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NOTE: Apparently most of the soaps don't have DFTBA stamped into them because their soap press broke! SO I LIED! I'M SORRY!!

My mom made some soap, and her friend in Bali carved some goats:
Hank Green: Hello, hankschannel viewers!  About a year ago, my mom, who is retired, except for the fact that she makes soap for a living--I'm petting my dog right now if you're wondering what I'm doing--she went on vacation to Bali, which is in Indonesia, and she met a guy there who does these really awesome carvings.  He was crippled by polio and he was orphaned when he was seven years old, but he has a really great family and a business making various crafts things.  My mom really liked this guy, his name is Made, and she wanted him to carve a bunch of goats for her goat soap business, 'cause my mom has a goat soap business where she turns goat milk into soap.  Here's one of them, we've wrapped them up, and if you look, it's gonna be loud, it's gonna be crinkly for a little bit.  You open them up, and there's this awesome goat in addition to the soap, the soap is in there as well.  The soap says DFTBA on it, and the goat also says DFTBA on it!  They got Made to make about 300 of them, so I'm making a video about it on hankschannel, because that way, uh, you, who are a more dedicated viewer, having subscribed to this channel, oh my god, it smells so good, this lemongrass sc--ahh, lemongrass sage, ohh, ahhahh, you wanna eat it, don't eat it, it's soap.  That should be the tagline of my mom's soap business.  Farmer Jane Soap: Don't Eat It, It's Soap!  

So yeah, if you wanna get that, it's available now at along with all the Pizzamas stuff, and I just wanted to share that with you, uh, because the story behind these little guys is pretty cool, and I'm really cool that we can help that guy's business.  I mean, he does carve every single one, like, from scratch, out of a block of wood.  It's amazing.  He does it very quickly, but uh, just the amount of skill and talent that goes into it, and I just love the design that he did, and his wife paints them, so, it's a team effort!

So thanks to Made and his family for making those goats, and to my mom for making the soap, and if you would like some, they are at, you can just search for 'goat'.  That will probably do it.  Also, I'll probably put a link in the description, let's be honest.  Thanks for watching, there's gonna be more videos this week, coming live on this channel, because there's not enough going on with Pizzamas, because uh, ages ago, I sold the ability to have your own vlogbrothers video uh, on the Project for Awesome, sold, uh, yeah, I guess, I mean, it was an exchange of money, and I haven't done them yet, which I feel really bad about, but I'm starting to do them now, uh, catching up on a lot of work uh, and I'm able to do things that I have wanted to do for a long time.  So you're gonna be seeing those as well, which are just people suggesting topics and then I make the video based on that .  So yeah!  That's coming up here on hankschannel, thanks for watching, and DFTBA.