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The Project for Awesome is an annual charity event during which the YouTube community raises money for charity. Find out more at

You can also donate directly now (with no fees; 100% goes directly to charity) through the Donation Card ( i ) in the top right corner of the livestream video! Even better, Google will match funds donated to the FTDWS through the donation cards up to $100,000.

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John: Hello! and welcome to the ninth annual Project for Awesome!

Hank: Woooo! *strums vigorously on guitar*

J: Yaaaah! I got a lot of champagne streamers just for the occasion, so you're going to be you're going to be seeing a lot of party poppers in the coming forty-eight hours. It's uh, I've gone through...

H: How many-How many did you buy?

J: There's my brother Hank.

H: Hi. How many did you get?

J: And uh... Are here at the livestream for the twenty-fifteen Project for Awesome. Um. If you go, I think if you go I think if you're in the livestream there is a link  in the description, right beneath me. Beneath my face. That, uh, has a link to the Indiegogo. But you can also just go to You can go to and, uh, that'll be yeah. So Hank, why don't we give an update to start?

H: Okay, Uh, I, I first wanna make sure that you can hear me, because I kept asking you questions and you were just ignoring me.

J: I can hear you but I'm so passionate that I could'nt hear you because I was busy talking myself.

H: How many champagne poppers did you buy?

J: I have this many.

H: That's a lot!

J: Yeah, it's probably like thirty. But I can get more, don't worry. they've got them at the party supplies store.

H: You can have a whole New Years party. People are now seeing how difficult it must be to record an episode of Dear Hank and John because we are incapable of not talking at the same time.

J: *Laughs*

H: All right.

J: Can I get an update?

H: At the Project for Awesome Indiegogo page we have raised just now we hit seventy-five thousand dollars

J: Woo!

H: A mere moment ago...


H: And I, I wanna, I wanna see who did that.

J: All right, um while you're doing that, I wanna go through some of the perks.

H: The person who got us to seventy-five thousand dollars was John from, uh  from Coon Rapids, Michigan.

J: Oh wow.



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Hank: Minnesota. Sorry about that.

John: That's okay.

H: Who got a Project For Awesome 2015 commemorative coin. Thank you, John.

J: It's a cool coin. And remember, you don't have to just donate what the perk costs. you can also donate more. You can, if you want, donate ten thousand dollars and get a Project for Awesome Commemorative Coin. And we would not be upset.

H: We would not, that seems like a perfectly legitimate thing to do.

J: So, right now the Project For Awesome, here in day one, uh, is raising money for Save the Children and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. Two amazing organizations that, uh, work very effectively and efficiently, um, all around the world, uh, to help some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world, to ensure that, uh, kids have access to education and healthcare and, um, you know, from Syria to South Sudan and Ethiopia, which is what I made my video about. Um, to, uh, Colombia, to the, Save the Children does a lot of work in the United States. Um, These are just incredibly effective, wonderful organizations. We've worked with Save The Children a lot in the past, this is our first year supporting the UNHCR, but given the size of the refugee crisis we just felt like it was really important. Um, so all the donations that you make for today, uh, to the Indiegogo, um, will, uh, be matched so that every dollar you donate is actually worth three dollars. Hank and I are matching one dollar, and then Save the Children donors are matching a dollar. So thank you to all those, uh, super rich anonymous Save the Children donors.

H: *Laughs*

J: Um, and, uh now, so that, so if you go to right now, your money, above whatever the cost of  like the cost of producing your perk is, will all go, a hundred percent of it, goes to Save the Children and the UNHCR. Our charity, the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, has no overhead, everybody volunteers their time, um, so, we get to donate all of the money. Which is awesome.  And then in day two, we are collectively as a community gonna choose what uh, charities to support, based on what Project For Awesome videos we vote for at

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