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Victoria and Iggy decide to hunt down the Creature together.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Iggy DeLacey - Steve Zaragoza -

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Victoria: At a certain point, the pursuit of knowledge stops being about evidence and theories on a chalkboard.  The truly curious must then leave the lab and go out into the world and examine reality up close.  Or, in my case, examine reality and then destroy it using violent force.  If three days pass and you don't see another episode of Frankenstein, MD, that means I've failed.  But know this: I ended things on my own terms.  Know that I went down fighting.  

(Frankenstein, MD intro plays)

Victoria: By tracking reports of the Creature online and in print, I have come to the same conclusion as Dr. Waldman: He's headed here.  To Geneva.  To me.  All of this energy spent avoiding detection.  He travels almost exclusively at night, he studiously avoids open spaces using his tremendous endurance and climbing abilities as an asset.  Unfortunately, this makes apprehending him...complex.  Even if I knew where he was going and where he was, which I don't.  

Iggy: Hey Victoria, you down here?

Victoria: Iggy?

Iggy: Why does it smell like the lab in here?  Hang on a second, is that just what you smell like now?  

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Iggy: Dr. Waldman didn't think you'd take off, so he sent me to come check on you.  

Victoria: I'm not running away.  This is my mess, I'm gonna clean it up.  

Iggy: You can't stay in Geneva.  Robert is coming for you.  

Victoria: How do you know so much about what Robert's doing?

Iggy: Uh...

Victoria: Iggy?

Iggy: Uhh, 'cause, we were helping him.  

Victoria: Iggy!

Iggy: Only at first!  Only at first!  He came back to the lab the day after you left campus.  He needed a transfusion and antibiotics.  

Victoria: You knew what he was capable of!  

Iggy: I didn't have a choice.  

Victoria: Of course you did!  You could've let him die.  

Iggy: Look, I have my reasons, alright?  I didn't just save him because I love a man with stitches. 

Victoria: Why?  Why would you save him?

Iggy: I did it for you.  For us.  So that we can have a second chance at success.  

Victoria: Success.  

Iggy: And we can still success.  Succeed, even.  If we can capture Robert, and get him back into the lab, and, and, and make sure he's properly sedated, we could just carry on right where we were.  Look, Waldman and I are so close--

Victoria: My best friend is dead.  And you've been lying to me for weeks.  Why would I go along with this?

Iggy: go straight for the best friend thing, huh?  Was I even on the shortlist?  

Victoria: This is serious!  

Iggy: I'm sorry!  When I get nervous, I tell dumb jokes.  Look, VF, let's big picture this.  This is groundbreaking, revolutionary science.  

Victoria: Rory is dead.  

Iggy: She didn't have to die for nothing!  Waldman and I have stronger restraints, a bigger cage--

Victoria: He was in a cage?

Iggy: He kept busting out of the lab!

Victoria: You two are idiots!  

Iggy: You're the one that created him!  I'm just keeping him alive until you get your on head straight and come back to work.  Okay, just so you know, you're not the first woman that's ever slapped me.  You're like the fourth.  Fourth and a half.  Look.  I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Robert.  But we just didn't think you were up to it.  And now we need you.  I think Robert sort of...imprinted on you.  

Victoria: Imprinted?

Iggy: Well, I mean, every time we tried to talk to him, he would just yell out your name.  

Victoria: I can't hear this.  

Iggy: Look, and then when we thought he was going to give Waldman a high five, instead he just snapped, and almost threw him through a wall.  Look, you're the one Robert wants.  

Victoria: So, we go after him together.  

Iggy: Wait, so you're in?  Was it really that easy?  I didn't even have to show you my ugly cry.  

Victoria: We should go, it's getting dark.  

Iggy: Okay, so, so, so let me just get this straight: the plan is we go out there, we find him, we capture him, and then we bring him back to the lab at Engle State.  

Victoria: Yes.  We are going to find him.  

Iggy: And then capture him and then bring him back to the lab.

Victoria: Yes.  

Iggy: Great, okay, so, uh, see you in five?  Okay.  

Victoria: I'm going to find him.  And then I'm going to kill him.