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So Vlogbrothers started running pre-rolls more than a month ago, so we've had the first lump of money come in. The biggest chunk of the first payment (and probably a fairly large chunk of the second one) will be going to Kelly Kend to help her work on her documentary "Yeah, Maybe No" which is about consent and sexual abuse.

Just by chance, I was at the same conference as Kelly last weekend so we got to hang out (and I can confirm that she is very smart, very nice, and very well informed on this topic.)

She's a survivor herself, and just an all around awesome person, and Nerdfighteria is responsible for the money she now has to finish her documentary.

Hank: This is Kelly Kend. Kelly, uh, is the first person who's getting some of the money from Vlogbrothers pre-roll things. What are you spending that money on, Kelly?

Kelly: I am spending it on a film that I'm making which is about having good consent practices and things that happen when you don't. It's called Yeah, Maybe No. I think it's just really important and I think it's something that people don't [sigh] understand as well as they should. There's just a lot of confusion and a lot of misinformation, and there's also a lot of anger, so I'm trying to tell a story that's more about a specific person so that, hopefully, people can [sigh] relate better instead of just getting angry. Yelling about these things doesn't really [sigh] solve the problem. Just, like, better understanding of why- why there are activists trying to change consent laws. Like, why are people doing that? Why does it matter? Why are people suddenly talking about it on colleges and why do we need balanced sex education in schools instead of letting people watch porn and think that that's, like, educational?


So, I'm taking it on because I have had a personal experience with sexual assault and I have gotten over it in a way that I'm not angry about it anymore, and I think that that is a good place to come from. I also have done a lot of educational media on psychology and trauma and been exposed to a lot of science about how that works.

My website is and there's a page for Yeah, Maybe No, and it has the trailer. It has the information and, um, it has a place where you can sign up for a mailing list to keep involved. As of tomorrow, it will also have a PayPal donation count [laugh] if anybody else wants to continue donating, 'cause there is a lot of money that goes into making a documentary film.

My name is Kelly Kend and I am making a documentary called Yeah, Maybe No, which is about consent and sexual assault.

Hank: Thank you.