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This week's questions:
2:16 What is the process of creating an HCT episode? How do you gather research and transform it into a script, make visuals, film it, etc.? Thanks!
5:24 What are high risk insurance pools? Do they work?
7:16 Any thoughts on the recent(ish) study that basically said we are in better hands with female, rather than male doctors? Did the media report the study well?
8:57 Are home remedies for heartburn, such as Apple cider vinegar and baking soda effective beyond placebo effect?
10:14 How effective are health savings accounts?
12:05 Are allergy reactions worse with each exposure?
12:43 Would you agree that those of us w/chronic expensive conditions break the "insurance" model for health care, and that's why high-risk pools keep coming up?
15:14 Public option. Pros and cons?
19:42 Are there any studies on the safety or effectiveness of the "potato hack?" (The diet where you eat nothing but potatoes for a month, popularized recently by Penn Gillete.)
21:38 What is the actual evidence regarding moderate/light drinking, say 1-2 drinks per week, during pregnancy? Books like "Expecting Better" say it's ok, but others say absolutely not.
23:06 Is there a difference between brand-name and generic prescription medicines. Some people swear yes some people swear there a difference?
25:40 How does one get involved in health research? like what you do?
28:08 What's your beef with John Ionnandis?!
29:23 Are you answering questions right now?
29:30 With the recent approval to repeal ACA what is the expected replacement time? In the interim, what happens to those who are on Obamacare? How will this disrupt the insurance industry?
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