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In which Hank is maybe a little too upset by the state of the world...


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John Engen: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is John and I work for the city. At a recent press conference at my home, I announced to all those in attendance (my wife, the dog, and the cat) that I was endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President of the United states.

Hank Green: Good morning, John. This is a special edition of Brotherhood 2.0: I am in the longest line of my entire life, without a doubt. It actually continues to go around this way, then it goes back down there, to where you can't see anymore, then it comes back, then it goes back that way. Katherine and I are going to try to see Barack Obama this morning. Waking up at 7 o'clock in the morning is pretty much the most that I can do for the world. So I'm obviously a pretty big fan.

Obama was amazing, as you might have expected. But instead of showing you all lots of clips from the whole thing, because that would take like an hour, because that's how long his speech was. IT was amazing! No notes!! He just stood there and gave a 50-minute speech! With jokes, and like, improvisation. But when I was watching your video yesterday, I noticed that something sounded kind of familiar. And then I figured out what it was. And so I wanted to share that with you.

John Green: ...the weird thing that those advertisements end up doing is making you think that the poor are in some way fundamentally different from us, that they're, like, a Them.

Barack Obama: You know the reservation here in Montana? (sarcastic) Well, that's not our problem.

John Green: And so in our minds it becomes this formulation: WE should help THEM. But it's not a Them problem, it's an Us problem.

Barack Obama: Every child is our problem, every child is our responsibility.

John Green: We need to help Us.

Barack Obama: We have to invest to make sure they're prepared.

Hank Green: Yes! *cheering* My brother and Barack Obama are both very made-of-awesome. I remember being taught in school that -- that there was a hierarchy of needs, and the people who didn't have the basic needs like housing and food don't care about the next levels on the hierarchy, which include things like social status and self-realization and all that crap. But that's totally not true! That's -- the hierarchy of needs was created by someone who never had to deal with the first need.

Just because you don't have things like food, doesn't mean that you're some kind of animal, that you don't care about other people, that you don't want to do good things, that you don't want to do good things for yourself and for your community. It means that you CAN'T do those things. It's so screwed up -- that, that I was taught that in school! And while you're like, "Oh they should have food so they can achieve those new levels," it also makes you think that maybe it's not such a big deal that they don't have food because they don't know about the further levels that they could be achieving.

Frankly, I can't believe that anybody ever said this, but the hierarchy of needs actually has two levels before you get to love. So people who don't have enough food or shelter, and also, according to this guy, people who don't have "personal safety," don't need love or friendship or family. They need to get food and shelter and safety before they want dignity and family and community. AAAHHH!! It's really no wonder we're so good at ignoring these huge, horrible problems that our world has. Maybe it's about a way to try and create a world where people can live without feeling extremely guilty every second of their lives.

Anyway, how much does an Xbox 360 cost? Because if you could give that much, I could probably give that much. So I'm gonna check that out. $250. An Xbox 360 costs $250, and here I go to Shawn's PayPal. 2...5...0. Update. John, thanks for being an awesome person and an awesome brother. I'll see you on...Monday?