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Aaron Carroll answers your coronavirus questions. We'll be doing more Q&As in the future. Ask questions at

00:33 - What's the deal with NSAIDS? Should we avoid things like ibuprofen now to be safe?
01:47 - Can you do things outside in suburban areas like walk your dog or play basketball? Can kids play together outside?
04:09 - Should you refrain from having people over to your house?
05:37 - How do you practice appropriate social distancing in places like grocery stores and pharmacies?
06:26 - Is it OK to volunteer at places like food banks if you have no symptoms and use a mask?
06:47 - Should I cancel all non-critical doctor appointments?
07:34 - Should student healthcare workers returning from spring break continue to work clinical rotations?
08:02 - How can families of healthcare workers support them while still helping contain the virus?
08:57 - Should we bring elderly parents home from care facilities?
10:07 - Is it safer to have food delivered or to pick it up?
11:32 - What's with all the different tests?
12:29 - Do we know the rate of false negatives for tests?
13:15 - Will tests show if you HAD it? Or just if you HAVE it?
14:07 - How can we keep track of who has and hasn't had it?
14:32 - Isn't it dangerous to forgo testing for asymptomatic patients?
15:41 - If I have symptoms, what should I do?
16:35 - Can it be spread through the air?
18:09 - How long does it stay on objects?
18:56 - How likely is asymptomatic transmission?
19:35 - How long does someone shed virus? At what point are they no longer infectious?
20:08 - I know pets can't get it, but can you pick it up by petting an animal that was touched by a contagious person?
20:31 - Does infection confer immunity? Is reinfection likely?
21:00 - What about kids with underlying health conditions?
22:16 - What is the level of concern for people taking immunosuppressants?
22:53 - What is the process for getting a vaccine to market?
23:14 - What are the odds of it becoming a recurrent disease?
24:42 - Could it lie dormant like HIV?
25:22 - What are the chances we'll see multiple strains?
25:39 - Why is the fatality rate for this virus higher than other coronaviruses?
26:33 - Why is the fatality rate so high in Italy?
27:22 - Are we more likely to be like Italy or South Korea?
28:17 - Why aren't we mobilizing more resources to handle this?
28:55 - Why is the response different than to H1N1?
29:52 - Is it irresponsible to project numbers of dead with so little testing information?
31:00 - Any tips for caring for the sick at home?
31:36 - How important is investment in public health infrastructure to deal with this kind of thing in the future?

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