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There are so many cool things on YouTube right now I had to make a video about them so you would know:

Equality FTW

Wheezy's Short Film

Halloween Videos

JacksGap Film

We The Economy
Alright, so this is weird. I haven't made a video on hankschannel in a while so hi, welcome. It's still me. 

There's just been a lot of interesting things happening on YouTube and so I wanted to make a video talking about all of the interesting things over here on hankschannel, so that you can know about them. 

If you're looking for something interesting to do on a, what is today, on a Wednesday, there are a number of interesting things to watch. 

 1. WheezyWaiter just came out with a new short film, I think it's his first short film ever and it's really amazing. I am very briefly in it. I would like to see if you can figure out where in it I am. I'm credited at the end but I don't think it says that what I play and it's not particularly easy to figure out and that is where I'll leave it. You don't get anymore hints. 

In fact a bunch of YouTubers are doing short films right now part of Halloween series, I don't really know where they're coming from. 

If you want to watch Hazel Hayes's, it's because you like to be freaked out, but you should if you like to be freaked out cos it is amazing and metaphorically resonant and terrifying and made me uncomfortable. 

There are others also, a bunch of other British YouTubers have done short films that are for uh Halloween, ahhh so you should check those out. Links in the description. 

JacksGap, Jack and Finn released their first short film that they're doing with Skype that's just profiles of people in the world and they just do such beautiful stuff, they do really great work, Jack and Finn, so that was also really great to watch. 

And finally, a coalition of different film makers from outside of YouTube has come on to YouTube to make a bunch of films about how the economy works. It's called We the Economy and there's a bunch of them.

If you stitch them all together it would be like two hours long but there you can pick your individual ones that you want to watch and it's really interesting its like how does money work, where does it come from, what does wall street do and why does it exist and what are taxes and why are taxes and why do they suck so hard. 

So basically like if you want comedy or you want horror or inspirational or educational there's all- there's things going on on YouTube and all of these things happened within the last like three days which is really blowin' my mind. 

I don't- It obviously wasn't intended like none of these things were supposed to come out at the same time as each other.

I've just- I've been amazed to see all these really excellent things happening on YouTube sort of simultaneously so I wanted to shout them out in some way that was more significant than a tweet or a Tumblr post or something like that. 

However this last bit is not about short films, it's about Equality for the Win, the Harry Potter Alliance's yearly campaign to pretty much fund it's entire organization. They work hard to just push the agenda of equality in America and in the world. And we're talking all kinds of equality from race and gender and income uh sexual orientation. 

They do great work and I have a couple of perks that are available there. The campaign I think ends in two or three days so it's on Indiegogo and there's a link in the description and if you want to get the number of interesting things that John and I have donated you can go look at them there. 

Yay, okay goodbye.