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In which Hank talks about books...and proposes a book club...with prizes and voting and fun!


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Good Morning John. I know what you're thinking, "Oh my god, my little brother really needs a hair cut". Well I only have one thing to say to you mister, "Ok".

John I wanted to say that I finished the books you got Kathrine and I for Christmas. Neuromancer was fantastic, Mouse was also fascinating and very cool. But I gave it back to the used book store so that they could sell it to a new person. I liked it so much that I wanted to pass it on. THIS I liked so much that I kinda maybe want to read it again, so I'm going to hold onto it. And all that book reading has made me think about book reading and how much I like it, a lot. And I'm afraid that not enough people do. And sometimes I think that's not because people don't wanna read, I think its just because people don't have reasons to read.

And so I've got this idea, and I got this idea by looking at some books that I've been reading and noticing the blurbs. Now John I know that you've written blurbs before, blurbs are very interesting to me. The idea is that when a new book comes out, they'll ship it around to a bunch of people, and book review places will review the book, and individual authors like you will "blurb" the book. And come up with some amazingly short sentence that tries to capture the essence of the book, in like, five words. For example, the one on the front of this is "A mind bender of a read". Which is, really remarkably accurate.

Got me thinking about BLURBS! Got me thinking about book reports. Do you remember book reports? Book reports are really lame. You end up not writing about the book so much, and writing about the author and trying to write about what other people are saying about the book and not what YOU think about the book. And that, frustrates me. And I started thinking, Why don't we have everyone, instead of writing book reports, come up with a sentence that, in like less then ten words, captures the essence of the book. It just strikes me as being infinitely more useful, and cool, and difficult, and interesting, than writing a book report. It's also a really good way to sort of make yourself understand what's unique and interesting about something new that you're reading.

SO, with that in mind, here's my idea. We, you and I, and the nerdfighters, whatever nerdfighters want to participate, read a book. we read a book every two weeks. Two weeks is plenty of time to read a book. And then everybody writes a blurb. And the blurb has to be less then ten words, has to try to capture the essence of the book, in a unique and interesting way. It could be humorous, it could be insightful, it could be exciting, it could be, whatever you want it to be, as long as it's ten words or less. I guess it's the nerdfighting blurbing book club. Blurbing Book Club! (Hank laughs at his weird way of saying that). The Nerdfighting Blurbing Book Club.

And welcome to the first edition of the Nerdfighting Blurbing Book Club! It's begun! I think that we should read "13 Little Blue Envelopes" by Maureen Johnson! I think it's only suitable that we choose a nerdfighter's book, to start off the Nerdfighting Blurbing Book Club. I encourage everyone, upon finishing the book, to write down your thoughts a little bit, try and straighten everything out so that you can get a good blurb out of this thing. Then once you've got your blurb you can post it in a blog post, and send it to me. And then I'll set up a poll, and we're going to vote for the best one, and that person is going to get, ONE, a free nerdfighter t-shirt and TWO, if they wish, their own face saying their blurb on the Vlogbrothers channel. But I encourage everyone to go buy 13 Little Blue Envelopes, you can get it where ever books are sold. Or you can go to right now and click the little link in the sidebar.

So that's my idea, I hope you like it. I do. So I'm gonna go start reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes. And I encourage you to do the same. John, I will see you later.