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I don't know that I actually did a great job of explaining the 2008 Financial Crisis. It turns out it's pretty complicated. If you are interested in doing any of these challenges, I would /really/ love to see this video duplicated because it was a great deal of fun to make.

Thanks to Jesslyn for the "See How High on your Body you can Bite Yourself Challenge."

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Good morning, John! I don't know if you've heard about this yet, but there is a hip new challenge going on on YouTube right now and I am super interested in it.    It's called the "Explain the 2008 Financial Crisis in Less Than Sixty Seconds" Challenge, so I'm gonna try to do it!   Interest rates in 2008 were super low, which meant that banks could basically borrow money for free, so they had tons of potential money, but they needed stuff to buy, and the most important new thing to buy turned out to be people's mortgages because there were more than thirteen trillion dollars of them.   There are four institutions that are important to this story: lenders who made the loans; investment banks who bought, packaged, and resold the loans; ratings agencies who told investors how risky the loans were; and investors who bought the loans from the banks.   Because of this new system, a bunch of people did a bunch of things they should not have done. Lenders didn't need to worry about whether the loans would be paid off anymore because they were just selling the loans off, and because there was so much demand, they started to create manipulative loans that they gave to people who could never pay them off. Those sub-prime loans were purchased by investment banks who did a number of duplicitous things to make rating agencies think that they were not sub-prime loans. They were rated as AAA and investors bought them, thinking that they were getting a good thing, and eventually, when the inevitable happened and people couldn't pay off their loans, the entire house of lies came crashing down, along with a good portion of the global economy.    Wooooo! Challenge complete! And now I got like, three minutes left of this video, so... I should do some more challenges!? There's a bunch of good ones.    The "Grow A Bunch of Hair" Challenge!  Each of my 150,000 hair follicles produces around .44 millimeters of hair per day, meaning that in total, I grow around 0.29 inches of hair per second. Over the course of a day, if all of my hair growth were concentrated on one hair, that hair would be 220 feet long! So while you can't see hair grow, you do grow a lot of it.   The "Try to Make A Harpsichord Noise Challenge". Bing gang ba-ding gang bwang gang bwang da-dang ding dong tcka-tck ting tong tang.   The "Drink However Much Mouthwash You Have Left" Challenge. I should have bought a smaller bottle... ugh. It's the challenge though. [alarm noise] It's just water with food coloring in it, come on!   The "Make Breakfast on Snapchat" Challenge! [music]   The "How Loud Can You Scream" Challenge. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!   The "Apologize For Something While You're Doing It" Challenge.  I don't dislike challenge videos, I actually quite like them; I think they're fun, and I think it's difficult to come up with good ideas for challenges and to have a good time and edit together good challenge videos. I don't want this video to be seen as mocking challenge videos, but instead re-thinking that genre to fit my own aesthetic.    The "How Many Jump Cuts Can You Have In One Sentence" Challenge.   And finally, the "How Far Up Your Body Can You Bite?" Challenge. Ahhh. Grahh. Ehh. Yeah. Oh, does this count? Like omm arrr ahhh.   John, I'll see you on Tuesday.    Only a week until the Project For Awesome starts. This day! Next week. It will begin! There will be a live stream. It will be great! And fun! You should join us. Put aside a little bit of your schedule. If you want to make a video that people can vote on and your favorite charity might get a whole bunch of money, you can do that, and maybe put a little bit of your money aside too, because there's going to be a bunch of really cool perks! A-doot-doot-doot!