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In which the title of the video more or less covers it.


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Good morning, Hank it's Tuesday, July 7th and this is not some kind of fancy camera trick I am really that pale.


So Hank today I'm going to do a question Tuesday today, but instead of doing a few questions quickly I am going to do a few questions lengthily. But err before I do that I have to change shirts because right now I match the wall.


Movie magic.

Was brotherhood 2.0 originally your idea or was it Hank's?

Well the initial idea was mine but it has to be said that I have a crazy idea at least once every 45 minutes and I count on Hank to be like that is a terrible idea and when I pitched him the idea for Brotherhood 2.0 he was like "That is not terrible" So we did it.

What did you do before you became an author?

For most of my post college life I worked at this wonderful magazine called "Booklist", but I also worked as a hospital chaplain at a children's hospital and I worked at like a Steak and Shake doing the graveyard shift which I do not recommend.

I mean honestly if anyone is thinking of dropping out of college get thee to Steak and Shake.

What are the best books for aspiring writers to read as inspiration?

I'm going to have to say my books. In fact I'm going to have to say the best way to get inspired to write is to buy 20 or 30 copies of each of my books.

I'm sorry. You know, when you finish a book they want you to transform from an extraordinarily pale nerd who sits in a basement and writes all day to some kind of like selling machine. So I'm trying to practice a little bit but really all I want to do is stay home, make videos, eat Peeps and hang out with Willy.

What's the meanest thing you ever did to Hank?

Hmm... I think I may have tried to kill him once with hammer when we were little. Wait or did he try to kill me?

I'm calling mom.

Hey! It's John.

Quick question for you. Umm... did I try to kill Hank with a hammer when I was little?

[mom says something]

He tried to kill me?


Pwned. Did I ever try kill Hank in any way at all?


Oh I did, shucks. What did I specifically try to try to kill him though?


I tried to smother him, that's not, that's just hugging though that's not killing.

These are all very bad behaviors like it's bad to pour red cough syrup all over the bedspread but it's nothing like Hank trying to murder me with a hammer.

[you were being irritating]

I'm sure I was being irritating but Hank tried to kill me with a hammer! I fell like I am really getting the short end of the stick here. Like you're, like, oh well he did try to murder you with a hammer but there was that one time you spilled red cough syrup on the bedspread and then gave him a big hug. I'm sorry if I tried to smother Hank by giving him a hug because I loved him so much and then he tried to kill me with a hammer.

[end of phone conversation]

OK so there you have it. According to my mom, the meanest thing Hank ever did to me was try to kill me with a hammer and the meanest thing I ever did to him was spill some red cough syrup on his bedspread and then hug him too hard.

And yet somehow mom seems to be making the case that I was the inferior sibling.

How often do you get recognized; does it make you feel happy or slightly awkward?

I get recognized pretty often if I'm in a big public space but it doesn't make me either happy or slightly awkward. It's just kinda nice to meet a nerdfighter. Like the other day I was standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "Are you from YouTube?" and then this little brother who had never heard of nerdfighters looked up at me and said "are you wearing a disguise?" I was like "Nope, these are real."

What advice do you have for writers who can't seem to finish their books?

Not much. I mean it took me 4 years to finish Looking for Alaska so I'm clearly not an expert in the field of finishing. Just keep at it.

Can I have one of the advanced readers copies of Paper Towns?

Umm.. no because I don't have any. In fact the people who all ready want advanced readers copies of Paper Towns are still waiting for them, a situation which I hope to rectify tomorrow. However I do have three of these beautiful and very rare Paper Towns discussion guides. Which I flagrantly stole from my publisher and then like literally like put in my shirt and walked out the convention center. So if anybody wants one of these which actually will be really helpful and interesting when you read the book, leave me a question in comments that I can answer when I do one of these next.

By the way do you guys like the paperback cover of the Abundance of Katherines coming out on August 8th for a mere $3.99?