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In which John sneaks notes made with pieces of the "Paper Towns" manuscript into copies of his books at a bookstore in Indianapolis. I hope to meet tons of nerdfighters starting next week! (Literally. TONS.)

(I know that PT is sneaking onto some bookshelves; if you can wait till Oct. 16th, that'd be awesome. If not, I totally understand.)


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Good morning Hank.

It's Wednesday, October 8th and I'm gonna start the day off with some Shakespeare insult gum. This one's from "The Merchant of Venice" [puts gum in mouth]...mmm..."Beg that thou may have leave to hang thyself." [Intro] Hank this is only my second video in our month-long Brotherhood 2.1 project but already I don't have anything to talk about. So I didn't have any ideas about what to vlog about today but then I was YouTube searching "Paper Towns" because, you know, I'm a gigantic narcissist.

And it turns out that there are several groups of made-of-awesome nerdfighters around the country who are inserting little notes into my books in bookstores, telling potential readers to come to the "Paper Towns" and nerdfighter gatherings. That's just a fantastic idea and, so, like all fantastic ideas I come across, I'm gonna steal it. What can I do, Hank?

Writers are thieves. Hank, in stealing this idea, I don't want to create any unnecessary new paper, so I'm just gonna cut up a couple pages from the "Paper Towns" manuscript. Including of course the world-famous page 308 which is blank and therefore the only incontestably perfect page in the whole novel.

So I'm just gonna [rips pages]...cut these into quarters [rips pages]. Then I'm gonna use "The Collected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca" as a little thing to write on. [Writes on paper]: Meet the author of this book here on October 18th. P.

S. You may be something called a nerdfighter. P.

P. S. Do not be alarmed.

It is a good thing. Best wishes! J.

Scribble. [Driving] Ah yes, Hank, here we are nestled between Old Navy and Bed Bath & Beyond, there's Borders. Okay Hank so I have here all of my, uh, cards that I have written on and I am now going to attempt to insert them inside my books at that Borders. I'll try to film it but I also don't wanna get arrested at the very store that I will be signing at in ten days.

Because I'm a little worried that they're gonna be like, "Hey, what's the old man with the big hair doing in the young adult section of the bookstore with a video camera?" [In Borders] Hank, look at this, how awesome is that [camera on a display of John's books]. It's not gonna be any problem whatsoever--oh! Look what they have for sale...[camera on copies of "Paper Towns"] [Slips notes into several copies of his books] Alright, Hank, done and done, thanks to everyone at Borders for being so nice about me using my video camera.

I'd like to thank all the nerdfighters who gave me that idea and, if anyone else wants to do it, it's surprisingly easy. Hank, thanks for being awesome, I'll see ya tomorrow. Nerdfighters, I'm gonna do a Question Tuesday on Friday because that's how I roll, please leave your questions in comments.