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In which Hank discusses EcoGeek's deal with Yahoo, sticks and stones from Gizmodo commenters and the necessity of ladies at the Evil Baby Orphanage.


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Good morning, John, it's Monday, May 21st and I've got all kinds of news! First: Katherine is at work, which is weird, because she hasn't been at work in a long time, and I'm all alone in the house all day. Second: You've been married for an entire year! (party blowers) There will be more on that tomorrow. Also, I recently made a video for EcoGeek in which I discussed this silly NASA project that was like a flapping bird plane. I thought it was kinda silly so I made a kinda silly video. Very exciting, the video and story got picked up on Digg and then Gizmodo picked it up and then I started reading the comments and then I realized that everyone was being really mean to me. Excerpts from the comments: Interesting: 10 of 10. Informative: 4 of 10. Annoying: 11 of 10. Dear EcoGeek, you are not ZeFrank. Please stop trying to be. I want those bird things to be fitted with razor sharp talons, sent to that geek's house and make him pay for that voice over. Someone please do him the favor of just killing him. (acts like crying) They're so mean! Why are they all so mean? I mean, what did I ever do to them? Put some razor sharp talons on- show you- not ZeFrank- gonna talon you. To death. Aahh! I wanna go have some chocolate or something. (eats chocolate) I mean, congratulations to me, for having my face all up on Gizmodo, now everybody has to be really mean to me because they're jealous. They're jealous and they don't understand my craft. They're not ready for me yet. They're not ready for what I do. The world isn't ready yet. Give the world a couple more days, and then I'll come back, and they'll understand what I'm trying to do. Anyway I have good news. There's a new Yahoo site, at and among content from really amazing famous environmentalists: uhh, NRDC, Amory Lovins, Tree Hugger's got some content on there, World Changing, there is prime featured EcoGeek content. We've been working on this deal for a long time and I haven't been able to talk about it. I wanted to say something to you but I couldn't say anything because it was really secret and I was worried that it wasn't gonna work out. It did work out. It's running and it's up and I'm getting traffic. And it's just really freakin awesome that I am writing, kind of, for Yahoo. And they are sending me lots of Yahoo traffic. So that's some super fricken duper news. Additionally I, of course, have a couple of things to say about the Evil Baby Orphanage. First: I worry a little bit about discussing the proposal in a public forum. For me one of the biggest thrills of experiencing a book or a movie or a television show are the secrets. You have to put together the pieces of the puzzle slowly to build the picture, and- and we're going to be starting in this proposal, I think, with a fairly complete picture. But I don't want everybody to see that picture first. I wanna- I wanna hide that picture. I'm not- I'm afraid of people seeing that picture. The text based communication thing does make it harder, uhh, to do this, but I think we can. I just don't know how. So here's a start: I'm gonna discuss an issue that I have with this idea without going into plot details. The issue: there aren't very many evil baby girls. Uh oh. It would be interesting for it to be a- a gay Evil Baby Orphanage, with lots of gay evil babies. Obviously many evil people in history have been repressed homosexuals, so that could be a direction that we might go, however, I don't really think that I wanna go there. I want there to be female characters, I want there to be female leads, I want there to be, uh, hot chicks in the Evil Baby Orphanage. We need to figure out where an evil female baby would come from. I mean obviously that tension could be there, like there might be three boys for every girl. There has to be at least that one girl. So I think we need to know where the love interests are gonna be, and how to include some female evil babies. I will see ya tomorrow.