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No guitar, no firewire, no time!
Hank very nearly misses his deadline.


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 Missing fire wire cable

Buenos dias, John, es Miercoles trece de Junio. Yo soy triste. Porque yo misplaced la fire wire cable. Yo tengo recordar el video usiendo la MacBook iSight camera. How do you say sh*t in Spanish? Kaka!

Anyway I had a bunch of stuff that I was gonna include in this video, but I can't because it's on the camera, and no matter how much I rub the video tape on the MacBook the video tape won't get inside the MacBook. It is pretty annoying and I am a little bit angry. It's been a very interesting day and the last part was not so much fun. But the beginning part was.

 Song (0:56)

You may have noticed that it is a Wednesday, and thus I have a song. Now, this may not be as cool as it would have been if I had had my footage, but it is still a song and it is very short so you won't have to sit through much of it anyways. It's about my family.

(sings) My family

Is getting crazy

27 today

With two more on the way

Bill and Fran and Mom and Dad

Mike Gillian, John, Sarah, Mike Nanny

Popa Thomas, Sanders, Charles,

Walker, Rachel, Charles, Allie, Braxton, Mary

Christian, Taylor and Katherine

Elizabeth, Grace, Katherine, Me.

And that's just on my mom's side.

 Garage Band (1:39)

(spoken) I hope that some of you enjoyed that, I didn't have my guitar so I got to use Garage Band for the first time to actually make the music, which was interesting to do, I dunno that I'm very good at it yet. I might be getting better. Especially because for next Wednesday I have a very exciting, at least to me, project that will utilize Garage Band heavily.

 Dominican Republic (1:57)

What John and I did today was extremely cool. Now it's been a little bit disturbing to be in the Dominican Republic just laying on the beach drinking Pina Coladas when we know that not very far away there are a lot of people in some very bad situations. And my dad was actually able to get us an opportunity to visit some of the people in those situations and it was really really awesome. It was just awesome to see what the Dominican Republic is actually like. Here in the hotel where my family is staying, it's just completely isolated from it. Just as isolated as the United States is. So we were very lucky to be invited into this village. And you are gonna get to see some of that, just not today.

We learned a very interesting thing from a very interesting man today. And that is that the people of Haiti are flooding across the border into the Dominican Republic because their situation is so much worse than the people here. At the same time the people of the Dominican Republic are flooding across the border into Puerto Rico, because the situation in Puerto Rico is so much better than the situation in the Dominican Republic. And then the people in Puerto Rico are flooding into the United States of America because the situation in the United States is so much better than the situation in Puerto Rico! And the people of the United States have been saying a lot of really nice things about the Netherlands lately. Toobias? Here we come!

Let's go find John. John?

John: Yes?

I can see you right now.