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I'm sex curious too. This episode is about some of the ponderings in my mind and an invitation to be curious /with/ me. If you'd like to learn more about the sponsor for this episode Prolong. Please go to please go to and use the promo code DOE20 for 20% off.

Prolong is an FDA cleared, six-week premature ejaculation training program that blends the science of the ‘Start-Stop’ technique, lube, and a specialized device to give you more decisiveness with ejaculation, long term. Curious?

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This episode is sponsored by Prolong: For Better Sex, a climax training program.

Okay! Instead of answering questions, I want to share my questions about sexuality. My sexual curiosities, without giving answers! I could look them up, and I could do an episode on each, maybe I will someday, but in this moment I just want to put out what's in my head without having to figure it out first! And maybe, who knows, some of you could have the answers or help! We could crowdsource my sexual curiosities!

[Sexplanations intro]

This all came to a literal climax when I was in bed masturbating. I'm in this house by myself and I'm coming and shouting "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" There's no one here! So my brain is wondering, why do this? Why do people say "Oh god" or "Oh my god" or any of those derivations during sex? But— wha— ho— how do we get the language that we have?

And of course, I have my hypotheses about all of this, but I don't have the answer. Let me know if there's any scientific, published, peer-reviewed research out there on the God-talk during sex. The deity-sex talk during the deity-orgasm.

Other curiosities: still don't know how chickens mate. Let's put that out there. I'm curious about how much of the population is actually intersex (inter meaning between the sexes). We know that when babies come out, that there's more than the scrotum-penis or the labia that looks like a burger bun. It's a spectrum. Sometimes, between those little baby's legs, there's an amalgamation of anatomy or just different parts altogether. They're just different parts!

Mm-hm, we know that those babes are intersex because we can see it. What about the internal anatomy and the chromosomes, things we can't see? I'm so curious how many humans have a vulva and testicles, how many are XYY, XXYY, XXY, a single X, triple X! You know, right now they say it's 2% of the population that's intersex, but oh god, what if it's way more? What happens when chromosome testing is more accessible and we find out?

Neeext: I'm curious about breasts. I don't get why we have them...when we're not breastfeeding., mm-hmm. But why did we evolve to have breasts all the time?!

I mean, we all know that I'm curious about what's in femen, the ejaculate that comes out of a vulva. But I'm not going to a laboratory right now! Coro-no!

I'm really curious about what sex education is going to look like in the future, and if it's going to be pan-centric. By that I mean, the default assumption is that you have sex with all genders, so you just teach people about how to have sex with people! As opposed to how it is now, which is hetero-centric. It's gonna be pan-centric! Who am I kidding, we're gonna- never gonna teach people how to have sex with people. Ugh sex education. I wish.

Yes. Yes. I'm curious and I have the answer. We are going to teach people how to have sex and then in the future we are going to stop having it. That's my prediction. You heard it here. Doctor Doe 2020. In the future there will not be the sex.

Um. I've heard that there is a shot that works for sterilizing sperm. Why is it that's not happening. And again I have my hypotheses but no confirmation. Related, there's this thing called paper abortions. I'm going to explain it with the example of a cisgender man and a cis woman. Basically a paper abortion means that if they get pregnant, the man can say, "I don't want a kid" and if the woman says, "Yeah, but I do" then there's a legal document saying that he doesn't have to have any parental responsibility over the offspring. To be clear, I don't think paper abortions are legitimate yet, but that doesn't stop my curious brain from wondering, can the woman in this scenario have a paper abortion.

In this case, the man wants the baby and the woman is okay going through the pregnancy and the birthing process but doesn't want to be a parent, can she have a paper abortion? So curious.

I'm curious about the language that's going to replace all the words we have now like transgender, bisexual, polyamorous, kinky. I think that we're going to get a whole new lexicon, a sex-icon if you will, and I'm so excited. I want to be part of the think tank that designs our new vocabulary.

Okay, this one is a curiosity rabbit hole. What will our genitals look like in the future? Will we evolve to have humans to big for vaginal childbirth? Are we selectively breeding for big dicks and if so, why? How did we decide that the goal for a dick is to be big and the goal for an ass or a pussy is to be tight and small. Are we trying to break each other? I don't get it. Do we want mouths to be tight and small too. We can give a blowjob with teeth close together.

I love learning about sexuality and I love learning about what people did in the past. Why weren't we learning that in high school. I'd much rather study pederasty and lupin Aires in Ancient Greece than sieges and plagues. Or at least some of all of it. Like, put in the sex and the war.

What are people in the future going to think about how we're having sex right now. "Hmm. It seems that people were into rimming and kink and porn. Tons of people were using sex toys." Traah. I don't know. Mm Mm. I don't know.

In the year 3020 what is the precocial generation going to think about our behaviors and our sexual attractions. These are my curiosities. And copulins. C-O-P-U-L-I-N-S. I want to know all about them. They're essentially chemical scents produced by some vaginas that communicate "Fuck me!" or "Fuck off!" I don't smell them! I mean, people wear clothes and they shower etc. But on my own body, I smell copulins all the time and I'm definitely like "Oh, that smell" "Yeah, you like that?" "Yeah. We should fuck." And then I'm back to masturbating moaning "Oh God! Oh God!" and here we are. Again, stay curious.

Prolong is a six week premature ejaculation training program to help you last longer in the bedroom. It requires no pills, medications, sprays, or therapies and it's been found to improve duration by an average of eight minutes. The device is expensive so I requested that the company send a few out to people who I could interview about their experiences. This is what I heard back.

"This is a very fun product. It came packaged in a sleek, black box. The kind that you would expect when buying a modern adult toy. This included water-based lube, which is very nice with a silky texture that did not dry out quickly. I only had to reapply one per session. Once per session! The device itself is the perfect size and it fits right onto my hand for easy stroking. The small raised bumps combined with the vibration felt really good. I think that the key thing here is this device gives you an intense but very specific sensation to focus on on a relatively small area on the penis. This allowed me to more easily identify my point of no return and stop before I came. This is in contrast to something like a stroker that surrounds the penis and produces a lot more sensation which I find overwhelming when trying to practice slowing down."

There's a link in the description and a discount code to help out with the cost. DOE20 for 20% off. When you go to the link in the description, this discount should automatically be applied. Let me know how it goes, I'm curious.


To be clear, I don't think that, oh! people were using toys, no, gotta do that again, but, I don't, I don't smell anybody's fuck off. Fuck. [laughter] I got something in my eye.

behind the camera --I don't smell anybody's fuck off.


Okay, [clap clap] facts. And [random noise] Prolong for better sex, a-- climax control training program. Somehow [random mouth noises]

Blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy yada yada yada yada
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