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For those of you who are curious, the Vlogbrothers both use Canon HV30s, the best pro-am Mini-DV camcorder in existence. You can get them here:

And the lens I got works with HV20s and HV30s, you can see it here:


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A Bunny
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I've got some weird news for all of you, turns out that my brother is a semi-professional video blogger and he actually is incapable of making a YouTube video right now.

This is not actually a new phenomenon. I've been helping John take little baby steps into using computers for more than just word-processing and web surfing since this project began and John is in the middle from switching over from iMovie to FinalCutExpress, which is something that I did recently and is a big pain in the ass, but it's taking him a really long time to figure it out which is little disappointing because we all thought we were going to watch him eat a fat sandwich today! Yes, that is correct my nerdfighting friends, the punishment has been chosen and it is to dissolve protein powder, strawberry flavored- I'm not kidding, into Crisco, melt it, and then chunk it up into a fat sandwich.

Mmmmmmmm. 100% the same a Charles Jr. 6-pound Porta-bubby-Mushroom-whatever-the-thingy. Because John eats his hamburgers his way, and that is the way in which you actually see how gross it is. He has done it and he has filmed it and I have watched some of it.

John's initial reports were, and I quote, "For the first two bites it was delicious. And then I puked." Which, frankly, is how we all should respond to Charles Jr. burgers, they taste delicious but really they should make you wanna puke. I also have another piece of news to share with you.

Uhhhh, I got a new toy today. In fact, I'm using it right now. I actually have a wide angle lens now, watch this.

Oooh...oooh...yaaaaah...wide angle! Whaaa-wooow...wha-wow. So yeah, I got a wide-angle lens which means now I can make my face all crazy and distorted like I got a humongous nose.

It's great. And, of course, I've got some plans for this puppy but nothing that I've got prepared right at the moment. So all of you just consider this a teaser.

A teaser for John's fat-sandwich-eatin-self. And yes, he got the strawberry flavored protein. I don't know why he's so into the self-flagellation.

So yeah, this particular technical difficulty has been extremely frustrating. We can't get the audio and video to sync up and we're pretty sure it's a YouTube problem because the video's just fine on John's computer and it's completely unwatchable because the audio and the visual have nothing to do with each other! So it has been kind of a bad day for John, not just because he had to eat a fat sandwich.

So I think to say thank you to him once he gets that fat sandwich video up I would appreciate everybody commenting on it and most especially favorite-ing it because you know that John eating gross things is your favorite. It's my favorite, it must be your favorite too. And to finish this all off, please enjoy this video of me playing Dance Dance Revolution on a High School Musical 3 dance pad because that was the cheapest one I could get. ::Hank dances to Accio Deathly Hallows at chipmunk speed::