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Escaping The Prison: Today Hank Green finds himself trapped in jail with a cake. Assuming the cake isn't a lie, will he be able to escape?
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank! I'm Hank this is games with me, Hank. Today we're going to be playing a game called "Escaping the Prison" which I saw on jacksepticeye's channel. You can check out jacksepticeye, there's a link in the description. As if I could help him at all. This game is called Escaping the Prison. I'm going to teach you how to an escape a prison. How to unescape a prison. Unescaping is the opposite of escaping which is what you should do if you're ever in prison because that's the law abiding thing to do. Just serve out your sentence like a good boy. Alright, were gonna play.

It's animated by Puffballs United. This is Escaping the Prison. Looks like some stick figures are gonna-*harmonica noise* Oh yeah, play that-
Character: Oh yeah.
Hank: Oh, what?
Cop: You're free to go.
Hank: What?
Cop: *laughs*
Hank: Yeah laugh at me.
Cop: Not really but you've got a package.
Hank: All right.
Cop: Don't get you're hopes up, I've already checked it for anything useful haven't we Dave?
Hank: Oh, I bet there's something super useful in there.
Cop (Dave): What? Oh yeah, yeah, of course I checked it. I mean if I didn't check it I'd lose my job and I don't want to lose my job.
Hank: I should do voice acting for these guys. I could do that.
Cop: See ya around. Free to go... *chuckles*
Hank: What did you just call me? A freaking goat? All right- Oh. What? Oh my gosh. Wait I get to choose which of these things? I get to choose which of these things I want to use to try and escape from prison. A teleporter, if I have an option of a teleporter, I feel like I'm going to take that option. That just seems obvious to me. BEEP BO BEEP. Oh not the middle of the desert.
Cop: Fire!
Hank: Huh, oh, oh jeez! Well that was.. ya know, you would've thought, and yet.

Alright well let's take the cell phone. Let's see if I can call somebody to help me out. Attorneys, yeah that's the legit way of doing it! Okay, I had to call my lawyer, that's right! That's what you gotta do.
Judge: Witness please continue your testimony.
Hank: Oh, um okay. Wait.
Cop: Okay, I was riding alongside my partner in the armored van, when suddenly, we spotted a bag on the side of the road. We got the bag and decided to throw the bag in with the others, we didn't know there was someone hiding in there.
Defense Attorney: Objection!  Hank: What?
Defense Attorney: So the defendant crawled into that bag in order to break into the bank, is that correct?
Prosecuting Attorney: Is it not obvious?
Defense Attorney: Is it really that obvious? I have proof that the defendant didn't hide himself in that bag.
Hank: That's right!
Judge: Well then,what are you waiting for? Present this evidence already!
Hank: Yeah, do it. These guys have funny voices. Oh gosh! Disguising bag, shovel, mysterious device, doctor's analysis, security footage, and floor plans of the bank. Let's go to security footage I guess? Security footage of the night- Oh no, oh yep I know.- shows the defendant leaving his disguise and setting- well that's not good. A device whose use is unknown. Found near the bank. Bears fingerprints of the- that doesn't sound good. The bag the defendant hid in, the knot is tied on the outside of the bag. Okay, I guess. Let's use that. Present that. I guess.
Defense Attorney: Take that!
Judge: Is that the bag the defendant hid in?
Hank: Yeah!
Defense Attorney: Yes but there's one thing that's been bothering me.
Hank: The knot was on the outside of the bag!
Defense Attorney: If the defendant really was hiding inside the bag, how did he tie the knot from the outside of the bag?
Hank: That's right!
Prosecuting Attorney: What?
Defense Attorney: If he was inside the bag, it would've been impossible for him to tie the bag from the outside.
Judge: But then, how did he do it?
Defense Attorney: It's simple, he didn't.
Prosecuting Attorney: What? What are you saying?
Defense Attorney: I'm saying my client wasn't hiding in that bag at all. He was stuffed in it!
Hank: Oh, well yeah!
Defense Attorney: By this very witness!
Cop: What?
Hank: Jeff!
Prosecuting Attorney: What?
Hank: Oh Jeff!
Defense Attorney: As you can see by this doctor's analysis, the defendant had taken quite the beating. While he was inside the bag he was unconscious!
Hank: That's right!
Prosecuting Attorney: This is absurd!
Hank: I am absurd!
Defense Attorney: This was an attempt to dispose of the body!
Hank: You're absurd!
Defense Attorney: He left the defendant in the bag knowing he would drive by on the way back to the bank. When the witness and his partner passed the bag, he convinced his partner to throw the bag in with the others.
Hank: This is the most exciting music!
Judge: But why would he do that?
Defense Attorney: Why, to dispose of the body of course!
Hank: That's right!
Defense Attorney: There are millions of bags of money in that bank. The witness knew that it would take a long time before the victim was found. But unfortunately for the witness, his victim woke up and tried to escape from his tomb.
Hank: Yeah!
Defense Attorney: He was arrested on the spot and the witness thought everything was going to be okay. But it's come back to haunt him now!
Hank: I didn't do anything wrong!
Cop: *stutters* This can't be happening to me!!
Hank: HAHAHA! Take that Jeff! Jeff always loses.
Judge: Well, that certainly was an interesting trial. I am now ready to give my verdict.
Hank: Yeah, it had really great music.
Judge: I find the defendant, Henry Stickman..
Hank: Hey! I get to go home!! Am I gonna die now?  You're gonna... *beeping noises*

Yeah! Boop-pa-doop-pa-doop-poop-doop-poop-boop-be-boop

Okay, try for a different thing now.  I get to keep playing the game.  Let's see, what else am I gonna--I'm gonna find a rocket launcher!  That's a rocket--oh my goodness!  That was bigger than would have fit in the cake.  Uhh, step back a little bit.  Oh, they--why they always got to be fixin' the pipes?  Ohh, that would have--that was--it went right into my brain.  Can I try again, and aim not for the curvy pipe?  I'm surprised, actually, that I did not see more, uh, brain guts come out.  

