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I'm answering some of your science and medical questions while I still have time! Like, free time, not time on this Earth. I hope.

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Hey, internet! So, if you're watching Victoria's show, there is definitely some stuff going down right now. [Clears throat] But it's seriously nothing to worry about. The--the whole situation is under complete control, and nothing--HOLY CRAP, WHAT WAS THAT? Okay...maybe it's nothing, but you can't be too careful. Uh, this would probably be more threatening if it didn't still have Salisbury steak from the dining hall on it. 

Anyway, it looks like I'll be pretty preoccupied for the next few weeks at least, so let's answer some of your science questions while I still have a chance. 

animeknight97 asks: "how do birthmark form?" [snort] Anime, anime, the grammatically correct way to ask your question would be, "how DOES birthmark form?" Alright? No, wait...

Lots of newborns come out of their moms with colored marks on their skin, and sometimes they're pinkish-red, other times brown, white, or even purple. All sorts of shapes and sizes are possible, and they can have different root causes, too. Sometimes a little patch of skin has a little more melanin than the surrounding area, leading to a pigmented birthmark. These are the kind sometimes called cafe-au-lait spots that look kind of like brown ovals or circles. Red birthmarks, also known as vascular birthmarks, happen when a cluster of blood vessels grows close to the surface of the skin. 

But to answer your specific question, we don't really know why any of this stuff happens, and almost all birthmarks are harmless and don't affect overall health in any way. Almost all. Years ago, people used to think that birthmarks were stains on a baby's skin caused by certain food that the mother ate during pregnancy, which is amazing and hilarious. Imagine a baby just hanging out in the womb, and the mom eats like, a bunch of spaghetti, and just hits the poor little fetal guy right in the face, and he's like "aw, c'mon, Mom! This is gonna stain this color! At least avoid the face! I wanna go to prom someday!" 

And just to be clear, uh, fetuses don't speak. I don't want anyone to get confused. Also, if you have a big birthmark on your face, I--I totally didn't mean to insult you. And if you need a date for the prom, just tweet me with the hashtag #askiggy. I'm hella fun at proms!