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We're answering 40 more coronavirus and COViD19 questions from viewers! You can go to the timecode below to see an answer to a specific question. Stay safe! Wash your hands!
0:00 - Intro
1:47 - Please explain the rationale behind the claim that masks are not effective at protecting the general public from the virus, but they are effective at protecting healthcare professionals.
3:12 - MYTH: Using a hair dryer to heat up your sinuses can kill the disease?
3:23 - MYTH: Anyone younger than 40 will just have cold symptoms if they catch the virus.
3:56 - MYTH: Drinking hot water regularly and avoiding eating or drinking cold things will help you avoid the virus b/c hot water washes it out of your mouth and throat.
4:06 - MYTH: Staying inside for a prolonged period will weaken your immune system because you lose immunity to things you’re typically exposed to outside.
4:35 - MYTH: Exercise and a good diet are all you need to avoid the virus.
4:43 - Everyone wants to know what the exit strategy is for social distancing. When is the curve flat enough to get back to normal?
5:46 - Everyone also wants to know: Won’t the virus and all associated problems just come back as soon as we stop social distancing? Or do we have to keep things shut down until there’s a vaccine? How did the Spanish Flu go away?
7:02 - How long is the current situation sustainable? Are politicians right that the cure is worse than the disease b/c we’ll destroy the economy?
8:42 - If there hasn't been a request for the larger population to do social distancing, am I actually helping others by deciding to do it myself?
9:24 - This week I went to get a (takeaway!) coffee and snack from my favourite place. Later, my sister reamed me for taking a 'selfish unnecessary risk'. Is it better to be more extreme in my precautions?
10:16 - Is it wise to close college dorms, where everyone has been breathing all over each other in close quarters, forcing students to travel all over the place, some back to family (like grandparents) that are at-risk?
11:30 - If you got infected with Covid-19 and have recovered, can you assume you are now immune and thus not worry about social distancing?
12:04 - Can you explain why I should be hopeful at all that anything that we are doing makes a difference?   The math seems terrible. I'm pretty sure that we can delay incidence of infections, but completely unconvinced that we can reduce the total number. 
13:02 - As a (food) delivery driver, what precautions should I take to protect myself and my customers?
13:51 - Is it safe to be receiving packages from places like Amazon? Should I be disinfecting the boxes as they come in?
14:26 - How worried should I be about things I buy from the grocery store?
15:06 - I’ve seen very different descriptions of cases from different sources, some that look nothing like the symptoms described by the CDC. What does it actually look like to get/have the virus? 15:33 - Beyond symptoms, can you discuss things like how the virus progresses and how long standard/mild/severe cases might last?
16:36 - What is the fever range that is being seen with covid?
16:59 - Are the reports of anosmia/ageusia showing up as an early symptom of COVID-19 legitimate? Should we be telling people to lookout for those symptoms?
17:15 - If you are exposed to a higher viral load at the onset of infection of COVID, will you have a faster onset and more severe symptoms regardless of age or underlying condition?
17:59 - How are asymptomatic people able to spread the virus? Just by talking? Just by touching things that other people touch?
18:07 - Should I be worried about cuts or cracks on my hands or can the virus only be contracted via breathing it in or otherwise getting in my nose/mouth/eyes?
18:27 - Do you think the burden of disease will be spread throughout the country or will it be more localized in specific cities or states i.e New York and Seattle?
19:00 - Can clothing be a transmission vector for the virus?
19:17 - What temperature/time period combination can kill Covid-19?  Can I put something potentially contaminated in my car in the hot sun and kill it?
19:34 - Is the virus mutating?
19:56 - What's the difference between SARS and Covid19?
20:23 - I train at a small private gym at off hours so there are only 3 to 4 people there at the same time. Is it reasonable to continue going?
20:59 - What are your thoughts on the safety of playing tennis on public courts?
21:37 - Schools are closed in my area but daycares remain open, should my preschooler still attend daycare?

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