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What are your fears?
What are your needs?
In this episode I want to hold space for you to share. For eight minutes I'm going to silently being here as familiar face who won't judge or interrupt you. It may feel strange. Some of you will think it's creepy, unsettling, etc. I want to try it anyway. Maybe giving people a place to put their sexual concerns and goals, life experiences of any kind, helps in ways that being talked at can't.
I'm curious.
Next week we return to our more traditional projects with an episode on thigh masturbation.
Stay curious ;o)

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Hi.  I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex-curious show, Sexplanations.  


For almost seven years, we've been putting out weekly episodes about all things sex: how to eat ass, the signs of abuse in children and adults, dry humping, self-induced abortions, what to do when your sex drive is different than your partner's.  I've talked and I've taught and sexplained so much, which I will continue to do because there's so much more to go over, but today, I want to listen. 

The rest of this episode will be me sitting here silently holding space for you to be quiet with me or to talk for eight minutes.  I'll set the timer.  Tell me what you're working through, what are you afraid of, what do you need.  If you share in the comments, I will do my best to respond, but my hope is that having a familiar face, someone who will not judge you or interrupt you, will help in some way.  Okay.  


Thanks for doing that with me.  I hope you feel heard and better.  Thank you to everyone at who makes content like this possible and allows me the freedom to explore different things that people might need for their sexuality that might not just be talking at.  

Have a great day.  Stay curious.