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Welcome to another installment of Ask Iggy, the show where I answer your pressing science and medical questions! Unless it’s about the dead guy. Let’s just...not talk about the dead guy...

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Hey! Me again, Iggy.
From the internet.

I'm on that show, with the, you know...dead guy.
Anyway, this, this isn't that other show. Lets not talk about the other show.

This is Ask Iggy, where I answer your pressing science and medicine type questions.

Today's question comes to us from Inamadsworld who asks "what is your favorite scientific law or theory?"
Wow. So many to choose from. All of which I totally remember from my years of schooling by name. Yeah, all those famous scientific laws that I would not need Wikipedia to know about... 

Hey! I'm back, I mean I'm still here, ignore the edit that just happened. The question was what's your favorite scientific law or theory? And I'm going with Chaos Theory. That's right, it's not just from that movie, I don't have the rights to show you a clip from, or maybe even mention. (whispers) Jurassic Park.

Chaos Theory suggests that in reality unlike mathematics systems are too complex to fully analyze, and therefore accurately predict. And this simple cup of water contains approximately 8.36x10^24 molecules of H2O, and they're all bouncing around together in a turbulent environment, constantly moving and shifting positions.
Now imagine I dump this cup of water into the Pacific Ocean. Those original water molecules from the cup would end up all spread out across the world, and there's no way of knowing which direction each of them would shoot out in.

This simple principle impacts experiments and observations across pretty much every branch of science. How do minor, sometimes invisible variations alter everyday outcomes? No-one could have known that I was really gonna spill that water out onto the floor - it's chaos! Ok I'm gonna go get some paper towels.

(returns with bag of potato chips)
Oh man, love chips. So anyway keep sending me your questions and quandaries and I'll see you guys next time on Ask Iggy. Why is the floor wet? Oh, paper towels.

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