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Does testosterone cause hair growth, or hair loss?  Small testicles, prostate cancer, aggression, weight gain, acne? Does it cause a high sex drive? 
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*whip, throat clear intro*
  In 1849 German scientist Arnold Berthold castrated six roosters, he took out their testicles and he observed one, that they stopped fighting each other and, two, that they quit mounting the hens.  Intresting, right?
  It gets better.  Next, Berthold mix matched cocks and balls.  He put these balls with these cocks.  He found that the cocks with another birds balls went right back to fighting and mounting. 
So, Berthold deduced that there must be something in the testicles that influenced this behavior.  He looked into the bloodstreams and sure enough, Berthold was right.  Testosterone is a hormone, or chemical messenger, produced in the testicles, ovaries, adrenal glands, and laboratories that travels around the body through the blood stream. 
As doctor Andre Harris puts it; messengers with a key, going around unlocking cell's potential.  Pube cells, unlock.  Adam's apple cells, unlock. Libido cells, is that a thing?  Cells that produce more testosterone, unlock.  Like the roosters, testosterone may influence our sexualities more than any other, Anything! 
Take, for example, week seven in utero.  Testicles and ovaries start to develop, which are then able to produce their own testosterone and direct sex differentiation.  Around week nine this testosterone leads to erectile tissue; clitorises and penises and the growth of a prostate.  The body and the brain establish sex and gender.  Sexual orientation!  Bah!!!
And then during puberty there's usually another surge that gets us all to take off our clothes and rub our bodies together. 
In addition to all of the changes, testosterone produced by people with testicles affects muscle growth, bone mass, body hair, sideburns, beard, moustaches, everything from the navel to the thighs.  Buttox fur! 
Testosterone deepens the voice, it broadens the shoulders, it expands the rib cage, in enlarges the sebaceous glands which can lead to acne.  It produces sperm.  It increases the size of penises, gives the scrotum that wrinkly look and increases sex drive.  And risk taking, so be careful.  There is much less testosterone produced by the ovaries; seven to eight times less.  But people with ovaries are more sensitive to it.  Medical providers are going to be so helpful here. 
This goes for people who want to increase and monitor their testosterone with creams, gels, patches, injections, tablets and/or ingestibles.  Many people who take synthetic testosterone describe a second puberty, often including increased hunger and sex drive, changes in mood and emotional responses, more and thicker body hair.  Look at that scruffy face! 
Just like natural T, there can be an increase in muscle mass, acne, lengthening of the vocal chord that deepens the voice.  Sing for us!  *singing* 
"Got me feeling so high, I cant come down from this."
That can be redistributed from the but hips and thighs to the torso.  Wow!
An erectile tissue, like my clit, can enlarge to *meaa*
If a person has a menstrual cycle and takes T, that may go away.
And oh!  Synthetic testosterone is correlated with changes in sexual orientation or sexual behaviors and preferences.  It's unclear if these changes are biological or a result of increased confidence, or self awareness.
Most likely its a combination of all influenced by testosterone.
  What increases testosterone?
Studies i've listed in the description correlate a boost in testosterone with exercise, specifically resistance training and high intensity interval training, sun exposure, vitamin D, watching sexually explicit films, smelling ovulation; yes, the odor of fertility elevates testosterone levels.  So does quote "seeing a novel female" meaning a new girl or women.
This dosn't apply to everyone of course, none of this is a rule, but it's fascinating!
Other influencing variables; zinc, time of day, testosterone typically peaks in the morning.  Sleep has a big impact, and competition.  And sex; sex, masturbation, kissing.
Reasurch has shown that people with lots of testosterone prefer tongue contact over closed lips pecs because saliva transfers testosterone to the other partner; instigating sexual arousal and the opportunity for them to have sex. 
So, pro tip; make out open mouth style to transfer testosterone and saliva from one partner to another so that your sexual interests are more similar.
What decreases testosterone?
Dieting, overeating, drugs, alcohol, stress.
As cortisol the primary stress hormone rises in the bloodstream, testosterone goes down.  One of you asked if vasectomies decrease testosterone, this is a great question.
Most diagrams show one chord coming out of each testicle into the rest of the body, the vasdefrines.  So it makes sense to think that if this chord is cut or blocked to stop sperm from traveling, that it would also stop testosterone.
Here's a better diagram, there are many blood vessels and arteries running in and out of the scrotum that transport testosterone from the testicles all over.
So vasectomies do not have an effect on testosterone.
Falling in love, on the other hand, does.  The beginning honeymoon tends to decrease testosterone in men, while increasing testosterone in women.  Scientists think because of changes to their temperament and/ or behaviors.  But, it could be the other way around.  
For example, fatherhood.  Testosterone declines when a man becomes a parent, especially the younger the child and the more time that dad spends caregiving.  Ah, evolution, adjusting testosterone levels to care for offspring.  Lessining aggression for cooperative safe childrearing.  I could just *squeeze* you nature!!
What else happens if testosterone is low?  
For those with testicles, an amount below 300 nanograms per deciliter is low.  Less than twenty five nanograms per deciliter if you've got ovaries.  Please do a consultation with a professional about your level and your normal though.  
Low testosterone also called hypogonadism can lead to weight gain, trouble with attention, memory and spacial abilities, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and from that premature death.  It's also correlated with osteoporosis, fragile bones, fatigue, irritability, depression, a harder time building and maintaining muscle, hair loss, lower sperm count, hot flashes, trouble producing new blood cells, lower sex drive, softened shrunken testicles and erectile difficulties.
That being said, sometimes medication is prescribed to reduce testosterone.  Like leuprolide for people with prostate cancer, and spironolactone for trans women.
Conclusion, all bodies are unique, testosterone may boost your energy and mood, it may drive you to punch things; it's Powerful and we don't know everything about it yet.  
There's so much to learn!
Stay curious.  
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