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In which John Green shares good news (about his new book Paper Towns), bad news (about taxes), and terrible news (about the Yeti). Nerdfighters, leave a comment to have your name in the hat to win the ARC of Paper Towns.


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Good morning, Hank, it's Monday, April 14th.

I have three pieces of good news, two pieces of bad news, and one piece of terrible news. First, some good news. Nerdfighters are made of awesome.

Well, I know that's not really news but I still get excited about it. Hank, I just want to thank the hundreds of nerdfighters on six continents who have given money to Shawn in Bangladesh. Hank, we've raised more than $3,000.

As Shawn told me in an email, that's a lot of money in Bangladesh. Hank, nerdfighters, with Shawn's help, we're going to make a lot of people's lives a lot more awesome. If you still want to donate, I put a link in the sidebar.

Finger-mustache! Bad news: I'm not going to be able to do a Question Tuesday today. Nerdfighters, thank you for your thousands of excellent, book-related questions.

I will answer as many of them as I can in four minutes, but unfortunately, for the reasons that will be outlined in the next bad news and the terrible news, I just don't have time today. You have my solemn vow that I will do it by the end of the week or else you can punish me. Good news: Hank, I finally received permission from my publisher to share the covers of Paper Towns on the video blog!

That's right, I said covers plural. Hank, Paper Towns is gonna have two different covers. The book inside will be identical, but you can pick, you know, whichever cover you would prefer.

Hank, there's a lot of reasons why we chose to have two covers for Paper Towns, but one of the main reasons is that the girl character in the book is kind of radically misapprehended by all of the people around her, and we wanted to capture two of the ways in which she is radically misapprehended. Hank, I really like both covers and I hope everyone else does too, I'm kind of nervous, but here we go. There are the covers of my new book, Paper Towns.

You can pick the yellow or you can pick the blue or you can order online and be surprised. Bad news: taxes are due tomorrow. God, I hate taxes.

Let's move onto some good news. Hank, do you know what I'm holding in my non-video-camera-holding hand? That's right, it's an advanced readers copy of my new book, Paper Towns!

These just came out, like, three days ago. Well, hello there, Margo. You're looking very cute today.

So before the real book comes out on October 16th, my publisher prints advanced reading copies for librarians and reviewers and stuff. They're like regular books, only lower quality. And with typos.

Margo, when I put myself right next to you like this, I feel like I have a very large head. Between now and the publication date, October 16th, I'm going to give away as many advanced readers copies as I can to nerdfighters. And there's gonna be all kinds of, like, fascinating complex games involved in getting one of these advanced readers copies.

But because I don't really have time for anything fascinatingly complex today, here's what's going to happen: everyone who comments on this video at YouTube or at the Ning is going to get their name put in a hat. My voice just cracked. Haaaaat.

And then I'm going to pick a name out of that hat, and then I'm going to send this gally to that person. And lastly, terrible news: The Yeti's sick. Poor thing.

Hank, there's nothing that makes me more sad than seeing a sick Yeti. In fact, Hank, to help you understand how incredibly sad it is to see a sick Yeti, I'm going to take you on a safari. Okay, Hank, when looking for The Yeti, we must be very quiet.

We must walk quietly. Shhh. She's very sick.

She may be asleep. Is that not the saddest thing you've ever seen in your life? Hank, you're awesome.

I'll see you - on Wednesday?