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Jane's back and Mom isn't happy. She's up to something, I can feel it. Anyway, Charlotte and I discuss going to Vidcon and Lydia barges in with a surprise!

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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Lizzie Bennet - Ashley Clements -
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Lizzie: You know what I find amazing? (Aside from all you amazing viewers, who still find my life interesting.) That despite the fact that Jane has been gone one night. And she spent that night connecting with Bing on a deep, personal, emotional level, my mother greeted her with the coldest reaction a mother could give her perfect eldest daughter.

[through her teeth]: Ice queen.

My name is Lizzie Bennet, Jane is back, and Mom isn't happy. 

[intro plays]

Lizzie: Okay first off, I'm thrilled that Jane's back! Like totally, positively absolutely thrilled and here's why:

1) Jane's presence means that I am not the oldest, unwed daughter in the house, 2) Lydia has someone else to pick on and 3) Jane is the sweetest girl in the whole world! Who wouldn't want her around? Okay, wait. That sounded really selfish. But if Jane and Bing end up having something genuine, you can't rush these things. My mother, our mother, of course, has another opinion. 

Mrs. Bennet!Lizzie: How dare that child! How could she throw away a golden opportunity by coming back here!

Mr. Bennet!Charlotte: But this is her home, my dear. 

Mrs. Bennet!Lizzie: How does she ever expect to win Bing Lee's hand in marriage if she spends her nights here?

Mr. Bennet!Charlotte: My memory serves it is the man who traditionally tries to win the hand of the lady.

Mrs. Bennet!Lizzie: It is desperate times my dear husband, desperate times for our desperate single daughters.

Lizzie: Part of her is disappointed in Jane for not eloping, part or her feels the need to intervene in order to fast-track this pre-destined marriage. Though it's safe to say she's up to something. Something so diabolical, nefarious, manipulative, mustache-twirly- what do evil women twirl?

Lizzie: I know that she wants what's best for us, problem is, she never asks us what's best for us! But enough about Jane and my mom. Let's talk about something different.

New subject! VidCon! Yes! As you should be well aware, I'm going to VidCon tomorrow. So those of you who don't know, VidCon is an annual convention about web-video. Seriously! A convention about web-video! Who came up with that? I'll be going, and so will Charlotte! And since my bestie will be there with me, we'll probably shoot a video or two! Hey, so, what are you looking forward to? 

Charlotte: Uh, Didn't we already talk about this? I'm hoping to attend some educational panels and partake in some networking events. 

Lizzie: Uh, you know the school year is technically over, right? We're on vacation.. we can have a little fun. 

Charlotte: I'm sure we will have fun! But who knows what will come to better both of our careers to seize any opportunity- what are you looking forward to? 

Lizzie: Uh, well, meeting some of our awesome viewers!

Charlotte: As am I, and-

Lizzie: And there's lots of activities concerts, games, parties-

Lydia: [bursting through the door] VidCon party time! VidCon dance! Whooo!!

Lizzie: Wha..wha.. you got a pass?

Lydia: Read it and weep. 

Lizzie: Definitely weeping. How did you manage to pull that off?

Charlotte: It wasn't me!

Lydia: Don't you worry nerdy and way less adorable older sister! I have friends in high places!

Lizzie: Oh, really. Okay, well then I guess next time you'll see us at VidCon, so... see ya' then!

Lydia: [pushes Charlotte and Lizzie off the bench] Team Lydia! Yeah!

[outro plays]

Transcribed by Shanlee Seiler-Porter