Alright, energy drink it is, let's see if I can, if I can jazz myself up.  Yeah, oh my goodness, ohh wow, everything's slowed down, I am so fast.  That was a good en-ar-gee.  What can I do with this?  Oh, apparently that.  My brain, fine, my brain vein is pulsing.  Put him in the chipper shredder!  Oooooh!  Eat that man's boneless chicken wiiiiing.  Is my head gonna explode now?  (makes weird noises)  Oh, did I have--I had a heart attack.  Energy side effects include: Nausea, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and possibilities of stroke and/or heart attack.  That's good to know.  Fail count: 3.

I don't really feel like that was my fault, you guys.  Uh, I guess I haven't used the drill yet.  Yeah.  I saw, this thing is a huge tall building, so there's just another jail cell down there.  Oh, a more dis-used one.  Ohhh.  Opacitator.  I don't know what an opacitator is.  Let's use the crowbar.  Oh, let's go down--I thought we were gonna go through the door, but whatever, that's fine.  Alright, now, Men J-Wing, and all my guard buddies are there.  Run, run!  (Hank sings along) Oh, ohh, I missed it, I missed it, I didn't see it, I was dancing! I was dancing!  Uhh, retry.  (Hank sings along)  I ran into a pole.  Retry.  (Hank sings along)  Yeah!  He's really close.  I slipped.  Brawl reference.  Retry.  They're so close!  Sl oclose.  OHHH, check me out!  You didn't expect that, did you?  Uh-oh, it's the DPD.  I don't have a gun.  I left the rocket launcher in there.  Get ready.  Get ready.  Everybody get ready three times.  Or four.  There's a lot of bad guys--I mean, I guess they're good guys.  Click.  Oh, come on.  Alright. Skip.  Can I skip this?  'Cause this took a long time with lots of ready getting.  Oh, you're just--you're just doing this to make me nervous.  And it's succeeding, so well done.  Well done.  Alright, click, WHAT!  What!  What!  Come on!  I'm gonna click the whole--I'm just gonna start clicking.  I don't know exactly where the button's gonna come up, but I'm gonna start clicking.  I gotta pay attention to this.  I'm clicking, I'm just clicking like mad right now.  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah, Matrix'd!  What happened?  I'm so--I'm such a stick figure, how could they even ever shoot me?  Why are you so nervous?  Wah-wah-wah.  Yeah, yeah!  You can't stop me!  I'm Stickman, I'm the best.  

(Hank sings along)  I'm a winner!  I'm a winner!  Ey, yeah, yeah!  Trying for a different ending.  What have I--I haven't used the file yet, this is the last one I haven't used.  Oh--window or cell door?  Let's go for the window.  This is a terrible idea, I'm going to die.  I'm going to fall a long, long way.  I was right.  Okay.  Well.  That's a really--that's a really high--that's a really high--coulda--coulda done better at that.  Coulda Tom Cruise'd Mission Impossible that thing.  Okay.  Now you've got a weapon, so that's good.  Ahh, I wasn't ready, I wasn't ready for that, I was--didn't even have my hand on the mouse.  You have the reflexes of a statue.  What?  Wha?  Ohhh, in the shin!  Ahh, came from the--he came from behind!  Okay, gimme, gimme again.  Jahh!  Oh, yeah, yup, OHHH, your face hurts so bad!  Twitch, twitch.  

(In-game: Uh, he's escaping.)

Hank: I am!  Ver--oh!  I'm already escaping.  Belt of grenades seems--intense.  Let's try the chair.  I'm a li--you know, I don't love--I don't love murder, personally.  I like to avoid it if I can.  Yes, let's not go there.  What?  No.  Back that way.  Rope...plungers...jet pack...para--jet pack every time, come on!  Every time.  Ohh.  Ohhh!  Whoaaa!  Goodness, I know how to use a jetpack!  Am I back in the--so I'm back in the cell.  

(In game: Hey, look, you're back.)

Hank: I'm here.  Okay.  Takes many hours of training before you're able to operate a jetpack.  Alright, let's try the rope, we...  The rope-a-dope.  Wheeeeeeaaaaah!  You should have used your shirt, man!  But you're okay, though, look!  Yay!  Ohhh, the bank truck, every time.  Uh, and retry.  Okay.  Let's try the plungers, this is a ter--this isn't definitely going to work.  Why--why would I even try this?  This is just a ridiculous idea.  But okay, apparently it's working.  What!  What!  Are you serious?  That's--just so you know, kids, that's never gonna work.  Zero times out of ten are you gonna plunge down a wall.

Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this has been games with me, playing a SilverGames stickpage game, uhh, escapey from prisoney.  Prison Escape.  DFTBA.