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Victoria adjusts to life back home in Geneva.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Iggy DeLacey - Steve Zaragoza -
Rory Clerval - Sara Fletcher -
Eli Lavenza - Brendan Bradley -

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(PBS Digital Studios intro)

Victoria: I'm fine. Just a... sprained wrist and some bruises and scrapes. You should see the other guy.  

Seriously, have you seen the other guy? He's about six feet tall, covered in stitches and experimental skin grafts; maybe suffering from extreme existential panic?
...Tweet me if you do.

Regrettably the lab's in even rougher shape than I am. Dr. Waldman asked Iggy and I to stay out of sight for a few days, until he could work up a cover story. So... here I am! Back home. In Geneva. 
It's only for a few days.

(Frankenstein, MD intro)

Victoria: To review. My overall undertaking: restoring the patient's injuries, and then restoring life to his body, was clearly a huge success. And a major leap forward for medical science.

While the vitality of the patient's organs, bones and skin exceeded my expectations; I did not account for his irrational emotional state, aggression and complete lack of impulse control. 

So, for the time being, I am placing a moratorium on any resurrection studies. Pending further review.

It's possible that the part of the subject's brain that controls fear and aggression, the amygdala, was injured in the original accident, or... damaged during the fall.

Rory, off screen: Coming down!

Victoria: Or potentially a lesion in the subject's frontal cortex is interfering with his ability to process extreme emotions. In any case his fight or flight impulse has gone haywire.

Rory: Who's brain are we talking about here?

Victoria: The... Subject's.

Rory: Robert.

Victoria: I tried to bring Robert back but... this is not him. There's something very wrong with... 'New Guy.'

Rory: What's wrong? Like, how?

Victoria: Like... not human. Not, human, but not anything else either.

Rory: Victoria...

Victoria: What?

Rory: ah-I- (sighs) Are you sure you saw what you think you saw?

Victoria: Of course I'm sure. It was documented. There's a video.

Rory: We- (disbelieving laugh) I mean videos... They can be doctored.

Victoria: But I was there. The experiment worked.
Don't you trust me?

Rory: Of course I trust you!

Victoria: So you're saying I'm crazy.

Rory: I don't... think that you're crazy, I just think that you're acting crazy.

(phone ringing sounds)

Victoria: It's Iggy. I should take this.

Rory: Should you?

Victoria: It could be... really important.

Rory: Mm.

(phone picks up)

Iggy:Finally! Victoria! I- I need to talk to you, it's really important. Uh, Robert-

(phone hangs up)

Victoria: Hey!

Rory: This is really important. Look... this is my friend. Call him.

Victoria: I am not  talking to a therapist.

Rory: Good! Because he's not a therapist. ...He's a shaman.

Victoria: You can't be serious.

Rory: His name is Ocean and... he's really insightful, okay? 
Promise me that you'll call him.

Victoria: I... promise that I will give it some serious analytical thought, before not calling him.

Rory: That's all I can ask.

(phone picks up)

Iggy: What was that all about?

Victoria: Rory... called the witch doctor and he told me what to do.

Iggy: Oooh?

Victoria: You're still at school?

Iggy: Uhh... No...

Victoria: I can see you.

Iggy: Oh, then... Yeah.

Victoria: I thought we agreed we were going to head home for a few days. Let the dust settle?

Iggy: Right, and I was all set to head home, and then I looked around and I realized, Hey, all the dust had already settled.
Wow, our dust is... surprisingly fast.

Victoria: What about the lab? It was totally wrecked.

Iggy: Uh, well we're, we're cleaning it up, we're working some cover stories... You think they'd believe it was Agatha?

Victoria: Sure. And what about...?

Iggy: Robert?

Victoria: It's NOT Robert.

Iggy: Okay, fine, Harry P. Corpseman, yeah, we haven't seen him.

Victoria: Good.

Iggy: Good?

Victoria: He's almost certainly lost consciousness and died somewhere, and just hasn't been discovered. We'll just need to find his remains.

Iggy: You're convinced, he's definitely dead?

Victoria: Of course. To stay alive, he'd need synthetic blood transfusions, plus antibiotics and antifungals for all the secondary infections; not to mention intravenous nutrition?

Iggy: Right.

Victoria: His larynx and esophagus were practically destroyed in the original accident! He needs IVs and the cooler to survive longer than... forty eight hours.

Iggy: But... what if he managed to find a source for all of that?

Victoria: Plus probiotics supplements to repopulate the microbiome in his intestines?

Iggy: Maybe he knocked over a yogurt truck, lots of microbes there.

Victoria: Hypothetically, if somehow he could find a source for everything away from the lab, then yes! He could have survived.

Iggy: Where do you think he'd go?

Victoria: What?

Iggy: If he survived, where would he go?

Victoria: How should I know?

Iggy: Well you know him better than anyone, you made him.

Victoria: Doesn't matter. He doesn't have access to the resources and knowledge he needs to survive. So, he'll die.

Iggy: Yeah. Right. Okay.

Eli: Victoria? Are you down there?

Victoria: Gotta go Iggy. Talk soon!

Iggy: Yeah, I was pretty much done talking an-

(phone hangs up)

Eli: Oh nooo! I came to visit my friend Victoria but wandered into this four star resort! 

Victoria: It's not that bad.

Eli: It's certainly... dank? Is that what you're going for?

Victoria: There's lots of room to spread out. Plus the Baron is using my old room to store his 'Flags of the World' collection.

Eli: I don't think he should hang them upside down. Feels... disrespectful somehow.
You still doing your show?

Victoria: Sort of. I mostly use it to chat with Iggy.

Eli: What does he have to say?

Victoria: We... discussed the low probability of our subject surviving for an extended period of time outside of the controlled laboratory environment, and, obviously, he didn't dispute my analysis.

Eli: So! Just, small talk.

Victoria: He's my partner. This is the work we do.

Eli: I know you're using the present tense, This is the work you "do."

Victoria: Maybe not that exact line of experimentation, but... I've devoted my entire life to science. You think one minor setback is going to stop me?

Eli: You brought your friend back from the dead and he attacked you. Robert is not a "minor setback."

Victoria: It's NOT Robert.

Eli: Okay, fine, Tom F. DeadGuy, whatever his name is.

Victoria: What do you want me to do?

Eli: I... want you to do... whatever you wanna do.

Victoria: That's a cop-out answer.

Eli: Okay! Fine! I think you should take some time away from science. Come to terms with what happened, and decide what you wanna do next.

Victoria: So... hang out all day... and eat licorice and watch movies with you?

Eli: (laughs) Or... You used to talk about wanting to go to Costa Rica. We could do that!

Victoria: Is that what this is about? You want your old friend back again?

Eli: What? No! I mean...kinda. I do miss hanging out with you.

Victoria: (laughs) I miss hanging out with you too. But, I already know what I want to do. I want  to get back in my lab.

Eli: Okay. I just feel like... we lost you for a while there. And if I have to choose between my friend, Victoria, and the 'Brilliant Doctor Frankenstein,' I choose Victoria. Every time.

Victoria: What about the 'Brilliant Doctor Victoria Frankenstein'? Is that an option?

Eli (off screen): She'll do!

Victoria: Well! That's obviously the right answer.

(Frankenstein, MD end theme)