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In which John shows Hank some contemporary art, some Amsterdam, and some dancing.


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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday and I am in Amsterdam. And boy, are we having a good time. I like Amsterdam so much that it makes me do my happy dance. (Happy dances on bridge) The natives laughed at me. The Yeti: A-Amused laughter or embarrassed-for-you laughter? John: I think they felt ashamed. The Yeti: Yeah. Crazy American? John: Just, just ashamed, uh, that their city would attract someone like me. Hank, we've done a lot of things in our first few days in Amsterdam. One of the most fun things we did was go to the Contemporary Art Museum. Here we see the videotaped encounter of a spaceman looking at the Buddha, and the Buddha looking back at the spaceman. (robot dances) This piece made me want to do this dance for some reason. That was weird. On our way out of that museum I got so excited that I started doing this. (does jig with music) Hank, when I first found out I was coming to Amsterdam I thought it would be kind of like a drug-addled den of iniquity, you know? That it would be kind of like a dirty, debaucherous place like Las Vegas, but with legal weed. But it turns out it's one of the cleanest, most beautiful cities that I've ever visited. It has lots of beautiful green space. Everyone bikes everywhere. And when they don't bike they use small, efficient cars. Even the toilets are ecologically friendly (shot of port-o-potty called Eco Toilet)! Even though English isn't the first language the graffiti is surprisingly thoughtful (graffiti says 'Love does its duty and then fades away'). There are lots of beautiful fresh flowers, and the people are so friendly that even when a business is closed, they want you to come in (shot of sign that says Come in, We're Closed). And all of the buildings are beautiful, including the shopping malls. In fact the Yeti and I have been talking constantly about how we can move here. Although as I do keep telling the Yet, Indianapolis is truly the Amsterdam of central Indiana. It's all enough that it makes me want to do my happy dance some more! (Happy dances in various public areas) The things I do to entertain you, Hank. In summation, Hank, it seems to me that Amsterdam is like a lot of great cities will be fifty years from now. It's efficient, sustainable, and mostly underwater. Hank, I have very limited internet access but I hope I'll see you tomorrow.