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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Iggy DeLacey - Steve Zaragoza -
The Creature - Evan Strand -

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Closed Captions and Annotations -- Jared M. Gair
(PBS Digital Studios intro plays)

Iggy: Search for the creature, day four.  

Victoria: Night four.  This evening, we plan to cover the sparsely populated unincorporated area just to the south of Geneva.  It's woods, mostly.  

Iggy: Mhmm.  A good place to rest and remain unseen.  

Victoria: Well, hopefully not unseen. 

Iggy: Yeah, seen by us.  It's not even fair, look at me.  I could get the drop on anyone right now.  I could sneak up on, umm...quick, think of someone that's hard to sneak up on.  

Victoria: The...Cheshire cat.  

Iggy: Yeah!  I mean, that one's okay, I mean, I don't love it.

Victoria: A ninja.  

Iggy: Yes!  A ninja!  I could totally sneak up on a ninja right now!  Let's go with that one!

Victoria: I'm preparing a cocktail of medications that should incapacitate our subject despite his size and high metabolism.  

Iggy: First, midazolam, a short-acting benzodiazepine that works as a hypnotic agent.  That means its primary use is to induce sleep.  

Victoria: Midazolam has been used in the past for lethal injections.   But let's hope it doesn't come to that.  

Iggy: No way.  Zero chance.  We got this.  

Victoria: Next: fentanyl.  A synthetic opioid that's 100x more potent than morphine.  

Iggy: Okay, that's a Schedule II drug.  Where'd you get that?

Victoria: Ever meet Dr. Waldman's friend Fritz?  

Iggy: No.

Victoria: Then I've already said too much.  This hypnotic opioid combination should sedate the subject long enough to allow us to finish our work.  

Iggy: Returning him safely and securely to the lab at Engle State.  
Victoria: Precisely.  Almost forgot my gloves.

Iggy: Okay, so, I'm gonna go finish loading up the truck with Creature bait.  

Victoria: Creature bait?  

Iggy: Yeah!  I bought a butt-load of hot wings.  

Victoria: There's no way he can metabolize hot wings.  Eli...listen, if things go wrong tonight, I just wanted to say that...if I didn't have to make sure that nobody else gets hurt, I think maybe we could've--

Iggy: Hey, Vic, come on, we gotta go!  Let's do it!  

Victoria: Never mind.  I built him.  I can take him apart.  It's going to work.  On my way!

(Frankenstein, MD intro plays)

Victoria: Night four, unfortunately, was uneventful.  No sightings.  No sign that the creature even passed through the area.  Nonetheless, Dr. DeLacey has insisted on doing one last lap around the neighborhood to ensure all is clear.  The remaining routes to Geneva would all leave him relatively exposed.  It's possible he's getting bolder.  It's also possible that he's going through White Mountain State Park, but that terrain's--Dad?  Dad? 

Creature: Frank...en...stein...

Victoria: They taught you to speak.  

Creature: Speaaaak.  Thiiiiink.  Leeaaarrn.  

Victoria: How are you?  Are you hurt?  

Creature: Hurrrrt.

Victoria: Let me look at you.  

Creature: Frrrrieeend.  

Victoria: How?  Maybe your neurological damage has spread to your pain centers?  Or you're expressing fewer opioid receptors?  Uh, you're right, you're right, I can figure that out later.  

Creature: Frrrrieeend.  

Victoria: I am not your friend.  

Creature: YES!  Friend!  

Victoria: I am not your friend.  I'm your creator.  And I made a mistake.  You!  You are my mistake!  You have to go!  No, no high five, just leave!  

Creature: Leave?  With Frankenstein?  

Victoria: No!  Alone!  You have to go!

Creature: No.

Victoria: Alone!  

Creature: No alone.  Frankenstein friend.  No alone.  

Victoria: I can't be your friend.  I'm not like you!  

Creature: Like meeee?

Victoria: No!  There are no friends like you!  

Creature:  Frankenstein...maaaake...

Victoria: I can't.

Creature: Yeees.  No alone.  

Victoria: You don't know what you're asking.  

Creature: No...aloooone.

Victoria: Listen.  Iggy and I will get you back to the lab.  

Creature: No lab!  No alone!  Friend.  

Victoria: She was my friend.  You killed her!  

Creature: Friend.  Frankenstein make...

Victoria: I won't.  

Creature: YEEES!!!  For Robert.  

Victoria: What did you say?

Creature: Friend for Robert.  

(Frankenstein, MD endscreen plays)