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So we went to Vidcon! Here's the first video we shot. It was supposed to be really quick but I ran into my old 'acquaintance' Ricky Collins.

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Lizzie: Hey, everyone. So, this is different. As you can see, I am not in my room. Where am I exactly? My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is Vidcon!

[intro plays]

Lizzie: Vidcon is an annual convention about web video and I am here to learn, hang out, meet people. It's both an industry event and a great big party. Anyway, I apologize if this video is shorter than normal, but I'm at a convention, and I think I found a quiet place to shoot, but the longer I am out here in front of a camera, the more likely it is that some random person will just pop up into my video---

Ricky: Lizzie Bennet!

Lizzie: Oh my god, what did I do?

Ricky: You don't recognize me?

Lizzie: Ricky?!

Ricky: Uh, please call me Mr. Collins. 

Lizzie: Mister?

Ricky: Oh, due to my calculating choice of a career path, I have yet to achieve my doctorate degree. Thus I am still simply Mr. Collins. Although I can understand you'd expect a man possessing my high-level intelligence and impressive pedigree would surely have attained doctoral status at such a young age.

Lizzie: That is not what I meant.

Ricky: Oh, what did you mean then?

Lizzie: Hey! Long time no see. What have you been up to? You look good.

Ricky: Oh, well, my life is absolutely flourishing as you can certainly ascertain. [laughs]

Lizzie: Yes, and, uh, what are you doing here?

Ricky: Well, as much as I'd like to delineate this a social encounter, I'm here on business. I recently managed to secure a substantial windfall from a most impressive venture capitalist firm. 

Lizzie: So you're-you're doing web video.

Ricky: Oh, indeed! The VC is headed by a wealthy and influential woman and I am plunging into the lush, progressive frontier of online video. Oh this convention is a ripe harvesting ground and I fully intend to further--

Lizzie: Hey Ricky!

Ricky: All of my---

Lizzie: Uh, Mr. Collins, um, can-can we catch up later?

Ricky: Yeah sure, uh, you do seem busy.

Lizzie: Umm---

Ricky: Of course, Charlotte Lu! Where are my manners? I-I-I, wow, this brings back countless childhood memories of playground kickball. Hah. Oh do you remember when you and I were betrothed in the second grade?

Lizzie: Oh my god, you know what, I don't really have time for this right now. 

Ricky: Oh, yes, sure, well, you know let's catch up later and this has been an amazing---

Lizzie: Wow. Ricky Collins! What are the chances? But anyway, back on topic. Vidcon! Fun, parties, chaos, and, networking opportunities?

Charlotte: You shouldn't have done that to Ricky.

Lizzie: He was being rude.

Charlotte: He wanted to catch up. 

Lizzie: In the middle of our video.

Charlotte: He did seem preoccupied.

Lizzie: Self-absorbed?

Charlotte: Opportunistic.

Lizzie: Narcissistic?

Charlotte: Who are we talking about, exactly?

Lizzie: Do you think that he knows about the video diaries?

Charlotte: I don't think so, which is good, because you called him a dick a few months ago.

Lizzie: Well, I mean, [forced laugh] he just--was I wrong?

Charlotte: Let's not burn any bridges, okay, we can't insult people. Please be nice. 

Lizzie: I am nice! Hey, let-let's go enjoy Vidcon. 

Charlotte: Good call!

[outro plays]