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Hank's first brotherhood 2.1 video.


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Good morning John, it is Tuesday October 7th, less than a month away from the United States' official Presidential Electiooooon!

Do you guys wanna hear more about Missoula politics? Cuz I could totally talk about Missoula politics. You probably don't.

Actually back when we were using Eventful, before they became our mortal enemy, I could see that there were in fact 3 Nerdfighters in Missoula, Montana! Yeeaaahhh! Well, one of them was me, one of them was Katherine, but whoever you Missoulian Nerdfighter, thank you so much for existing!

Oh, I think John forgot to mention in the last video why we have decided to do Brotherhood 2.1, which is what we're calling it between the two of us, it's not an official name. But this is actually our punishment. So, many people know this, probably not everyone does.

Sometimes we ask the Nerdfighters to do amazing, unbelievable things for us. And in return, they get to punish us. So we recently the Nerdfighters if it was possible, maybe, to, mmm, just a little bit, uhhh, pwn Oprah.

We wanted to be more popular than Oprah. That's all we wanted! So everyone banded together and we managed to get more subscribers on YouTube than Oprah.

Now that we have done that, the Nerdfighters have punished us. Our punishment is to do Brotherhood 2.0-style vlogging for an entire month. One little piece of business that I want to take care of: There's a pretty awesome Nerdfighter named Karen.

Karen's done some pretty cool things in the past, like designing that "Welcome to Nerdfighteria" shirt that everyone voted on and will probably be one of the shirts on sale at the tour. But she also created this. This is a map of everywhere John and I are going to be on the Nerdfighter tour.

I've taken this map, given it a couple of colors, and put it up on So now there is an all-encompassing map of the Nerdfighter tour, and you can click on whatever city you're gonna be in, and it'll take you straight to the Facebook page. You can also click on John and I's heads, and it'll take you to our Facebook profiles so you can become our friends.

I'm getting kind of excited about Nerdfighter tour. It's gonna be pretty awesome. If you aren't signed up on Facebook, this map isn't gonna do you very much good.

I'm thinking about putting together an alternate version with, y'know, actual text areas for non-Facebookian Nerdfighters. I'm not gonna make anybody sign up for Facebook. I was extraordinarily resistant at first myself.

But I do find it quite compelling now. I do. What else is goin on? -licks lips- I'm a camel.

So! Go to and you will find that map. The last thing on my list that's not actually a list of things that I'm gonna talk about today is this: The Last Good Kiss, which John mentioned yesterday in his video, the very day that I finished reading it.

That was weird. It was fantastic, and if you are over the age of 17, I strongly suggest you read it. If you're not, it maaaay be a little bit dirty.

Seedy. A little bit blue. A little bit "filthy underbelly of America." But you know, it's not for me to choose.

You ask your parents if it's ok to read The Last Good Kiss by James Crumley, who lived in Missoula and died in Missoula. And he will be missed even though I didn't know who he was when he died. Speaking of dying, Katherine and I were driving home yesterday, and Katherine was like, "Hank, I think I just saw a dead body." And I was like, "Haha?

Joke-joke?" And she was like, "No!" So we turned the car around and we went by again and I was like, "Holy sh**! Ahhh!" Parked the car, got outta the car. It was like a fenced-in area with razor wire over the fence, and I walked up, and....this naked body with shoes on it, nothing else.

I was freakin out and I had the phone, and I was opening the phone, and I look, and it is a freakin' mannequin! Why did somebody put a naked mannequin with shoes on like it fell off the razor wire fence and died in a contorted mass of body parts?! "You know that there's a thing that looks a lot like a dead body sitting out in the public view of your weird-ass razor-wired lot?" "Oh yes, we do that just to freak you out! I'm glad we got you.

Haha, practical joke! Hahaha." I don't know why razor-wire-fence-owning freaky Missoulian has a British accent. But he does.

Anyway, that totally sucks, but I think that we will recover. John, I will see you tomorrow.