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Eli attempts to reassure Victoria as she deals with the repercussions of her Creature.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.

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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
Eli Lavenza - Brendan Bradley -
Dr. Abraham Waldman - Kevin Rock

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(PBS theme plays)

Victoria: (on the phone) I'm telling you it's more complicated than that. This was not just a random accident. N-no listen to me, there's a man - he's mostly a man - who I think may be responsible for this. I know because I created him! In my lab! No..oh..okay, my professor's lab. Ye-yes I restored life to the broken corpse of my friend Robert Walton. Actually numerous tests have confirmed that I'm some kind of genius but that's not the point right now. (Sighs) Will you please just listen to me. I have evidence that Rory Clerval was murdered by a being that I created.

(hits table)

Victoria: Let's, let's start over. Do you have the internet?

(Frankenstein, MD theme plays)


Eli: You said he was dead.

Victoria: He should be dead, but just because I can't explain it doesn't mean it's not happening.

Eli: Well, if the creature is out there wandering the mountains or Newburgs the cops will find him.

Victoria: And what if they don't?

Eli: They will!

Victoria: Do you hate me?

Eli: Come on, Victoria. Of course I don't hate you --

Victoria: But you loved Rory, and she's dead because of me. You should hate me.

Eli: You didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Victoria: That's no excuse.

Eli: I was right there next to you the whole time. I watched your videos - I saw how far gone you were.

Victoria: You couldn't have stopped me.

Eli: Maybe not. Okay, probably not, but I could have tried. I just... saw how much it meant to you. And I was so proud of you. You wanted it so bad, and I... wanted it for you. So I looked the other way... against all my better judgement. And I can't stand to think that maybe Rory paid the price.

Victoria: ...Maybe?

Eli: You don't know for sure that Robert's behind this.

Victoria: This was my creature. I can feel it.

Eli: No. You don't have any proof. Come on, you're a scientist! 

Victoria: Well maybe I'm not a very good scientist.  

Eli: No, you're a genius!

Victoria: Tell that to the police! They think I'm some kind of crack-pot!

Eli: What about your videos?

Victoria: I sent them links! I don't know why they haven't watched any of them! They still maintain that Rory slipped and... fell... or...

Eli: But, you have all this evidence!

Victoria: I told them!

Eli: Well maybe I could call them?!

Victoria: It's not... They won't listen. Don't get yourself involved in this.

Eli: No, I have to do something, okay? I can't just stand here. It'll be okay. I'll be right back.

Victoria: Be careful.

Eli: Hey... It's me! I'm always careful.

Victoria (To Camera): I may not have access to the actual law enforcement case files, but I was able to glean a lot from our discussion with the detectives. ...Plus I called the forensic investigator at home. Authorities are favoring the 'Slip and Fall' theory, mainly because of where Rory was found. But she was an experienced, careful climber, unlikely to wander off alone at night. She could have easily died on the mountain before the fall and sustained all of these identical injuries. The snapping of the victim's neck was done with tremendous force - inconsistent with a human killer using his bare hands, but not impossible for a particularly strong suspect. The lack of any claw or bite marks rules out any kind of domestic animal. The savage nature of the crime and the location - directly in line with the path of the so called 'Angle State Creature' - lead me to the only rational conclusion: this was the work of Frankenstein's Monster. This was all my fault. Because many of Robert's bones are artificial, and thus aren't actively producing immune cells, it's possible his body has not rejected any of his new synthetic organs. But it's still not clear how he's managed to remain upright and mobile this whole time... And if he's this biologically resilient... What can we possibly do to stop him?

(Phone ringing)

Dr. Waldman: Victoria, you're alright?

Victoria: Of course.

Dr. Waldman: (sigh) I was so sorry to hear about your friend.

Victoria: Thank you, Dr. Waldman. I appreciate the call.

Dr. Waldman: That's not why I'm calling.  

Victoria: It's not?

Dr. Waldman: It's one reason - it's not the only reason. (sigh) I'm afraid I don't necessarily agree with the police theory about Rory's case.

Victoria: Neither do I! I was just telling Eli --

Dr. Waldman: Victoria there is important information you don't have.

Victoria: I know the creature's alive.

Dr. Waldman: You've seen him?

Victoria: No. And I don't know how he's survived this long on his own - but, he's alive!

Dr. Waldman: I agree. O-one second, Victoria... (sigh) There's no time to explain right now - but you're right, Robert is alive.

Victoria: It's not --

Dr. Waldman: You need to get out of that house right now. You need to leave Geneva entirely!

Victoria: Dr. Waldman, I'm perfectly safe.

Dr. Waldman: No, you're not!

Victoria: You think he's coming here?

Dr. Waldman: Your friend, Eli, he lives close by?

Victoria: Across the street.

Dr. Waldman: You go there right now, and lock the doors, then call me back.

Victoria: But how do you --

Dr. Waldman: You are not safe! He is coming! Get out of the house!

Victoria's Dad (off screen): Vicki? You home? 

Victoria: Yeah dad!

Victoria's Dad (off screen): Everything alright?

Victoria (To Camera): No problems here!