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3. I use the term apocalypse a lot in this episode. I don't mean for this to offend anyone. My use is not biblical in nature it is referring to a "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling."

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Hello from Baja, Mexico, where I now live with my virtual friends and four dogs.  Baja foster puppies that need homes.  This is Leeloo.  She is gonna save the world.  As you may know, I'm a clinical sexologist.  I have my doctorate in human sexuality.  I've worked with clients over the years, taught at universities.  Sex is on my mind.  I know a lot, but not everything.  Like what's in this box from Adam & Eve.  They sent me it by an importer months ago so that I could do an unboxing of their latest playthings.  

This episode of Sexplanations is sponsored by them.  


Unpackage the package.  There's no joy left in the world.  Nobody's laughing about anything.  Let's look inside.  Oh my God, there's so much in here.  Okay, I don't know how I'm going to go through all of this.  We're not going to talk about all of these today, but I'm going to show you what they put in the box for me.  

Intermediate bondage kit.  Eve's big love rechargeable rabbit.  Yes, all the things.  Oh my gosh, did I mention I'm living alone in Baja with four dogs?  Hot chocolate naughty Nicole, mm.  Soft erotic feel, ribbed canal, oh, oh yes, this is a stroker.  Aww, I missed my satisfying penguin.  Satisfier pro-penguin, so I asked them to send me another one and they did.  Gorgeous.  Oh my gosh, her royal harness crotchless.  Fits up to 64 inches, or if you live here, 162.5 centimeters.  Look at that butt.  Ohh.  Oh, phone sex.  Oh, phone sex.

Okay, what else do we have?  Prostate power probe XL.  Extended reach provides hours of comfortable pleasure.  So cool.  I love toys.  I feel like somebody is giving me so many presents and I'm stuck in quarantine and I'm feeling very isolated in another country than where most of my people are and I've got presents.

The unique feeling vibe, velvet touch vibes.  Okay, yep, gotta go in here.  I wanna feel you.  I wanna feel you.

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Okay.  Are you silicone?  Vibrator multi-speed, phthalate free ABS, so not silicone, not great body-friendly, but if you're putting it on the outside of the body anyway, haah, look at how simple.  So pretty, so slender.  

More strap ons, apparently I have a thing.  I'm gonna, I'm gonna do what with these?  Strap-on show, it's gonna be great.  Stay curious, right?  Oh, I have this one already.  Send me another one, yes, please.  Eve's rechargeable thrusting rabbit.  Maybe I can, you know.  

Clone-a-willy.  Okay, this is refillable molding powder--er, molding powder refill because I'm going to do an episode where I actually make--ho, yeah, look at this.  Am I gonna do this during the apocalypse?  I think I am! Oh my gosh, am I going to do this during the apocalypse?  Clone a pussy plus sleeve kit, make a replica of any vulva with an attachable masturbation sleeve, and if I mess up, hey-o.  

What else in this box please?  Another one of these.  Okay, so I had this on my old Sexplanations set and it went away.  Oh, I miss this stuff.  I wanna make a new set for myself, and I think that this one is so beautiful because you can see on the inside what is happening.  Not gonna open it just yet.  You.  You and you.  You.  Boom.  All the things.  We are gonna have some fun.

What else is in here?  Ahhh.  Lingerie!  Look it, it's so cute, it's like very Lindsey Doe.  The little cup sleeves.  Okay, don't imagine too hard.  Another vibrating strap-on, so this part here goes into the vagina and you clench.  It can also vibrate.  It's got a bullet in it, and this part can vibrate and then this part can thrust so your body becomes the strap-on.  You are with dick.  I love it.  I love it.  

We're going to go into some of these in detail.  Midnight purple.  What's happening here?  Mm.  Purple magic.  I think I ordered this for my Baja wife, but she is gone, so it shall be mine.  Cunnilingus friendly.  Penetration friendly.  Sex-friendly lingerie.  Bing!  

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What are you?  Ohh, oh my gosh, I really feel like I'm being loved right now.  Adam & Eve's language, gift-giving.  Look at this, after glow natural massage oil candle.  This is what I need in my life.  Not 'need'.  I don't need any of this.  I appreciate this because I have lots of sex toys from this company.  They're fantastic at making creative, innovative things, but sometimes I just wanna feel some home design.  This is Jimmy Jane's afterglow cherry blossom--berry blossom--natural massage oil candle.  Bougie de massage naturelle.  Mm, it smelled very good, some like, scent to my life, look at this.  I bet what's happening here is that you can light it and it will turn into an oil and then this little tip right here allows you to pour it.  You are massage oil candles.  Stay there and be pretty.  Smell divine.  

Chaiamo, for your divine pleasure.  Gorgeous box.  Tapered tip for precision, stimulation, ten highly powerful vibration and pulsation levels, sensory velvet touch, body-safe silicone, three seconds to turn on and off.  USB magnetic charge, 100% fully waterproof, three hours charge time for up to three hours of pleasure.  Elegant, highly powerful, and crafted to absolute perfection.  You know what?  I wanna open you.  I'm curious.  I don't know about you.  Some of your other friends over here I've experienced before, but you, Chaiamo, charger here, this part as usual, goes on the two dots on the back.  Bing!  USB port charge, are you penetration-friendly?  Body safe silicone, 100% waterproof, ten settings, rechargeable, ultimate climax.  Three seconds, wait three seconds.  Yep.  My goodness gracious.  I'm getting better with vibrators.  I'm getting better with vibrators.  Yep.  You will entertain me during the apocalypse.  

