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Good Morning John it's Wednesday.

As someone brought up recently during Brotherhood 2.0, every Wednesday I would perform a song. So ok I am going to.

[Vlogbrothers Intro]

If you don't know, John's book is coming out tomorrow. Pappper Tooownsss!
And so there are lots of very important and very cool Paper Towns related things going on right now. There is a twitter stream containing lots of fake spoilers from Paper Towns. Kayley from fiveawesomegirls baked John a Paper Towns cake.

[Kayley Footage]

It's a Paper Towns-tacular day and tomorrow will be the ultimate Paper Towns-tacular day. It will be October 16th, the official release date of Paper Towns.

So today I am in the studio recording a Paper Towns song and I am going to start playing that song right now.
(The List by Hank plays in the background)
Several nerdfighters and I have all recorded Paper Towns songs. We are making a Paper Towns collaborative album. Oh my god, isn't that awesome! And we are giving it away for free, but in order to get the Paper Towns collaborative album you have to prove your dedication to Paper Towns. And you have to do that in three different ways. You have to take a picture of yourself with Paper Towns and make it your Myspace or Facebook profile picture, make it your YouTube profile picture, make it every profile picture you can. Take lots of pictures of yourself with Paper Towns, put them in very visible places. So for example if you happen to be a painting of a hot blonde girl in a bikini in the jungle this would be a really good center screen shot for you on YouTube.

Second. Go to your local bookstore and if you haven't, purchase Paper Towns, and then put little notes in the book. Write like on the first page, by the dustflap is the best place. Put a little note, maybe sticking up a little bit that says how much you love Paper Towns. Just a little bit of a shoutout to get more people interested in Paper Towns. People may be like 'Oh I wonder what this is' and then maybe be like 'Oh look a note!' So it's like a blurb but way better because it's from just a normal person who liked the book instead of some book reviewer who liked the book.

Three. Comment on this video and then send an email to saying that you have done all of those things. We will give you access to the downloads of this album. In addition you'll be able to pay three dollars, which is the cost of the creation and shipping of the CD, to get an actual hard copy of the CD. And my battery is dying so i won't be able to finish this video in the studio but I will finis it at home. Nerdfighters!

I'm home now, and this is on, and I'm all, y'know this is really important, Presidential election, but all I can think about is Paper Towns. Basically goes a great deal towards explaining how much John and I's relationship has changed in the past couple of years. Paper Towns coming out is like an even in my life on the scale of buying my first house and the freaking Presidential election.

Once more, to gain access to the Paper Towns collaborative album you must:
  • Take a picture of yourself with Paper Towns and have it as you Myspace or Facebook or YouTube profile icon. You can also blog about it if you want. Be really extra awesome!
  • Put little notes about how much you like Paper Towns inside of unsold copies of Paper Towns at bookstores.
  • Three. Tell me below about how excited you are about Paper Towns coming out! Woooh!