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When I was working on the episode about sexual curiosities, I asked my friend what his curiosities about sex were. He said he was curious about the strapless strap-ons I've shown in past videos, do they work? So to investigate and celebrate the birthday of someone very dear to me, I present off-camera trials of toys that go in and out.

Eve's Vibrating Strapless Strap-on:
Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-on:

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[Sexplanations intro]

I'm going to try something today. I got these two toys. They're very similar. The way that they work is that the shorter part goes into an orifice like the vagina.

I'll show you the actual toy. This goes into the vagina, so that the vagina holds it. It becomes a strapless strap-on. This protrudes out and can then penetrate someone else or just act as a dick.

So, same thing here, although this one is a little bit more wobbly. The phallus that would go in is shorter [Slight noise] Eh-ha...

I don't know! The big curiosity is whether or not a vagina, in this instance my vagina, can hold these two and operate them. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to hand sanitize. I have some condoms here. Latex free polyisoprene, which I'm going to put over the part that would go into my body, and then I'm going to put them in. I'm going to keep recording off camera while they're in me, so that you hear what that sounds like for me to even go through the process of exploring them. And then I'm going to come back on camera with my boner and show you what it looks like in the dress, so that you can see whether or not it holds place. I can see! I don't know how this is going to go 'cause I haven't done it yet with these.

Let's try. Ready...go!

All right. All right. Ouh! "Eve's Vibrating Strapless Strap-On" first. I am going to use a condom on you. Cover up. Are we turned on enough for this. We have been talking about sex all day.

And up and down the labia, so it can find its way in. This feels so much like a pelvic exam when it's clinical and not for pleasure.

It just, like, pushes it right back out. No, I'm not going in! I haven't been doing any kegels or any sort of anything.

Oh, look at that, I have a boner! How excellent! Okay, I want to show you. But first let me see if I can thrust.

Okay, I'll do it on camera. Climbing on the bed is going to be a little tricky. Oooh god. Stay in there, toy. Don't fall out.

Okay, so here's the boner. I gotta squeeze my ass cheeks real tight, and when I do my vagina is just like, no, you're not staying in. [laughs] Yeah, I don' doesn't want to stay. It does not want to stay. I think that's my vagina, not so much the toy. If I squeeze real tight on my thighs, I can hold it in place, but it's my thighs holding in place and not my vagina.

Did we learn anything? We learned Lindsay needs to do more kegels. There you go, in all its glory. Could it work ? It could. Does it work for me? It does not.

Okay. Next!

Let's not get vaginal fluid all over the dress. Turn the condom inside out. Use the hand sanny. Try again. New toy: "Happy Rabbit" by Love Honey. Condom. [crinkling noise]

Oh, vagina, how are you feeling about all of this? Hmm? This one is much bigger. I mean, it's not like you haven't had something that large in you. But it's usually made out of the flesh. This is not, but you are so much sturdier. So will you stay in?

Okay, here we go. Same thing run it up and down the labia so you're not just shock attacking it. Kind of like with anal sex where you want to wait until the asshole puckers, same thing with the vagina. Aw, have the vagina beg to take it in. It's been a long time since I've had penetration! So it stings a little.

Oh my gosh, this is a bigger boner I think. It's when I get on the bed that I lose my erection. [singsong voice] That's what she said!

Okay, here we go. How do we get you to go onto the bed? Ouch! That was my cervix. Here we go. Nope. It doesn't. Nope, can't get on the bed with this giant thing inside of me. Maaahaha.

Okay, okay. Get on the bed. You're like--a--pregnant woman--oh my gosh--okay. My vagina is out of shape.

This is my boner. This is my boner and I can bend it. And put it tighter up against my pubic bone, which also coincidentally presses it on my clit. Making it less like i'm doing scientific research and have a speculum inside of me, and more like sex and masturbation.

Okay, let's talk. Totally go with this one. It's sturdier. So these are our two options. This one is smaller, so less intrusive. More, like, flexible. And this one is more rigid and bigger. But interestingly enough, I think it's more comfortable because there's less rotation and movement, so things are actually held in place rather than banging around on the inside. If that makes sense. But it could be that I did this one first and then this one? I really think it's this one, though. I think "Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-On" is the winner.

Let me see if I can get up, though, because...oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, boner. Here she is. Okay. Skirt. Legs. Yeah,'s so difficult. Especially because the vagina is lubricated. It just, like...even when I...


Maybe if I tighten around it. Nope, when I tighten it pushes and slides. It slides right out because the vagina is lubricated sometimes.

Now we've learned. Urrgh. Stay !

Let's get a nice boner shot. Are you my boner ? Strapless strap on ?

Deal with this. Take off the condom again. Boom put it on the floor.

Here we go. What did we learn folks? I want to know if any of you out there have tried these successfully.

I really do think that there is a way to do it,. I think that they're ingenious toys. The fact that you could fuck somebody with your vagina.

That's great ! And and it has a vibrator here and a vibrator here and a vibrator here and this one same thing. And they're so smooth and lovely and you can put condoms on all four phalluses here.

Not a success. So what was happening - this is slightly lubricated by the condom - is that my vagina was here,. I had the whole thing.

I think I even got it there and I was able to pinch it in between, so that this was closer to my clitoris, that felt nice. This held it in place, to a degree if i'm clenched. Which was also clenching my thighs and my buttocks if I didn't clench at any point things opened.

Then it was harder to wield. But if I clenched again - maybe this is my vagina - it would do it with my fist, but it would essentially clench,. And push it out.

And it was much easier to do because it was highly lubricated by my vagina, that is a mucus membrane. Same thing here could hold it maybe with my thighs clenched and my buttocks tighten everything. But then if I did any sort of vaginal squeezing so that I could just do it with my vagina and not my legs.

Then it would pinch. And fall out. So today's explanations is completely inconclusive.

We don't know. All I know is it doesn't work for me It was super fun trying and I highly recommend getting toys and playing with them, because even if you don't use this as a strapless strap-on, you've got one, two, three options for stimulation and it flexes and you can try you can do your own experiment go to Put in the promo code "DOE" get 50% off for yourself on an eligible item : either of these, condoms, and you can get free shipping on your whole order to the US and Canada. Aaaah !

So great ! Get yourself a boner [Lindsay Sings]. Stay curious [Outro Music].

Does not want to stay. I need stronger pubococcygeus muscles. Anyway here we have the specimen [Lindsey Exhales Loudly].

Let's get a nice boner shot. Are you my boner ? Strapless strap on ?

I gotta deal with this.