me play around on this channel and express my silly and nerdy as much as I want. You're amazing!
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Hello audience, Dr. Lindsey Doe here.  Today's Sexplanations video is a little different.  It's a Spiderman vlog, sponsored by the playful and adventurous online sex store,  


Hi.  We need to talk.  I was getting ready for a class trip to Europe and a big opportunity to ask MJ out when my Aunt May insisted I pack my suit and then she told me that I might get this feeling that something's off, which she called my Peter Tingle, and if I didn't have my suit, I wouldn't be able to protect myself for others.  I get it, May.  Pack the suit.  You were totally right, but do you have to call my heightened spider sensitivity a Peter Tingle?  Aside from Peter being my name, it's also a euphemism for penis, so Peter Tingle sounds like a start of an erection and that's not what it's like.

Ugh.  Actually, it's really similar to an erection.  Edith, can you help me explain Peter Tingle?  Okay, Peter.  Peter Tingle, both your sense of danger and arousal, are run by the autonomic nervous system, which you might know from bio class as responsible for body functions like digestion, breathing, heart rate, dilation of the pupils, sexual arousal, and the fight or flight response.  Can you project an illustration?  Yes, Peter.  Autonomic nervous system.  When you get a tingle in your groin, this is usually activated by the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, the body at ease taking care of biological processes, feed, digest, breed, rest.  Your spider reflex is the sympathetic part that reacts fight, flight, freeze.  

This is why I get hard when I'm relaxed, not in this suit!  Banner would definitely give me a modesty cloth if I got a boner in this suit.  Sorry, continue.  If you touch your penis or pleasurably rub it on something, the (?~1:39) nerves in the perineal region carry the message to S2, S3, and S4 spinal nerves.  That's the tingle.  S2, 3, 4, make the penis big like Thor.  

Then pelvic (?~1:50) nerves transmit an erection agenda to the (?~1:53) nerves which go to the (?~1:55) by the prostate to the penis.  Okay, to my spine and back out, that's very similar to my spider-like sensitivity.  Next, (?~2:03) oxide is released from these parasympathetic nerves and (?~2:06) causing cavernous smooth musculature to relax, arteries in the penis to fill the corpora cavernosa and to a lesser extent, the corpus spongiosum.  Oh, Edith, simplify.  

A stimulus, sexual or otherwise, sends a tingle to your nervous system that triggers the body to enlarge the blood vessels in the penis that fill the sponge-like tissues with blood.  As they expand, this creates pressure on the envelope around these tissues called the tunica albuginea and compresses nearby veins so that less blood flows out.  Simply, the nerves send a chemical message to increase blood flow and decrease blood flow out.  

Where's my brain in all of this?  The nervous system, vascular system, muscular, endocrine, skeletal, reproductive, and respiratory systems all work together to transform a flaccid penis into an erection and a human into a hero.  Your brain is the reception of stimulation, the interpretation, communication, and organization of sensation.  The Peter Tingles.  According to my tactical software, when you and MJ kissed, these areas of your brain lit up.  So much on the right side!  With the suit, I can measure the PO2 or partial pressure of oxygen in your penis.  You said that you hadn't gotten a tingle in it, but flaccid, your PO2 is around 35mm of mercury, whereas an erection elevates your PO2 to 90mm of mercury.  Whoa.  Mr. Stark put everything in this suit.

As for your skeletal system, human beings do not have bones in their penises or clitorises like many other placental animals.  For example, the angle of an erection is determined by the size of the erectile tissue and how the ligaments and pubic bone attach.  I bet that applies to strap-on mechanics.  Peter, even prior to the spider bite, you experienced Peter Tingles, the kind that shoot up your penis through your scrotum and your anus, often resulting in an erection. 

Some tingles are psychogenic, originating in your thoughts and fantasies, others are reflexogenic, reacting to touch, your spider-like intuitions similar, many systems engaged at once.  You're aroused.  You're awake.  Yeah.  I may stick with calling it a Peter Tingle.  Edith, another time we should talk about my web shooters.  Stay curious, Peter.

A big thanks to Adam & Eve for making this Avenger/AI conversation possible.  Mm, sexual communication.  Learning about anatomy and physiology from technology.  Oh yeah.  This is the Spider Man.  Agile, strong, playful, youthful, thrusting.  If you'd like to get yourself a Peter that inspires some tingle or a tingle for your Peter, or both or any number of products, please go to, fill up your shopping cart, and use the promo code 'DOE' and use lube.  You can get 50% off an eligible item and free shipping on your whole order if you get it sent to the US or Canada.  So exciting!  Gives me the tingles.


(Grunting sounds)  Hoo!  I'm a man!  I'm a man!