What are you?  Eve's petite pump.  

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I love things like this that are so exciting.  Hand-operated vaginal and clitoral pump.  I mean, I like my vulva just the way it is and I would love to clone it just the way it is, but if I wanted the, like, blown-up version, I guess that's what this is for.  Ooh, it's totally concealed.  Careful tear into the bag, but the clit will.  At least if I put this on the outside.  Everybody, the clitoris is mostly internal.  The part that you see is only a tiny percent of the deal.  Alright, here we go.  Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, yeah.  It's a petite pump.  It's for vaginal and clitoral pumping.  Do you put this on--do they mean vagina or do they mean vulva?  Because if they mean vagina, suck out the vaginal fluid.  Ohh, it's too hot in Baja, I'm losing my mind.

Next.  Hey, pug, it's okay, I know it's hot.  Everybody's hot, we've got lingerie everywhere and sex toys.  I have another cocksicle but now I have a purple one, grape flavored, just like the electrolytes I drink.  7 patterns 3 speeds, powerful vibration, premium silicone/proof, frickin' adorable.  Buy yourself an apocalypse toy.  We will all come together, reset the planet.  

Clone-a-willy, 'cause we're gonna do one of those.  I have another one that's glow in the dark, but I asked them to send me another one in case the molding didn't work, 'cause these are really hard to use, but I wanna do.  I want to clone--what I really want to clone is my fist.  If we all survive.

Happy rabbit strapless strap-on.  This is like the other one.  Here.  Different varieties.  This one is 15 functions, rechargeable, waterproof, travel lock.  Just lie down.  It's hot, huh?  Happy rabbit,  vibrating eve strap-on.  Should we do a comparison?  Maybe?  

I see two more items.  I don't know if I can show this one.  Whatever, I'm already demonetized.  I didn't tell you this because other bigger, shittier things are happening, but I got a message from YouTube right during the apocalypse that said "We have demonetized your entire channel and you no longer make a single penny from us."

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All the videos, nothing made, $0.  On that note, let me show you a dick.  This I asked for from them because I want to talk about semen.  You can make semen and then squirt it out.  Haah.  I'm so excited.  Yeah.  We are--we are--mhh, so many things are happening.

Oh yes, okay.  So what is this?  Optimum power master ball, tendon dependent vibrating functions.  Three levels of compression for intense pleasure.  You need to be opened, 'cause I don't fully understand what's happening here.  Do you just stick your phallus into the ball?  There's a charge cord, so some power is involved.  Stroking this penis.  This looks like an 8-ball.  Shake and tell the future.  How long are we in quarantine?  First we have power.

Do right by the product and read the directions.  To turn product on, press and hold the power button for three seconds.  I kinda like this three seconds thing now, because maybe that means that things won't automatically turn on when you have them in your suitcase.  A glowing LED light will indicate the product is on, if it was charged.  To activate vibrating functions, press the vibrating button once.  Continue pressing the button until desired function is reached.  Oh yeah.  

Okay, I want you to see what I see first, and there's a metal end here and a metal end at the bottom there and there is a fleshy, rubbery, I wouldn't stick my dick in there, but I don't have a dick, so.  It looks like it's magnetically held in place and there's two different ones, so there's ones with ribs, so you can fuck it like this and on the other side of the 8-ball, there's ones with spikes, so you can fuck it like this.  Mmm, I hope you use lube and a condom.

Well, now we know.  Some, like, vibration is happening in this ball, but if you ever wanted to stick your dick in a ball, now you can.  The last things, more candles, because Adam & Eve and I have a love affair with each other.  I've had these before.  I did a whole episode on massage, or on the power of touch, and I loved these because they are made from natural materials and you can turn them into massage oils and they smell so good.  

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That was a good day.  This is a good day.  I don't know what is happening in the world right now.  This is good.  What do I want to open (?~10:19)  Yep, this.  I wanna open this.  Let's see what you do, sir.  Fetish fantasy series, 9 inch hollow squirting strap-on with balls.  This flips here so that depending on the size of your ass, it will maybe fit.  I don't think this is a one-size-fits-all thing, but these are elastic, and then your legs are gonna go on these sides and the crotch is gonna be here.  Then you could stick your actual dick in this hole, or if you were wearing a strap-on, let's say this one, you could stick that strap-on dick inside this and you could wear a double strap-on.  Nice cavern there.  Feels kinda like basketball plastic?  Not the sexiest in the world.

How do you get it in?  I'm here, doin' cabin fever with my new dick.  Thanks for watching.  You can get all of these toys at, plus free shipping on your whole shopping cart.  They have not restricted travel as of the making of this video so you can get things shipped to you for free if you live in the United States or Canada.  Not Mexico, but elsewhere, and when you use the code 'DOE', D-O-E, my last name, you'll get that 50% off plus the free shipping on your order at  Yes, do it, mm, get yourself a box of presents and have lots of sex with yourself and your friends.  Not your dogs.  Stay curious.