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In which John follows Hank around with a video camera and discovers that he is very sleepy.


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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday, June 12th. Or, should I say good morning Nerdfighters, since Hank is just right down at the beach and I could go talk to him if I wanted to. So, good morning, Nerdfighters! It's Tuesday, June 12th! For today's video I thought I would take the rare opportunity of actually being in the same place as Hank to observe what Hank is like when he's not filming Brotherhood 2.0. In essence I wanted to capture for you what Hank Green is like in the wild. Think of me as your one man Hank Green paparazzi team. It turns out that Hank is exactly like we'd expect him to be in a lot of ways: (Hank eating) He enjoys his breakfast, (Hank reading) he likes reading magazines, (Hank walking) and he enjoys walking along the beach at sunset and looking, you know, wistful. But there is one important way that Hank is different from what we might expect. And it's this: (Hank napping) Hank Green loves to sleep. I haven't seen someone sleep this much since the last time I hung out with a three day old! So I'll say, Hey Hank, do you wanna go to the beach? And he'll say, (Hank napping). And then I'll say, hey Hank, do you wanna go play tennis? I hear they have tennis courts. And the he'll say (Hank in bed). And then I'll say hey Hank do you wanna go fishing in the ocean? And he'll say (Hank napping on boat) All right, but only if I get to sleep on the boat. I think that we have to consider the possibility that The Weather Channel is doing sleep deprivation tests on Hank. So anyway, Nerdfighters, I had a great day surreptitiously filming Hank, and then finally at the end of the day, he caught me. Hank: is that a video? John: Well I'm doing an anthropological study of what Hank Green is like when he's not filming Brotherhood 2.0 videos. Hank: That's a good idea. Umm, I was gonna go pee. John: I -I'll go with you (a door) How's it going? Hank? When Hank Green pees is it like other people peeing? (door opens) Hank how was it? Your fans want answers. What is Hank Green peeing like? Hank: Apparently a lot like me- uh. Woman (off camera): What are you guys doing? Hank: John's filming my every move. Woman: (laughs) John: What's it like when Hank Green pees? (Hank moves to avoid camera) Ohh-haha I'm fast! Hahaha I'm still on you! Oh, that's Hank Green putting his head in a pillow. (Hank throws pillow) John: Hank, I'll see you very shortly down at the beach, and you'll see me whenever you wake up from your nap.