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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank and this is games with me. I'm gonna be playing on a game called Super Meat Boy today. I love Super Meat Boy. I've played a fair amount of Super Meat Boy in my day. I'm not very good at it, but I'm not terrible at it either ... I hope!

Super Meat Boy is the story of a young boy who is made of meat. He's very bloody, has no skin. And he's searching for a girl who is a bandage ... girl? Just to help him out with the lack of skin. It's very difficult to get to her due to a great deal of obstacles and also that she keeps being vanished and taken away by an evil ... man of some kind. Let's ... let's learn more about it!

There he is!

This is Meat Boy. And that is Bandage Girl. She loves Meat Boy very much, and Meat Boy loves her too! (Gibberish) They were a match made in heaven. This! This guy is Dr. Fetus! He is no good at all and nobody likes Dr Fetus-- he's no good. And that is why Dr.Fetus hates you. But most of all! Dr. Fetus hates Meat Boy. Why?! Who cares? Nobody cares. Nobody cares. So, he beat Meat Boy-- that's just not nice! He took all of his-- Oh man! Yeah, he took all of Meat Boy's skin away, and his girl. And it's very sad. I don't know why he doesn't like him. Why do they all dislike each other?

(Explosion) Oh yeah! Yesh!

I know how to play, so I'm just going to start the game! Starting the game. Uh, so I've completed... uh, the forest already, but we're going to play the forest anyway just so you can get an idea of how this goes ... how this works ... how Meat Boy works! Uh, there's Dr. Fetus there punching a girl for no reason. That's not very nice. Ah, they got the nice retro look here. They're really feeling it. This games from 2010, not from 1989 as it might appear.

So, here's Super Meat Boy. This is Level 1. I've actually never played this with a game pad before, so I don't know. Look! There! I got her. I got her, but I did it a little more slowly than I would have expected. 

Alright, next level! Let's just go. And yes! I'm a Meat Boy. I'm a Meat Boy. There! Right on her head! And then he steals her away every time. That's how it works. Next level! 

Let's play the next level-- Woah! I jumped right off the edge there. All righty! Ah, right on her head. Right on her ... I got an A+ on that one. There's also a number of hidden things on .. ooh, I pushed the wrong button. I pushed the wrong button. 

Okay, let's go! Where we going? Where we going? Oh! Ohh, oh, okay. Oh, du, du, du. Oh! What happened? Where am I going? I don't even know. I don't know. I just hit my head! Lots of head hitting! Oh! Oh, woah! There ... we're starting to see that there are ... Oh man! Wow!  Okay, let's play the game! You and me Meat Boy! Wow. That was not good. That was embarrassingly bad. I'm embarrassed by the badness of that.

Next level please. Okay, get on up there. Get on ... oh, oookay. Op, op, okay. I missed the purple blob there, but who cares? That doesn't matter. Let's just forget about it.  Let's move on. 

I'm so used to playing this game with a keyboard that I don't know if I'll ...Oh! Woah! Almost Meat Boyed myself there. Grade A+. Grade A+. That's me. I'm Mister A+.

Alright! Just not die. Not die. NO! That was the opposite of not dying. That's ... you're gonna be seeing a lot of that. This is the beginning of all the dying I'll be doing. Right on your head! I didn't get an A+. And he punched her. He punched her.

Unacceptable. Oooah! Okay, very good at game. Right here. That's Hank Green; he's good at game. Oh, we're introducing  a new element, this fall away brick things. They're no good. Can't go back once you hit one of those. Grade A+, Hank Green. 

Tell me more ...oh! Now I have to make that go away. Yeah! Ooh, gotta go, gotta go, yeah! A+. Everybody's happy except for that Fetus man and also me because he keeps taking my girl away. 

Op! Woah, woah... gee-- Ow! I just experienced a some kind of pain in my side, for no reason. Owie. Ow, ow. Okay, next level. Where am I going? Over here? Okay. OH! I bloodied that saw up nice and good, nice and bloody. All right, all right, all right, okay. Yes! Champion. 

Where am I going? Up here. Over here. Oh, didn't make it through like I wanted to. Okay, oh, OH! I was slower than I could have been. Slower than I could have been. 

Blood Mountain is the name of this mountain. I don't know why they call it that. It seems like a bad idea to me. A+ everybody, A+. Hank is proud of himself. 

Ooooh, watch out everyone there's a ... oh, I just got obliterated. Oh, yeah, alright. Please do not ... oh, nasty. Ok. That's a jump it in then move, and then move, and then a wait, wait. Ok, oooh, oh, oh oh oooh. Okay. Hoh! Didn't get an A. I didn't get an A. But I lived! Eventually.

Okay. Aaah! Aah! Aaah! Ugh! Oh, I coulda, I coulda, I coulda done it. I coulda done it faster than that, but, you know. That's what happens. You don't always go as fast as you wanna go. 

Out of the way, bunny. Go get yourself meated up! Ugh, ugh, ugh! A+, A+. 

Oooh, my gooo[trails off] Ugh, ugh. Oh, right on it. Oh, ok! Let's-- tha-- that's not working out. I c-- I'm just doin the same thing every time. Oooh, I did it-- did-- died a different way that one. I just ran of the edge, you can't do that either, ok. Ugh, oh, okay. Alright, meat boy...there we go, that's what-- that's what we were looking for. 

Alright. Oh, okay. Oh, I died. I died. Big, big death. Ugh, oooh, wow, I lived that. Ok, ok, all right, that's a lot of badness. Oh, yeah you-- oh, oooh, you kidding me? Come on! Wheee-- oh. I have to go faster. Faster than that. Faster-- woah, right onto the death spikes. Whee, ok. No! Bad Times at Ridgemont High, right here. Woah, k. Huh, uh, ooh that was close. Oh! No! 

I'm just gonna be the last level I play tonight because that ... that is, uh, not ... I'm taking too much time on this level. This is starting to get embarrassing.

Okay, and Meat Boy up. All right, gonna play it nice and slow here, no reason to ... oh, man. All right, Bandage Girl. Ah, that was still an A+! Well, look ... look at all my Meat Boys going here.
Oh, several died there. Several more died there. Uh, oh, that one died there, and there's two more left. Two more Meat Boys. And they're taking their time, taking their time. All right. And this guy is gonna go, oh, right into the spike. This guy very nearly did as well.

All right, thank you very much for watching this episode of Games with Hank. I'm Hank. This is Super Meat Boy. I love this game. It is super fun, infuriating at times, but fast-paced, adorable, and bloody. It's all of my favorite things. Thanks for watching. DFTBA.